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  1. wilbo-bilbo

    Noise from my engine!

    Hi everyone, apologies if there is something on this already. I have a 1.0 done 87k Had new tappets put in as I thought it was that. Was a bit quieter for a week or so. Then NOISE AGAIN! What is it? Tappets need adjusting? Cylinders? Cylinder heads? or what? Love this car, and if need be would get it reconditioned. Any advice? Thanks in advance, Will. videos; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCYkOK67P88 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCnklHiSUog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTy6f-ehXnA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTy6f-ehXnA
  2. Hi, the time has come where I can finally afford the car I wanted to get before I got this so my baby is going up for sale to fund it! Has been extremely well looked after in my ownership and is in mint condition After spending a couple of months searching for the right car I found this little gem in Mansfield with a company called 'Small car Company' with FSH HPI clear and 1 woman owner since new, bought the car on 47,348 miles for £2,700 with all purchase receipts to prove. Spec; (WILL NOT SPLIT ANY PARTS SORRY) 54k on the clock, will rise as it's daily 2002 1.4S (75bhp) in Reflex Silver FSH not including this years most recent service as I've done it myself! (service items detailed below) but does include MOT certificate for this year and engine service in march this year HPI CLEAR Logbook with FSH included RECENT SERVICE includes new air filter, fuel filter and oil filter with oil change, a new pencil coil (also have an extra spare included in sale - £20 a piece) as well as new OEM brake disks and pads (also had an engine service professionally at C-G Autos (10/03/2011) with receipt and stamp to prove) GEARBOX recon and rebuild 18/02/2011 at 49k miles at the cost of £420 including 2 years warranty (still has 16 months warranty left with cleckheaton gearboxes - with all receipts and warranty slip included CLUTCH was also replaced with new original VW parts at Rhodes Motors Clutch Specialists in Halifax (14/02/2011) at cost of £280 with receipt to prove and so is good for another 60-70k RECENT MOT by Charlie Brown's in Halifax literally this weekend gone, flew through and of course have certificate. SUSPENSION includes £400 AP coilovers (can get you as low as you need and ride very well; from experience with cheap coilovers that I had initially bought) currently fitted to car as well as standard suspension (still in complete working order with all parts boxed and ready to take away WHEELS include Compomotive TH-monos with good 195/45/15 tyres (4-5mm all round) currently off the car (to avoid road salts and bad weather) wheel spec is 15x8 et25 with spigots for VW centre bore, have been repolished to mirror finish rather than diamond cut so they are easier to keep clean and IMO look better, these wheels are spotless and dont have a mark on them. I also still have the original receipt from rimstyle in 09/2010 at the cost of £684 and they are only 13 months old now. I will also include the original 13" steels and spotless trims, its a set of 5 all with good 175/60/13 tyres on INTERIOR includes full leather interior worth £1,500; ford RS turbo Recaro front seats and the rest at GTI spec (rear seats, all 4 door cards and parcel shelf) the rear cards have speaker mesh so you can fit rear speakers, I haven't done so), parcel shelf has had the dip/groove filled in and trimmed and looks great. All leather is BMW red nappa with diagonal stitching. Leather is only about 3 months old and will come with 2 front seat covers EXTERIOR has a smoothed front bumper reg recess, legal pressed plates, rub strips and badges removed, rear badge has been split with black backing painted reflex silver to match car de-wiper with glass blank at rear and aero wipers up front rolled and flared arches all round Paint is very good with only one mark, being on the bootlid next to the window on the passenger side pillar, very small and only noticeable up close and probably wouldnt bother most people but I like things to be clean Roof lining trimmed in black damask and dash trim painted textured dark red to match leather Sale will include uprated door speakers and unfitted tweeters which are all Alpine IIRC, as well as a 900W EDGE active sub and Kenwood headunit (can find full details if required) - also including original VW 2 part stereo with tape as well as CD player I've had the chassis notched on drivers side to allow lower ride height without fouling the drive shaft on the chassis, its a really neat job (picture is mid process before corrosion protection was applied so it is now a primer grey colour) Car has camber shims set at maximum 1.5 degrees fitted on the rear to get the compos tucked in, doesnt effect handling at all, if anything it feels more planted in corners literally the only bad thing about this car is that the tax is due 31st Nov! Car is spotless inside and out, feels solid as a rock and runs great as its very well looked after and whenever a problem arises its fixed ASAP Price is £4,000 EDIT FORGOT TO ADD PICTURES, DUH. How it will look when you turn up (i.e winter mode ) Interior shots Car shots only shot I have from back end to show all reds, dewiper and colour coded badge :S Wheels If you want pictures of anything else give me a shout and I'll get them for you £4,000 WILL NOT SPLIT ANY PARTS SORRY No rush for sale, no timewasters RING 07812212822 or reply on here or PM since I'm on pretty much every day anyway Cheers, Max
  3. I am selling My Black VW Lupo 1.4s, I'm looking at 2k with Ronal Turbos, or £1750 w/o them, I still have the original wheels so i'd chuck those in for 2k too, i just want them out of the garage! I'm in the Midlands - Swadlincote Spec: V - Reg Engine - 1.4s Milage - 97k Heated Leather interior (GTI) CD Player (standard) Electric windows/ sunroof Very clean and tidy inside and out Ronal turbos - Not in mint condition, but definately not shabby! ...they always get the head turning they deserve.. Custom centre exhaust Pressed Plates Body work is in good condition for it's age, a few scratches from carparks etc, nothing a T-Cut wouldn't sort out. It will probably need an oil change soon as it kicks out a bit of cloud when it starts sometimes, but that's the only fault! Drop me a text - 07878082274 or Personal message if there is anything you want to know/or that i have forgotten! Rachael
  4. shaunsprules

