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Found 46 results

  1. Im looking for a place in west Wales to re upholster my lupos interior Thanks
  2. Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get driver and passenger interior door handles for a good price as the only ones I can find are £40 - £50!!! Or if anyone is selling some or even the whole door cards. Thanks Jamie
  3. Jamesstrutt

    Wanted Lupe GTI seats

    Hit me up Lupo GTI seats
  4. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the head unit in a vw lupo so that it has aux input and Bluetooth connectivity to play music. I have absolutely no knowledge at all in this area and was wondering if somebody could provide some suggestions/recommendations on head units that are good quality. Many Thanks
  5. TWEBB2

    Head unit/sound upgrade

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade the head unit in a vw lupo so that it has aux input and Bluetooth connectivity to play music. I have absolutely no knowledge at all in this area and was wondering if somebody could provide some suggestions/recommendations on head units that are good quality. Many Thanks
  6. J's black lupo

    Instrument dials

    Hi all, just bought a little lupo as a project but the instrument cluster has a crack in the glass / plastic, (whatever it is) and it is getting on my nerves seeing it all the time, does anyone know if it is possible to swap the glass around from a second hand cluster to my one or if it is worth just getting a new complete unit and if so will all the mileage data change or will it update with my cars mileage as soon as I plug it in? Any help appreciated ?
  7. From a series 2 Arosa - front and rear seats, headrests, 4 door trims, 2 door pockets - all in light grey, good condition. Free, but you must be able to collect them - I need the space that they are taking up. Located in Mynydd Isa ( Nr Mold), North Wales. Anyone interested please pm me on here.
  8. Anyone have a spare gear knob? Round style. Also Interior Door Handles Lupo or Arosa in Black. It's for a Mk1 Arosa. Based in Northern Ireland but happy to pay postage.
  9. Hi all, I want to give a better look to the inside of my Lupo, I have already sticker bombed the middle of the dashboard like where the radio is and above. Can you post pictures of the interior in your Lupo's so I can get some inspiration? Cheers, Luke
  10. Okay so tonight I put my deposit down on this sweet little green 1.4 Lupo Sport, 84k on the clock, a few scratches but rad for a first car. For a first car, yes being 20 and only just getting his first car, laugh it up! I have a good few plans for her, first being cleaned and cleaned again, then slammed....as you do.... Already have done a mock up of what i want the dash to look like.... hope to chat soon! Alex
  11. jamesdeane91

    Mk1 Seat Arosa Interior for sale

    Have an Arosa interior for sale (minus seats)..... from a car that has done 32,000 miles! £75 (ONO) for the lot. Open to offers. Based in Northern Ireland. Prices do not include postage. Willing to travel/deliver within reason. Door cards, carpet, rear plastics etc. everything's there, all like new Pm for details Thanks for looking.
  12. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTI Carpet

    Has anyone got a good condition GTI black carpet? Mines ok but starting to get a bit thin in places so would like one in good condition. I'm based in Surrey but I do have access to a van if not a million miles away! I'm fed-up with people on the breakers thread never replying once they've listed parts, no-one ever seems to get back to you....
  13. JGarraton

    Lupo GTI Interior

    So I'm planning on getting a lupo gti shortly and have a few things planned for it the first thing i want to carry out is a change up of the interior. I've been looking at polo 9n3 gti seats or mk6 golf gti seats and having the rear lupo seats retrimmed to match the front,has anyone on here swapped their seats for these if so is it a case of modifying the new seat frames or is there another way? Also I'm looking at changing the steering wheel to a mk6 golf gti steering wheel does anyone know if the splines are the same or will I have to look into getting some sort of adapter? Many thanks Joe
  14. will a vw up steering wheel fit into a lupo as I've seen one that i really want and don't want to buy it for it not to fit
  15. carrera-gt

    Dash rattles

    Anyone got any good tips for fixing dash rattles? I'm trying to avoid taking the dash out, so minimal dismantaling would be good.
  16. Hi guys, I have been toying with the idea of putting Mk1 Audi TT seats in my Lupo. I've been wondering how easy it is to fit them, for example; are they a straight fit? If not what would I need to do to get them to fit? Etc. Many thanks in advance, M
  17. Lewiss_Lupo

    interior covers

    Wondered if anyone can help me, i very recently got a blue lupo for my 17th birthday, i love the car and im just hoping i dont have too many problems. Anyway, to the point... the cloth interior is fabulous and very clean but i noticed my gear stick cover is leather with blue stitching and it doesnt feel right having most other parts in the grey cloth. I had a look around on Ebay and came across: front door cards, rear door cards, speedometer cover, handbrake cover and door handles all leather with blue stitching. I will try and get some pictures up so you can get a better idea of them. I was wondering if anyone has had previous experience with them and could tell me if its worth buying them? thanks, Lewis.
  18. Gav7

    Bucket seats

    Has anyone ever fitted bucket seats to there lupo If so what's the best subframes to use where's beat to get them and how are they fitted to the lupo thanks
  19. Daniel01

    Vw lupo GTI seats

    Vw lupo gti seats for sale, front and rear. Text me on 07935056061 if you're interested.
  20. i want a different interior to match my red/black seats anyone got any they are selling or know where to get it from?
  21. Hey Everyone! Im new to the site and the forums! Im not doing to many mods just yet as its only my first year of driving. maybe in a year or two i might do a few mods - i.e lowering, alloys, and other bits etc Ive put in a Sony WX-GT90BT (Double Din) stereo in, im considering a speaker upgrade aswell, or at leats putting some speakers in the back. Anyway, Ive just bought a lupo gti interior, and ive got a couple of questions. - Is the swap straight forward? like a few bolts and they come straight out? - Does the GTI interior go straight in? no need for drilling new mount holes etc? - Does it fit? The back seat is a bench and the standard lupo interior is two seperate seats, just wondering if its wider or the same? Also do the GTI rear seats still fold down? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  22. Adam.Clifford

    Interior Light Problem

    The interior light in my 02 arosa doesn't work, I've replaced the bulb multiple times with no change. I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem as I've no idea what it is or how to fix it. Thanks, Adam
  23. The interior light is not coming on when the passenger door is opened... I know about the microswitch problem as I have already replaced it once but surely it can't be that already after only a few months?
  24. gtige0rge

    Wanted - GTI parts

    Looking for a few parts for my GTI, after trying my luck on the Facebook group but nobody seems to be able to help. - Lower Passenger GTI doorcard - Decat Manifold - Stainless Exhaust system - Leather Interior - GTI Gearknob Money waiting, will highly appreciate any responses. Cheers.
  25. Lupo Gti interior seats for sale. Looking for £200 ono Will post at buyers expense

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