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Found 8 results

  1. Karnipex

    Lupo Body Modification

    Hi all, I currently do not own a Lupo but I am seriously looking to get one, however the Lupos rear bumper (atleast to be) looks out of place. As seen in the image below I have attempted to remove the 'lip' of said bumper, thanks to Microsoft Paint. I was just wondering how easy it would be to move said bumper from the Lupo and do such a body modification to the car, and if its even worth doing. I understand that such a modification is relatively petty, because this is the only thing that deters me from currently purchasing the car. Many Thanks.
  2. huzzy134

    vw lupo 1.0 conversion

    Hi I know that the vw polo 6n2 gti engine fits in a lupo 1.0 just wanted to know how much of the internal wiring needs changing for example the head light plugs and anything inside like relay connectors head light switch connector etc cheers No stupid comments please
  3. Lewis46

    keep it classic or mod it?

    hi, I have now had my Lupo GTI for 18 months. I have been after one for a long time. I managed to get a 02 plate GTI 53k on the clock in flash red with heated black leather, sunroof, a/c and vw single cd under original head unit. it has the original bathursts but they have been sprayed black. I have had it sorned as i have a company car but I now have decided I miss it too much and want to get it back on the road. Question-Do I keep it standard as a classic and even get the bathursts put back to standard, or do I mod it? it is tempting to mod it after what I have read on here but I am at the age where I appreciate classic originals that are detailed.
  4. LewisFfitch

    6n2 headrests

    Ok, so I find the standard headrests in the Lupo are EXTREMELY uncomfortable, does anyone know if the headrests from a 6n2 will fit? Thanks from Lewis
  5. buncey2012

    exhaust help? :S

    okay so, i had this crazy idea that putting a motorbike end can on my arosa would be a good idea o.O... just wondering if any1 else has done it and how did it turn out? also does putting a reducer on the exhaust effect performance much? .. the exhaust behind the back box has a diamater of 1.75" but the exhaust i have lieing around is only like 1.275" would it effect it much and would it make the straight thru exhaust end can quieter?
  6. mrw2311

    My Arosa

    Hey Guys, I'm martyn, i'm 17 and have a 1.0 seat arosa as my first car:) i've been on here a while now and not done a thread yet, so put it in the 'new members' section. This is my arosa on the first day i picked it up! I straight away debadged it, and cleaned it up Then de-wipered it:) Got some DIN type cupholders off lupoboz, and a JVC headunit free off my sister, and bought a fli trap 12" sub! Then i got some Lupo rears off ebay for £26 inc. delivery! Then bought a sheet of some 3m carbon wrap and some aero wipers:D Plan on getting coilovers soon, and maybe g60s as i don't like the tsw's that are on it! Let me know what you think, cheers!
  7. ACWatters

    Wheels and Other Mods Help

    Hey Hey It's my birthday next week so Mummy is going to spend a few quid on the car for me! Gotta love her! So I've decided what I want at the moment is new wheels and my bumpers colour coded I know how much my bumpers are and everything, but all that's left for me is wheels! I can't make my mind up on what I want though, but I like the loom of BBS RS, Minilites or anything similar. Price range of anything up to £600 including tyres. Suggestions would be a lovely birthday present from all you guys!
  8. Jacky Boy

    Lupo SE

    Hey just bought my first car. Glad to say it's a 1.0 Luop SE. It's 52 Reg with 15,000 on the clock. I want to get it lowered on some coilovers with a nice set of rims. I was looking at some BBS or BBS look-a-likes. Anyone want to give me some advice on which is the best set of coilovers to get, costs etc. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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