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Found 51 results

  1. Mil-Keith


    So I’ve been a member on here for a few months now, never really posted much. I bought the Lupo for £450, had a few mechanical problems, I broke the gearbox when I first started driving so had my dad sort that. I wasn’t really going to do much to the car as I didn’t really think I’d keep if for a long time. Slowly started adding stickers to the back and thought that’s all that I’d do as I didn’t think it was worth spending much on a £450 car. Here he is today, haven’t finished with him at all. I bought a few things and before I knew it he’s completely different to how he was when I first bought him. Haven’t really got many photos of the “in-between” stages. But he was a standard Lupo 1.4s. Nothing more, now he’s a little more exciting. So here he is just after I bought him. As standard as you can get. This is about half a year later, as you can see, quite a bit has changed. (Lowered, modded lights/ indicators , Tarantula alloys, wind deflectors, a load of other stuff I can’t think of.) Rear end, partially smoked and yellow tinted lights, wiper blank, stickers. Pressed plates. Splitter. Still a load to be done, spacers are on their way for the rears, fronts will then be done eventually, got some plans for the steering wheel to be changed and hopefully straight through exhaust at some point, body work needs some attention and the wheels need a good refurb. oh and here’s the gearstick and gator. Cherry/Pro Bomb fitted. Mainly bought for the fact it’ll annoy the people that live nearby. 25mm Rear Spacers fitted also. Still need to get passenger side rear wheel painted gold, along with returning the others.
  2. I just bought some "BBS" alloys and the centre bore won't sit on the hub at all. Is there a way around his? Can I resize the alloys or even put a spacer in place?
  3. Sulphur-man

    Starlite alloys wanted - cash waiting

    We have decided to keep the Lupo (we had thought of trading it for an Up!) so I am back to wanting to smarten it up a bit. I always fancied the "starlite" alloys and so I want to buy yours! Thanks!
  4. Brading1993

    Alloy wheels

    Hi everyone I'm a new Lupo owner, I'm looking for the standard alloys that's on the Lupo 1.0E I think they are 5star softline 13inch please contact me if any are for sale or know where I can get these thanks
  5. Kecleon

    Will they fit?

    Will 15'' ET45 57.1mm 6J alloys fit a 1L lupo/arosa? And what tyre size would be the best? The car isn't lowered. Cheers!
  6. Kecleon

    Alloys getting resprayed

    My arosa alloys are booked in for a refurb, but thought I'd get them sprayed whilst I was there. What colours would be good on the standard 2004 arosa alloys? My car looks exactly like pictured below Cheers
  7. Sorry for bad quality
  8. lupo462

    GTI bathurst Alloys

    Selling my Genuine Bathurst GTI black Lupo alloys. 15" 4x100s. Might need a light refurb but they are in all round good condition. Comes with 4 tyres (tyres are on the alloys. Two are 195/45/15 and the other two are 195/50/15) they all have good tread and are legal! £250ono. Collection only unless your prepared to pay the postage. Located Wisbech (cambridgeshire)
  9. For sale Bbs rw 001 4x100 15x7 et36 These are a very rare set of wheels As far as i know only like 3 or 4 sets of the 15 inch 4x100 Centre bore is 57.1 No swaps just cash sale These have been prepared for painting So ready for refurb £375 ono
  10. Hi, Selling my Kyalami wheels. From 02 TDi usual wear and tear with a mixed bag of tyres (1 new, two fine, one close to legal tread limit). Been off the car since Christmas, so now needing to sell and make some space in the garden. For pictures please see the Gumtree add - https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-oem-14-inch-4x100-alloys-with-tyres-lupo-polo-arosa/1165763713. Thanks for looking £100 ono Located Edinburgh, EH10.
  12. Tizzlou

    Puple lupo

    Hey my first VW Lupo and my first car ive had done up. ive already.. changed the colour (purple) Lenso alloys 15" SPORTEX Twin 3" centre exit exhaust with tail pipes lights all round have been changed and tinted tinted windows, what else can I do to it as im not 100% sure what else to do
  13. Here I have my 16 inch BBS replicas for sale (MG HAIRPINS), the centre bore has been drilled out professionally by Lea Crowder, the tyres are 205/40/16, 2 of which I have replaced recently and they have covered less than 400 miles, 1 is in average condition, and 1 is Legal but ideally could do with replacing, the alloys themselves have been refurbished in matte black and are in pretty good condition apart from one kerb mark, I need them gone quite quick as I now have new wheels and need the money to get my new 1.4s rear bumper sprayed pictures are available on request preferred contact method would be by phone call/ text on 07794944630 thanks-Alex
  14. emmaibbotson


    Hi everyone, Had my lupo for a couple months now and i'm looking to get some alloys and lower it but need some advice. I would prefer 15" wheels but don't know the widest I can get away with and offset. Also what width tyres would I need and what profile? I'm looking at getting some banded steels for it. Also undecided on weather to go for springs or coilovers to lower it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  15. ChrisHallam


    Anyone have any pics of their Lupos on 15" alloys with standard/ un lowered suspension? Cheers!
  16. ChrisHallam

    Wheel Spacers

    Was thinking of getting 5-10mm wheel spacers but my dads told me that it's not a good idea and it may lead to some problems. What are the Pros and Cons? Are there any troubles that may come about with wheel spacers? Cheers Chris
  17. ArosaJosh97

    Wheel fitments

    Just wondering, what width of wheel will fit onto an arosa without having to roll the arches and deal with camber? also what offset is needed?
  18. Jezer2010

    Are Baby G6 steelies worth anything ?

    Are baby G6 steelies worth anything currently have stretched tyres on ? Thanks
  19. Mikeyw978

    Changing my alloys

    I have just brought a seat arosa with standard wheels and alloys, I'm looking to change my alloys but keep the wheels if possible, how do I know if the alloys will fit my car (seat arosa 03) Thanks 😃
  20. ChrisHallam

    Calibre Dub

    I know this is unlikely but would anyone be selling their Calibre Dub alloys? If not, would anyone know where to get them second hand as they're too expensive brand new Cheers Chris
  21. TommyDUB

    Maximum Wheel Width?

    Hi everyone, quick question... Whats the maximum wheel width i can go to without having to roll the arches? Thanks for any replies, TD.
  22. Emma_grace

    Alloys for my lupo?

    I've just recently bought my first vw lupo it's a 2000 make. I'm new to everything cars & mods but I'm keen to get my ride looking fresh! I'm starting with alloys. My lupo is black so I'm considering either gold or black (with a hint of black) does anyone have any suggestions or links? Any other modification suggestions would be great to.
  23. TommyDUB

    Tire Advice

    Hi everyone. Need a little advice with tires, I'm working on buying my first set of alloys but i'm not sure what size alloys and tires would be best. I don't want to have to roll my arches but i intend on going a bit low, i was thinking something like 15x7/7.5 with 195/45/15 tires, but i want a small amount of stretch. can anyone recommend a good combination? thanks very much all.
  24. TommyDUB

    Wheel Advice

    Whats up everyone, I've decided on the wheels that I want, I'm going for a set of silver Axe EX8's 15" x 8". My problem though is tyre's. I don't know the first thing about stretching so i wanted to know what size tyre would go well with a nice amount of stretch, I'm thinking 195/45/15. Has anyone got any pics of something simlar? Like 1j thinner than the wheels? Any help is appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  25. I have been trying to get a hold of some alloys for my 1.0 2000 arosa but i dont know what im looking at ! All theese random numbers ! Just want some second hand alloys worth under £100 that will definatly fit !