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Hello from Solihull, West Midlands

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I have registered because I need some guidance.

My Mother has owned a Lupo from new since 2004 - a treasured little car that has not even done 11,000 miles yet.

Garaged and in wonderful condition.  It was registered in May 2004 and is a Lupo S Auto in Soft Blue with full main dealer service history.

It has now come to the time for Mum to give up driving and going to be hard for her to give up the car so I feel must sell to someone who will appreciate it.

Could anyone give me guidance as to how much it might be worth and the best way of selling.

Would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you.

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  • Service History - Dealer ? 
  • MOT? 
  • Pictures?
  • Condition?
  • Any issues?

Hi GillyW, the above is some of the information that would be really useful, as they affect the value quite a lot. 


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Hi cj1,

The service history is from the supplying dealer - full franchised VW (Johnsons VW Solihull)

MOT is due in May 2017

I have attached one picture, I can upload a few more on request

The condition is excellent, valeted weekly without fail.  However, one of the hubcaps has a small scuff from the kerb

No issues, always passes an MOT

Many thanks for taking the time to reply.




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