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Found 63 results

  1. As in the description I'm after rear adjusters for JOM Coilovers. I know people take them out to go lower but I need to go higher - too many speedbumps on my estate.
  2. Declaring coilovers

    Hi. I'm new to here. I own a 2006 1.4 Fox which is my first car and it's great. I'm getting some coilovers for it so I rang up my insurance the other day and asked how much it would be to lower it 50mm on coilovers. When they say "lower" do they know this means coilovers? Or does it just mean any types of lowering cause I got the sense the guy wasn't too bothered about coilovers. I don't know if this would be adding value to the car or anything and would change the quote. I also have got a set of 15" ASA alloys that I told the insurance about but they literally only cared about "alloys" not the different size, dimensions or anything. I found it weird cause my fox came with the standard alloys from Vw not the typical steelies so I thought they would want to know a change in size or anything at all (so confusing). After all they said these mods will cost no more on my insurance which I found odd. When I install the coilovers and wheels im worried if I get stopped by the police for which reason I wouldn't know and I haven't declared my mods properly cause it isn't detailed enough on the insurance companies behalf it would cause a problem. Any help please??
  3. Seat Arosa Mk2 1.0S

    For Sale: Seat Arosa 1.0S 106k FSH Regularly serviced loads of receipts Full MOT as of last week Lupo GTI interior Lupo rear lights Colour Coded Shark Fin Aerial JOM Coilovers Sub & Amp Recent front tyres and tracking, 2 rear tyres are good too. New car forces sale, cracking little car served me well over the 7 years had no problems, text message 07859433407 for more details. £700 ono will listen to sensible offers.
  4. Hello all. Let's start from the very beginning. So I bought my Lupo GTI just under 3 years ago now - 28th June 2014 to be precise. I originally bought the car with every intention of making it a road going show car, after attending various local/nationwide shows with a select group of friends. The level of attention to detail of some of these cars was second to none and it was really quite inspiring to see first hand for myself. Growing up in the North West of England (Wigan) I was lucky to be exposed to a large variety of different automotive cultures. Be it everything from Japanese, German, VAG to Classic, High Performance and Concourse show cars. I started driving early 2012 and despite much controversy my first car was a 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa D (Unlimited Edition) . However after 2 years of ownership in 2014 I decided it was time for a change. I had recently gained employment at Jaguar Land Rover - Halewood and my insurance started to dip a little. It was then I set out on the hunt for a car to tick a few boxes. I wanted something fun, nimble, fast but at the same time something that wasn't going to break the bank insurance/fuel wise. After weeks of what seemed like endless searching I fell in love with a Black Lupo GTI I had found on AutoTrader. The owner, a 56 year old lady from Rugby, Warwickshire. The car itself was absolutely perfect (Black, 6 Speed, Low mileage 64K, FSH, Completely standard and unmolested). It was everything I was looking for.
  5. what to do! coilovers?

    i have i problem, i recently have blown my front struts and am looking in to coilovers. my car is all ready lowered on 40mm springs but as i stripped the back (seats, spear, sub and random things in the boot) it now sits like a monster truck. what the best coils out there that's good for the money and is not going to break the bank. iv heard ta technix are really good for the money and last quite a bit thanks for the help Jake
  6. Rupo - the red lupo

    Hi All, just thought i'd start a "build thread" for the lols. this is the day I got the tea bag home
  7. I have an early model arosa I want to buy lowering springs , the site I want to buy them off fk-shop.de have them for a lupo but doesn't say what model before or after face lift. I'm just wondering does that matter, do all models of Arosa/Lupos share suspension ? Also is that a reputable site to buy off or any suggestions for somewhere else would be much appreciated Thanks Alex
  8. Coilover help

    I'm looking to buy coilovers for my lupo 1.0, I don't have a huge budget so can't buy kw's or anything that expensive, wondering what was recommended, just for daily road use
  9. Hi, needing springs or coilovers , will buy lowering springs, coilovers or swap plus cash if you're selling the car and want to make it stock again i live in fife Scotland closest preferably
  10. FK highsport Coilovers

    FK highsport coilovers, used but look fine, taken from GTi £200 ovno
  11. Admin sold please delete

    For sale £400 Kw V1 inox coilovers for Lupo Gti In good condition the two rear shocks are brand new only been on the car for about 1000 miles And the fronts have been serviced by kw and have receipt proof Will post for extra Message for offers
  12. My First car VW fox 07

