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Found 10 results

  1. Landshark

    Wiper stalk failure

    In a recent cold spell the missus went out to the car to drive to work and on starting the car the wipers failed to operate. She tried the stalk for the rear wiper and the screenwash but the stalk was completely dead. Immediately I jumped to fuse but it's unlikely that all three signals are on the same fuse (wash, front wipe and rear). I presume it's likely to be stalk failure but I can't imagine the switch being over CAN and failing the same as the Mk4 golf stalks have a tendency to. I'll check the fuses and relays tonight and then look at replacing the stalk at worse case. Anyone had similar before? Cheers.
  2. Mr.LDC

    Rear Wiper Blade?

    Hi all, just wanted to know which rear wipers on other models of VW fit a 1.0 Lupo? Hear about ones like aero blades and things like that but not too sure what I should be looking for. Cheers, Luke
  3. carrera-gt

    rebuild rear wiper motor

    Rear wiper motor stopped spaying and started leaking into the tailgate, new motor £120 + ouch, Ebay £35 much better, arrived wel boxed didn't work GRRRRR. so simple rebuild instructions for the rear wiper motor. Remove the wiper arm, carefully pull off the plastic washer jet while it's still on the car as it's much easier. remove the trim panel, remove the hose and the connector. undo the 3 nuts drop off the motor. Remove the back panel use TORX bit. if like me your spay tube is broken in half you will need to drill out the tube which is brass at 3.2mm. ( It fails because the steel rusts expands grips the tube and snaps it when it wipes then it starts leaking) I used the new motor as a donor to replace the tube, drill out the steel at 3.5mm or 3.75 if you have it. I didn't so I used wet and dry wrapped around a 1mm drill to smooth out the bore to get a good sliding fit. Plenty of grease on tube and re-assemble and re-fit.
  4. Hi, A while ago I've noticed a small puddle under my left rear wheel, and the washer jet on rear wiper stopped working. I've found that the hose/pipe is broken (see circled position). I have tried removing rear trim panel and a corner of roof liner but I cant find the other end of the hose/pipe. When I spray the water starts coming out around the rear wheel. Does anyone knows where does the pipe goes thru ? Does it come from under the car or inside, under the carpet?? Thanks
  5. My_Names_Buck

    Lupo boot lid and wiper motor £20

    Boot lid originally off a GTI in red with wiper motor included. (Please note spoiler not included). Looking for £20 Ono collected or I can post for about £10
  6. Jspencer

    Lupo with 'Character'

    Hi Guys, I became the proud owner of a VW Lupo yesterday, and I love it. Unfortunately the car has come with some 'character' i.e, some stuff that really needs fixing or at least a good bodge! Thought I'd post on here as a friend also owns a VW and said it's a great place to get advice. So, list of problems (bear with me): 1. Driver side door is operated on a different key. Not sure why, but it's the only one. I have thought about swapping it for the passenger side lock just to make life easier, and then maybe adding central locking... I have a few good friends who know what they're doing - has anyone done it before and how long does it take? 2. The Doors clunk quite loudly - previous owner said it was to do with the bolts being to small? Anyone know where I can get some that will fit or anything I can do to quieten the noise a little? 3. Rear wiper is unresponsive and looks as though its stuck 1/4 of the way through a movement. Probably a fuse but has anyone else had this? 4. Starter motor is pretty knackered (first attempt at a start the car screams, works on 2nd/3rd attempt). How easy is it to fit? does it need to go to a garage? I've found reconditioned ones for about £30 delivered. Doesn't seem to happen with a full tank of petrol? 5. The emissions light came on during the drive to work this morning? But the car has just been through its MOT? Any ideas? ( I know this is a bit vague). I know they're not the end of the world but if I could get them fixed it would turn an already good little motor into a great one. Any advice would be great Thanks! Spence
  7. Hey Everyone, My Girlfriend has a Bright yellow lupo! It has it's MoT coming up very soon and the rear window wiper jet won't spray the wiper fluid, I'll be having a look this evening. I've heard this is a common problem is there anything I should be looking for? Cheers!
  8. So on my Lupo, the rear wiper stops in the middle of the screen sometimes. Not all the time. Just sometimes. Maybe it will stay there for 2 seconds, then magically park its self. Other times it just stays there. Are there some magic contacts I can clean somewhere? This is on a 1999 Lupo 3L.
  9. Get the misses a nice little 1.4 16v looks perfect and cheep. but get it home starts to rain so switch on the wipers and get a little puff of smoke out of the steering colum followed by the aromer of burning wire. It seems to be the rear wiper select that sets it off but the stalk wont selected fast only intermitant it wont move up at all. Is this anything anyone has come accross before. Is there a seperat fuse for the rear wiper if there is a short? I haven't opened it up yet ill have to wait till i can get it into work on monday.
  10. TITLE IS WRONG SORRY, LOOKING FOR JUST DRIVER SIDE ARMS AND BLADES hi, im after a lupo GTI driver side wiper arms and blades? no need for passenger side. i need 2 if anyone has any lying around. money waiting thanks!

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