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Found 19 results

  1. Lupo 1.7 SDI Yellow

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI Yellow Clean 9 Months MOT no advisories 1.7 Diesel 100,000 Miles Good runner. New brakes all round New clutch put in 2000 miles ago. Rough paintwork as bump strips were previously removed and not very well.. Was my wives car, used for popping into town and no longer need it. SOLD ONO
  2. WANTED - SDi gearbox

    My SDi's gearbox has let go in the usual fashion and so I'm searching for a replacement. Does anyone have one for sale? Thank-you.
  3. Someone to change my Sdi 1.7 cambelt

    Hi guys, II require my cambelt changing on my Sdi 1.7 lupo. Is anyone around the Derby area, or I can travel who can change it for me please? The garage wanted £400 and I'm not prepared to pay that price. Thanks
  4. Self explanatory really, does anyone know if an sdi slam panel would fit straight in into a 1L E lupo? Thanks
  6. 2002 VW Lupo 1.7 SDI black for sale with 147k miles good runner with 5 months MOT left also taxed so ready to drive away. Had a second hand gearbox along with a new clutch on Feb 2016 that had done 71k miles. Cambelt and timing belt changed on Dec 2015 last serviced sept 2015. Fuel filter and air filter changed in summer bought oil filter but haven't had time to change the oil. 4 alloy R15 wheels came with car not to everyone's taste. Good tread on all tires except right front passenger which was a remould (see pic) runs well and is a reliable workhorse. Fixed heater which didn't work when I got the car (only worked on no4 but now all works) passenger window doesn't work possibly dodgy motor or window runners haven't had time to sort it out. Central locking works 90% of the time. Also had some respraying to cover up car park scrapes on passenger wings it's not pretty but covers it up. Open to offers looking for £900.
  7. hi guys, currently my box is DXQ. can i fit one of the other boxes to my lupo SDI such as the DED, ETF or FFV? thank you!
  8. Lupo 1.7 sdi fuel pump

    Hi guys having problems with my lupo after sourcing a gearbox the next problem is the fuel pump the car has a timing issue which points to the fuel pump could be the solenoid but not sure had some crazy prices for fuel pump one place said 500/600 trying to keep it cheap or otherwise will havta get rid of this money pit. Any one got Experiance of this problem it's causing the acceleration to be slow and have hardly any power.
  9. Sunroof hasn't worked since I've had the car. I switched the 25a fuse with another, and it wasn't that. So I pulled down the sunroof trim in the roof and after removing the sunroof control, it seems that the two wiring looms are different shapes/sizes. Does anybody have any idea whats gone on here, because I'm stumped?! The wiring block in the headlining: The connection on the back of the sunroof dial:
  10. New member from Essex

    Morning all, bought myself a little yellow Lupo 1.7SDI a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm really liking it! I've always had a big thirsty car and a little fun car for a few hundred quid to use as a daily and I'm loving the current combination and find myself always driving the Lupo now. So easy to park, drive and dead cheap to run (£25 to fill up). It has a couple of little niggles which I'm trying to sort - a strange problem with the sunroof plus the fact I can't open the boot with the key or handle -__- ,so will post about these in the near future. I've had a skim through the forum and everything looks very helpful so thought I'd join and post. Anyway, I don't want to get a "this thread is useless without pics" reply so here we are...

    Hi guys im new to the "club" and i was just wondering if anyone would know any simple modifications for a Vw Lupo SDI, im 16 and have been in the motor vehicle industry for some time now so just looking for some easy and simple mods that make the car look alot better thanks
  12. Howdy.

    So after many years of non Vag territory I finally returned to the fold and got around to buying a lupo. have loved them ever since I got insured on a buddy of mine's when he had to go in for surgery on his hand many years ago but never got around to buying one until recently. Unfortunately it's an Sdi and it's lemon yellow but it's a start. No all I need to do is start gathering all the bits together to do an engine swap...
  13. New exhaust help

    Got a 1.7 SDI. The exhaust is as far as I know original (2001 car). Is now LOUD and looking under I see the pipe is no longer connected to the (cat?) box near behind the engine bay. Are exhausts systems available in sections? or do you lot think as it's all old best to get full new system. and if so, which one? Clearly not a performance car prefer something that lasts a while
  14. SDi Inlet Bore???

    Hi guys, i'm not in a position to be able to look at the minute but could anyone tell me the approximate (or exact) bore of the inlet on an SDi (1.7) i'm making a polishing tool to get the crap out of the ports at the weekend but it would be better if i knew the size. Cheers,
  15. I am having problems with my starter not turning the engine properly, the symptoms are strange: It grinds but the flywheel if not damaged The power drops to 8v, sometimes cutting the power to the stereo loosing presets etc... After about 2 to 3 seconds of grinding noise the car turns and starts straight away. It is a re-manufactured bosch starter The battery is brand new and capable of 670amps After the car is started I can stop it and it starts fine every time after, then if I let it sit for an hour the same thing happens! I thought it would be the solenoid getting a little stuck but I don't think that the motor would spin then! Please help I am very confused
  16. Lupo SDi air intake bore size

    Hi all, Does anyone know the intake bore size to put on an sdi? And can anyone recommend a decent intake? I'll be updating my progress with it soon. Thanks in advance Greg
  17. Wonder if you guys can help. Have a Lupo SDI 2001, and hadn't driven the old gal for a few months until Xmas, had been sitting on drive unused, so battery obviously flat. Jump started it from Dad's Polo (all good), drove for 20 minutes then the alarm went off and wouldn't stop. Bit embarrassing, glad it was in middle of nowhere in Surrey... Anyway, I am now abroad for a few more months and car is laid up at friend's in UK for winter. Will obviously have to jump it again in the spring - just wondered how I can deal with this alarm issue, as it will probably happen again, I'm guessing? Is there a reset procedure? Not sure what kind of alarm it is, but 99% sure it's factory fit as car hasn't been modified at all. FYI alarm cut out when we disconnected battery. I'm not really technically minded, so Noddy instructions much appreciated. Be great if anyone could help! Cheers...Ben
  18. Below are some pics of the lupo - the good ones and also where there is a scuff on one of the rear arches, front bumper and key mark down the side. They've all been on there in the 18 months I've owned it - never planned on going concourse with it so it didnt bother me...i just needed bad ass fuel economy for my 60 mile a day round trip - i get 370 - 400 miles out of a tank for like £40. Bought it (off this board) with 108,500 on it and it's on 134,400 ish and it's never missed a bit. Serviced by my mate with his own garage and everything that ever needed to be sorted mechanically was. Taxed til april next year - mot til like mid may. Teledials have like 1500 miles on them tyres and also i have the original rims with two new front tyres on 'em too. It aint no show stopper - but it's a damn cool, cheap to run little work horse. I dont really want to get rid but i've just started working for meself so cant really roll up to clients places in a loops. Looking for £1400 on the nose - Based in Great Barr, North Birmingham - Graeme 07982 260280
  19. Arosa SDi wont start

    Hi guys, I've got a mk1 Arosa 1.7 sdi that for some reason, has no power going to the stop solenoid. I've managed to start it by stringing a 12v feed from the battery directly to the stop solenoid and then it runs fine. i was thinking it could be the chip reader around the ignition barrel, but im in unknown territory there. could it be this and is it a big job to switch it out? Cheers