    Recently bought my first car; a VW Fox, after 6 month of driving i'm starting to make a few changes. I'm currently trying to find a front splitter/ lip, but I can't seem to find any and don't want to risk ordering something that doesn't fit. I have a 07 1.4l Black Fox. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  13. Make:Seat Model:Arosa MOT: 1 yr TAX: £30 per year Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: Full service (air, oil, pollen filters, proper oil, glow plugs and a new battery) All Top Mounts replaced front and back Both front wishbones and bushes replaced Anti Roll bar bushes replaced Ball Joints replaced Camber and tracking done 15" Lenso BSX wheels and 25mm PCD Converters Recently had a full service, new coilovers (not cheap ebay ones) and 4 new tyres less than a 1000 miles ago Timing belt and pump changed 2yrs ago, great service history Really good little car, been usng it as a 50miles a day comute car (car park at work is tiny) Handles well on the coilovers and isnt too bumpy, I'm old so that was important :-) Location: Ashford, Kent Images: Price: £1895
  14. Right I bought this car off a good friend of mine as a run around to get me out of the sh*t whilst i fixed my daily 330d bmw a few months back, but i ended up enjoying the car that much i ended up keeping it for months. Due to being a whorder and owning 5 cars including this one now its time to get realistic and sell off some of the fleet I am no means selling this one because its the worst one i own as its actually been the most reliable, but I'm sure you can understand that i will be keeping my 330d and 20vt Mk2 Golf and selling the rest SPEC Jazz Blue1.4s 16vX red (2000)12 Months MOT97,500 MilesRecent service / Including GearboxElectric WindowsCoiloversSmoothed Front BumperSmoothed Boot LidDe Bump StripedBlack Carbon Wrapped Roof And MirrorsRear Pop Out WindowsLegal Pressed PlatesMk4 Golf Recaro Front SeatsAll Black Interior And PlasticsBlack Golf GTi Steels With Good TreadBad Bits Usual Stone chipsFront bumper has a crack in it but it has been like it since my friend bought the car years ago so its not going to get any worsePassenger side electric window is temperamental from the drivers side switch. works fine from the passenger switch thoughThe Carbon wrap is not the best JobSince Ive Owned It I bought the car with only 1 Months MOT left on it and a few small problems which my friend just couldn't find the time to sort due to his new job working away. I sorted all these Problems when i purchased the car and its driven like a dream ever since. No knocks or bangs this is a seriously solid Lupo. ​Purchased and replaced 2 rear coilover shocks (TA Technix)New Gearbox Selector Seal (common problem)New Clutch Cable (old one was a little stiff)Recent New Battery (i have bad luck with batteries so i just replaced it when i purchased the car)New Check Straps On Door (common problem to solve door drop)I then put the car through the Mot where it only failed on 4 minor things 001 - Rear Fog lamp emits a light other than red (1.3.2e)002 - Front position lamp not working nearside (1.1.A.3b)003 - Front position lamp has less than 50% of the light sources illuminating offside (1.1.A.3b)004 - Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases centre (centre exhaust box has a hole) (7.1.2)Advisorys 001 - Obligatory mirror damaged, but not seriously affecting the rear view nearside (8.1.2a)002 - (Engine light on dash)003 - (Oil Leak)004 - Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases Front (Flexi pipe has slight hole)​I then got all of these issues sorted New rear fog lamp build IN REDNew set of Side Light BulbsAll damaged parts of the exhaust were replaced with brand new partsEngine light is from when the gearbox oil was drained to replace the linkage seal so only needs re settingOil Leak is just from the slight spillage of oil from when the gearbox oil was filled back upTHE CAR HAS 12 MONTHS MOT FROM 7th OCTOBER I payed £800 for this car with the issues it had and 1 month MOT Now the car is ready to go with no issues and a fresh MOT So i think this is a bargain price and is worth every penny PRICE - £900 Feel free to message me for any questions or to come and view Phone - 07749820657 Location - Stourbridge, West Midlands Delivery - Can be arranged Cheers, Ash
  15. Vw lupo Coilovers