    engine missing :S

    right was driving down motorway (as i normally do most tuesday nights) anywho, doing 70 for about 10miles and car feels like its missing for a split second then kicks in again then 2 seconds later happens again, did this on and off for about 70miles.... did slow down and give it a hard drive in 4th to clear things out and worked fine but wonder'd if anyone on here had the same problem, think it mite be dodgy fuel or fuel pickup pump getting some crap form bottom of tank.. but not sure :/ need to know asap.
  5. 1999 Black Lupo S 1.4 16v T468 GCK Cheap Tax & Insurance. Easy on petrol. 102k Happy miles. NEW GEARBOX + clutch assembly at VW dealership in 2007 = £1800! Big inspection 2010: New cambelt + Belt tensioner + Full service (spark plugs, oil change and Pipercross airfilter). Lowered / wheel alignment / new back box and 2 new front tyres. Service history stamps in the original vehicle wallet + receipts. Front pipe + cat done in 2005. Blacked badges front and rear. Side strips smoothed / removed. De-wipered rear. Bee sting aerial. Lowered on JOM coilovers as far as it will go. VW ‘Kyalami’ 14” Alloys (Standard on Sport 16v/TDI) with new centre caps. Stickerbombed rear pop out window, (I can remove these with a hairdryer if the buyer prefers). Sendai CD headunit. (Yep, never heard of them either!) Looks great inside and out except for the usual wear and tear for an 11 year old car, stone chips to the bonnet (why so many Lupo owners roll with a bonnet bra) and a slight colour mismatch on the drivers wing mirror. Also has a dent on both sides down by the sill where it looks like someone has tried jacking it up badly. Really nice little car, practical and fun. Reason for sale: I've just bought an MX-5 so no longer have the space for the loop. Flew through MOT in October with no problems so fresh ticket for the next 12 months, come and get it. Tax til March 2012 and still insured. Ready to drive away. £1200 Located in Bedford. Call 07791167369.
  6. Marcus.ss

    Silver Lupo..

    TESTING THE WATER 1.4s 60,000 miles Service history On TA Technick coilovers Scratch on door £2,500?
  7. @@mandyjayney Here is my Lupo which I have had for just over a year. I am looking to upgrade to a more powerful car, therefore I am selling. It is a perfect first car, and very cheap to insure. It also drives beautifully for the age of the car. Even though you may be put off with the high mileage, it has had several things replaced since buying the car. Cambelt Clutch Engine Hoses Recent new front tyres New spark plugs New HT leads Since buying the car, I have installed a genuine VW CD player alongside the tape and the radio. I have also put genuine 14 inch VW Alloy wheels on the vehicle. TAX - January 2012 MOT - July 2012 The car is in good condition inside and out, and has a few minor scuffs and scrapes (which you can expect for a 10 year old car). I have looked after her very well. Viewing is more than welcome and also advised, it really is a great little car and especially for first time drivers as it is fun, easy and cheap to drive. Any questions just email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you would also like any more pictures or details, just let me know. Car available as of 9th October. FOR PICTURES AND EBAY LISTING: http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1558.l2649
  8. Jacky Boy

    i-Kube, first time driver.

