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Project Rally lupo!

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40 minutes ago, cj1 said:

The class generally depends on the event we enter. It's either up to 1400cc or 1001cc-1400cc generally!

Do you mean like there's not many modifications to the appearance of the car? 

yeah. they need to look almost stock. have a read of the rules online.... basically a vdub factory class.

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Competed in The Cetus Stages at Three Sisters on Sunday. 

On Saturday we were changing the front discs & pads and noticed a lot of water dripping out the back of the engine somewhere. Turns out the plastic pipe that  goes across the back of the block from the thermostat housing was dripping from the bottom fitting. Took it to bits and noticed the O ring had completely perished and the plastic was broken on both ends of the pipe. At 7pm everywhere but b&q was closed so we went to their plumbing section and made a makeshift seal with two o rings and lots of ptfe tape. 

Re-assembled and bottom fitting wasn’t leaking, but the one on the thermostat housing was, had to cut up a spare bigger ring and make a smaller one. Still leaked but got us through the day. 

Finished 2nd in class out of 16 and 21st overall out of 51! 



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race pics?

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