    Wanted some cheap second hand vw lupo coilovers if anyone has any for sale, based up north. Will pay for postage if they are far. Thanks.
  16. FOR SALE Vw Polo 6n 1.4 16v - Silver Good Points 81,000 Miles Near full service history On Coilovers - without helpers but will be provided Black and grey - Mk3 Golf Recaro seats £150 6n2 rear lights New Replacement gearbox and clutch at 80,000 miles Rare Air Con version Non sunroof Audi A6 Winter wheels - 5x112 16" Et42 come with adapters £500 (dirty in the picture) K & N Air filter Front Fog lights Bad points Currently SORNed Small 5 pence piece dent on the passenger side rear quarter quoted £50 for paint less dent removal Tiny bubble of surface rust on the drivers side sill, only bit on the car! Small paint peel on front bumper Recent MOT failure on: Needs the subframe welding Needs a new o/s front brake hose 3 new tyres Looking for a quick sale as I've bought a new car for commuting and don't have the time now to break and return to standard. Most reliable car I've ever had just needs some TLC Rough price - £1000offers welcome Any more information or to get in contact with me send over a pm and ill get back to you.
  17. GAZ Coilovers on Lupo GTI

    I have a set of GAZ coilovers which I have fitted to my Lupo GTI. Currently running on standard 14" wheels and Toyo 195/45 tyres. I also have a rear anti roll bar fitted. The GAZ in addition to the height adjustment have adjustors on each coilovers for ride dampening. The rear ones you access from underneath and there is a dial with about 10 clicks adjustment - to +, the front ones are accessed under the bonnet and has a similar adjustor to the rear. As you can imagine there are many combinations and I have never yet managed to find a set up that is not shudderingly hard or soft mattress bouncing. I wondered if anyone has similar coilovers and has found a good set up. Thanks Jeremy
  18. Hi Guys, Basically I've got rid of the old coilovers and replaced them with new ones. They are TA Technix which are not the best, but I'm on a budget. The coilovers are adjusted the exact same height and are tightly bolted in etc. There is no unwanted movement. Yet, when I drive it's quite bumpy on a smooth road and the steering is light and pulls sharply to the right at times. I know that I may need tracking done, but wondered if you guys had any ideas and could help me out. Cheers
  19. newbie from Lancashire

    Hey I have a baby blue standard 1.0 lupo and Im looking to lower and get some bad ass wheels any suggestions for decent (not to expensive) coilies??
  20. Project Fox

    Hey guys, this is my first car, a 2006 VW Urban Fox 1.2 in Uranium Grey. The cars done 34k miles and its perfect for what i need it to do. Ive had it about 2/3 months now and as a car guy i'm ready to start work, the only thing has been money but thats getting sorted. ive done what i can for now with limited resources etc but ive managed to black out the VW badges, take off the other badges, take off the door trims and keep the car looking as best i can for the time being. the shortlist includes coil overs, head unit, alloys (16/17") exhaust, fog light installation, 20mm spacers and smoked lights and tints. Watch this space! big things are about to happen! any recommendations or questions welcome Callum
  21. Wheel fitments

    Just wondering, what width of wheel will fit onto an arosa without having to roll the arches and deal with camber? also what offset is needed?
  22. Okay so tonight I put my deposit down on this sweet little green 1.4 Lupo Sport, 84k on the clock, a few scratches but rad for a first car. For a first car, yes being 20 and only just getting his first car, laugh it up! I have a good few plans for her, first being cleaned and cleaned again, then slammed....as you do.... Already have done a mock up of what i want the dash to look like.... hope to chat soon! Alex
  23. Best/lowest coilovers

    Planning on buying some new coilovers on Friday(pay day) as I've just sold mine. Looking at spending up to £200, so budget coilovers basically, what would people recomend? Preferably ones that go the lowest, I know I can take adjusters/helpers out and what not! Ones that have caught my eye are the TA-TECHNIX kit on eBay for £173 Cheers in advance
  24. New guy, need ideas!

    Morning all! I recently bought myself this lovely little loop, so this is my first post on here, and just wanted some advice on the first steps to take to improve the old girl! Well, here she is: Basically any advice on what modifications would look good? any and all opinions welcome! oh and what lowering springs would you lot recommend? as i cant afford coilovers for a long time and those arch gaps are awful!
  25. James's Grey 1.4s build

    Hi guys, just introducing myself as i am new here. After looking through everyone else's i thought id finally post some pics. Anyway i have got myself a 1.4s in good condition in storm grey with exceptionally low mileage, just 17000, 04 plate with a couple of minor marks. For now i have just made some minor mods to start with. such as de badged rear, stubby aerial and pressed plates. Hopefully going to get some coilovers in a few months and then go from there. After a wash and wax i decided to blitz the interior. Stripped back my rusty drums and painted them black. Apologies for the super dirty arch liners they are next on my list. Also painted my rusty steels.