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Removing hatch handle assembly - Lupo GTI

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AC & SONS    2

I have tried to remove the hatch handle assembly to have it painted but after releasing the 3 fixing screws from the back, I couldn't move it enough to pull it away from the hatch itself. The lock seemed to be catching on the metal at each side and then when I managed to get the left hand side free, the lock assembly seemed to be stopping it coming out. I looked at the lock to see if I could remove it, but I couldn't see how to do this.

Anybody managed this and if so, how does it come out?

Any help, much appreciated 

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jon_273    94

Yes, there is a kind of 'U' clip around the lock barrel holding it in place. You have to slide that out the way, and then remove the lock barrel. The lock barrel will probably be quite well stuck inside the handle by now though, so good luck!

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