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Found 22 results

  1. Wheels and winter tyres in very good condition. Previously fitted to my VW Lupo GTi but with very little use. Buyer to collect or arrange for shipment.
  2. Selling a set of 15inch 6 spoke alloys and a set of used 195 50 15 tyres. Please follow the below link to view the eBay listing. Please let me know if you have any questions. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142925052043 Collection only from WS postcode.
  3. rrdoctoruk

    garage clearout

    as i no longer have my lupo various parts are now for sale as follows set of 4 bbs solitude 15 inch tyres us set of 4 195 45 15 tyres all good tread approx 5mm set of front doors dragon green complete set of front doors black rh front door in black bare rear tailgate flash red rear tailgate black off of gti gti top spoiler inc brake light set of golf mk1 gti alloys trantula's ???? lupo body kit, front spoiler and side skirts tdi sport wheels set of 4 genuine lupo dog guard front panel complete with indicators one in red one in black set of golf gti recaroes front and back from a three door red inserts set of 4 seven spoke genuine vw wheels complete with center caps came from a very early passat gt, kandn style filter for sdi or tdi rear lights front lights 2 front lupo gti seats approx 40k miles battery tray wheel trays new genuine vw lupo air guides for front brakes complete new clutch kit for sdi lupo 190 mm if i find anything else will add to list located bedfordshire, will post small stuff but the bigger stuff will either be pick up or send a courier, pictures can be supplied on request
  4. They have only been used for one winter. The alloys are unmarked and have the spigot rings fitted,. They come with bolts and bolt covers. The tyres are Continental Winter Contact TS800 and have at least 6mm tread left with over 7mm on the rears. I also have VW tyre covers which come as part of the sale. I only have one centre cap that is good, the others are a bit corroded but I will include them. Haven't including shipping costs as not sure what it would be, maybe £50 or so. The wheels are in Northern Ireland. Was hoping to get about £250 but open to offers.
  5. Hi I have a 02 lupo 1.0 with 175/65r13 steels Just got a new set of alloys ( VW Avus Scala snowflakes) and was hoping someone could help me find out what size tyre I need and/or if I need a spacer. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C411849
  6. Slow&low

    Big Tyres

    Hi Guys, bit of an unfamiliar topic but I'm hoping someone can help. I've got it in my head that i want to put the biggest tyres i can on my sport alloys. current size is 185/55 r14 80h she's completely standard height 2000 1.7SDi. Has anyone done this before? I know it'll probably throw the speedo out a bit but i'm not too worried. my main concern is scrubbing the arches and smashing into things at full lock.
  7. Slow&low

    Big Tyres

    Hi Guys, bit of an unfamiliar topic but I'm hoping someone can help. I've got it in my head that i want to put the biggest tyres i can on my sport alloys. current size is 185/55 r14 80h she's completely standard height 2000 1.7SDi. Has anyone done this before? I know it'll probably throw the speedo out a bit but i'm not too worried. my main concern is scrubbing the arches and smashing into things at full lock.
  8. Adam.Clifford

    Old wheels, Help'

    Just bought some old wheels that I liked the look of, the current tyres are 185/70/13 Not too sure which tyres I should get for these wheels as the only tyre I could find was £200 each. Any help would be much appreciated I've included an imgur album with pictures of the wheels and tyres Thanks, Adam http://imgur.com/vQabanu
  9. Now sold! ---------------- Four 13" steel wheels with tyres, fit Lupo, Polo 6N and 6N2. 4 x 100 studs pattern. Come with excellent condition 2 x Maxxis UA 603 tyres and 2 x Hankook Optimo tyres - 175/65 R13. Approx 6mm of tread left on all tyres. Came off my 1 litre Lupo and have the plastic wheel trims if wanted. Looking for £80 collected from Nottingham. Posted on eBay but happy to end auction for someone on here.
  10. HarrisonK

    Tyre pressure on stretched tyres?

