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Found 12 results

  1. I am looking to fit an ambient air temperature gauge to a 54 plate 1.0l Lupo Where is the best place to fit the sensor and which route for the cable into/onto the dashboard is easiest? I am considering putting the sensor inside the wing-mirror but how to get the cable into the cabin? Has anyone fitted one of these themselves? If so, how successful/easy was it? Thanks in advance
  2. Induction Kit.. Is it worth it?

    I've had a look on the forum and I just want to know if its even worth getting an induction kit.. I'm not fussed about hp gain as it's hardly going to increase widly. Just want to know if its worth getting the average kit for a bit more grunt sound without any heat problems ( too close to engine)
  3. Help needed!!

    I have a Lupo 1 litre 2001 one hose not attached to anything is it a breather pipe ?? Also I have oil down the front of my exhaust manifold cover any known faults ???
  4. Standard GTI Airbox

    Does anyone have a good condition GTI standard airfilter box for sale? Mines running a Sport one at the moment, but they don't have the lug on the cover to hold the engine cover on the n/s, so need a GTI one! Thanks in advance
  5. Digital climate control

    Hi guys, Who's got one of these? Is it possible to mod in? Thanks in advance! Matt
  6. Tyre pressure on stretched tyres?

    Hi guys, Ive just got a set of BBS reps for my lupo and they are wrapped in some stretched tyres but I am unsure as to what the air pressure should be? They are 15x7 wheels with 165/50r15 Nankang tyres. Does the stretch make a difference to the best air pressure? Thanks in advance.
  7. Polo GTI air intake

    Just a quick question, my friend has a Polo GTI air intake that he doesn't need any more and has offered it to put on my 1.4 16v Lupo, will it actually fit or will it fail horribly?
  8. Hey Everyone! Introducing a new VAG+ show event at the UK's birthplace of Motorsport; VAG-ABONDS UNITE at Brooklands Museum, Surrey on Sunday July 7th 2013 From Modified to Concourse Originals, all Aircooled and Watercooled VAG vehicles and VAGabonds are welcome. All set within the grounds of the worlds first race track! The original idea has come through the camaraderie of the VW community, the friendships and the people at its core. How many of you have made friends for life because you love the same cars? It's about bringing us and our families together to enjoy everything under the VAG banner, and to enjoy the rich and varied history each of the companies under VW Audi share. Plus the location is the worlds first racetrack and has a feature packed museum set in some beautiful grounds for everyone to enjoy. We Are VAG-abonds. Free "Show & Shine" event with awards and prizes! "Premier Paddock" section; showcasing Porsches, Bentleys and Lamborghinis. Trade Stands and Enquiries Welcome. Contact Donna Hopton from events@brooklandsmuseum.com Museum attractions for all the family, including the Concorde tour, F1 museum and Mercedes Benz World located just yards from the show site. £10.00 to enter! Follow the progress on facebook by searching VAG-abonds Unite, official Instagram @vagabondsunite and visit www.vag-abond.com See and speak to you all soon. Seansy
  9. Oil breathers

    I have just installed a air induction kit on my lupo and there are 3 pipes left uncapped. I think they are called oil breathers and have very little use but to reduce pollution. Is there anyway of capping them because I've heard oil vapour comes out of them aswell as carbon monoxide? Also I've heard a catch tank can be used and filters to reduce pollution. Any ideas???
  10. seat arosa idle hesitation

    hello everyone, I'm a bit new to this, i have a seat arosa 1.0 s and it hesitates of idle. its not a major problem its just one of these things that does your head in when you start the engine and let it settle to idle (550-650rpm that sounds low to me but someone told me its about right for a 1.0l engine) and if you put you foot down quickly (anything from full to a quarter) the revs drop down, it makes a sucking air sound from the carb (or fly by wire equivalent) and hesitates picking up, when pulling out of a junction you have to build the revs up past 1000rpm to be able to pull of properly. the revs drop so much that if you turn the steering wheel (strain on the engine) and press the throttle at the same time it will stall 50% of the time (in neutral) any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, any questions don't be afraid to ask thanks