    Hi guys, Ive just got a set of BBS reps for my lupo and they are wrapped in some stretched tyres but I am unsure as to what the air pressure should be? They are 15x7 wheels with 165/50r15 Nankang tyres. Does the stretch make a difference to the best air pressure? Thanks in advance.
  11. Capon93

    Tyre sizes?! Help

    Hello, I've bought some Borbet A Reps 8j rears and 7j fronts et 15/20. I was wondering if anyone could be helpful and suggest some sensible tyre sizes, I'm after some stretch as otherwise I think I will struggle to get them in the arches... So if anyone could help it would e greatly appreciated Thankyou Josh
  12. Harry12

    What Alloys to get ?

    he currently own a 1.4 vw lupo sport in red and was wondering what rims to get got a budget of about £250 - £375 was thinking about some ronal turbos but advice would be great thanks.
  13. EmC

    What tyres for these wheels?

    I have a set of BBS....I believe they are BBS ra433s. 14x6 4x100 et38. I have a 1.4 16v 2001 lupo sat on standard suspension. Any idea what size tyre would be best to go for?
  14. calumcostello1

    Helpp!! What tyres?

    I've just bought a set of wheels, the fronts are 15x7 et20 and the rears are 15x8 et 15. What tyres will fit and give clearance. i also want a bit of stretch.
  15. Kay0992


    Hi everyone! Im new to this so please be patient!!!! Im currently driving a 2002 1.4 Lupo, Im planning on lowering it and putting some 16" wheels on it. I have a couple of questions which I hope you can help with! Will I be able to put stretched tyres on it if I lower it? And what size tyres will I need for my 16" rims? Thanks Kay
  16. polioli

    Lupo tyres for non-pas

    Hi , just bought a Lupo 1.0 E without PAS and I'm wondering which tyres will give me the least heavy steering . The Conti Eco Contact on now are very heavy and wooly (I've had the tracking done). Any suggestions for 155/70 R13's ?(quite a few good tyres aren't done in that size) I'm looking at Goodyear Duragrip or Dunlop Street Response. Qualities I'm after are lightness of steering , low road noise and reasonable grip (in the wet since I live in Wales!), and if they helped soak up the potholes rather than transmitting the bumps that would be nice. Any help much appreciated.
  17. Loudinho

    Picking the right tyres, Help?

    I have got myself some nice BBs Rz's in the obvious 15x7J fitment but now am searching for the perfect tyres in order for them to fit my 1.0l the most common ive seen on this size rim is the 165/50/r15 with a nice bit of stretch but i was wondering if there is much of a downside to this amount of stretch such as the max speeds you can hit?? Can anybody who may have this fitment please tell me if it limits your speed? Thankyou.
  18. samregjones

    how low can i go??

    Hi I have a Lupo 1.4 16v sport and i'm looking to have a play and pretty it up a bit! A guy at work is looking to get rid of some Golf 4motion wheels for cheap, I've looked into PCD adapters - 4x100 to 5x100(15mm spacer) and tyres - 185/55 R14 to 195/40 R16 to keep my speedo in check. First off will 16s go on a non GTi? I've seen mixed threads on this, some say yes some no... And i'm unsure of how much to lower it by once the wheels are on, if they fit. I'm not looking to slam it, I just want to get the wheels tight into the arches so the car doesn't look like its on 16" stilts!! any help would be great. cheers.
  19. glenbaynham

    165/60/14 marshall kh35 tyres

    Hello all, i have a set of 4 brand new 165/60/14 marshall 'kh35' tyres for sale, still wrapped up & havent touched the road! i need these gone asap, i bought these to put on a set of BBS e30 rims & have a cheeky bit of stretch but some F*ckers stole the wheels last night out my shed!!!! need these gone soon as poss, i payed £180 for them a week ago, but forum rules i will say £140 for all 4. open to sensible offers. please contact me if interested on - 07528139932 i will post pics later when im back from work
  20. stevennash21

    need 2 new 175 50 13 conti sport tyres

    needing 2 new conti sports to match my other 2 tyres, place i bought them havent any left and are on back order if any one has a set let me no cheers 175 50 13
  21. max West-York

    G60s with tyres

    After a set of g60s, condition doesn't matter at all, so long as their straight with a set of decent tyres on 165/50 165/45 185/45 preferred Anyone got anything? Cheers, Max

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