    I'm taking my lessons and I have a 1.0l lupo se. I've been trying to get quotes for once I've passed and they all come to around £4000, Third Party Fire & Theft as well. My mum and dad have told me I can get insured with i-Kube for £2000, except I can't drive between 11pm-5am. I don't find this too much of a problem because it will work out cheaper in the long run. I was just wondering if anyone knew if they allowed mods?
  9. Lev

    Lupo Parts For Sale

    Some Lupo Parts For Sale: Lupo Speedo Clocks Instrument Cluster " - £40 Inlc Postage Black, Speedometer Cowel - £25 incl postage VW Lupo ECU "036 906 014" - £60 incl postage Few Bit's More To Add
  10. JensonLEi

    Loop sport.

    Hey guys thought I'd make one of these as planning on doing afew bits to it so will keep you informed, I've got it looking ok so far but there's always something to do,
  11. hi there. Gti Dials with Binnicle, really good condition no scratches.... the lip and inner of the binnicle are wrapped in carbon fiber. looking for £120 POSTED. £110 COLLECTED. Raceland Manifold for lupo sport or gti. great condition... taken of due to insurance reasons. £120 posted £100 Collected. Audio. i have 1 fully active Fli trap sub. its a 1000watt and has a inbuilt amp. its 12 inch and is nearly brand new. £60. also i pionner 800 watt sub in a custom box which fits snug in the lupo boot... top quality sub...£60 Fusion 900watt amp... also very good amp.. and only been used for around a week... £60 reason for sale on audio is have a active sub now and these are just in the way.... il upload pics later when i have some.. pm me for any info. cheers Douggie.
  12. my timing belt slipped last week and i've replaced my exhaust valves which were bent and skimmed the cylinder head and got the car back together with the belts on. however i dont want the timing to be out so i just kill 8 valves again :/. does anyone know what stroke cylinder 1 is on when timed with the markings on the casing and how does the engine know on start up so it doesnt destroy my hard work :/
  13. Here we go. VW Lupo Sport. Anthracite 1.4 16v 100bhp Mileage - 100k will go up as its used daily. Tax till end of December 2011 MOT till end of January 2012 Price £1900 *The price reflects the overall condition of the vehicle* Possibly open to part ex with Cash your way. The good bits. - The colour, You don't see many this colour knocking about. She comes up well, shines. Cleaned regular / waxed twice a month, polished twice a year. - The engine, being the 100bhp spec she's very nippy for a small car. - Mk5 Golf Aerial. - All Arches rolled. - O/S and N/S Stubby Mirrors. Genuine. (currently have black covers) - Lowered on Coilovers (Will come with original suspension too) - Tyres new at the beginning of the year. Loads of tread left. - Carbon Engine cover. (comes with original too) - Service history up to 77k , x2 keys , Central locking / Alarm. 3 Owners from new. - Clutch was replaced at - 92k - Cambelt was done - 56k - Pedal box was replaced - March 2010 Not so good. - Bodywork. The car is 8 years old. The front end is pretty stone chipped. Front bumper / Bonnet. - There's a scuff to the N/S front bumper corner. *Previous owner* (Pictured) - The rear bumper has a crack in *previous owner* (Pictured) - Lacquer marks in the paint where the side strips have been removed (Pictured) - N/S Drive shaft is leaking oil. (I have the seal and gear oil to replace) *Genuine parts* - Drivers passenger window switch inop. (I have a brand new one) *Genuine part* - Normal black Seatbelts in the front, GTI Red ones in the rear. Never bothered me. i do have the 2 remaining red and black ones but i believe one of each are broken. Vehicle located on Nottingham. Lupo 3 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr Lupo 1 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr Lupo 2 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr Lupo 6 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr Lupo 5 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr Lupo 7 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr Lupo 4 by Robbie G Photos, on Flickr
  14. metalben

    yellow lupo, halifax

    looked awesome i was in a black lupo, saw your yellow lupo which i think was lowered and im sure had a checkered print bonnet
  15. tcw6

    VW Lupo Front Wings

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and having anything to do with VW's (Not out of choice mind!). My sister has purchased a 2000 Lupo and both the driver's and passenger's side front wings need replacing. I've purchased two used parts but was wondering if anyone could talk me through how to remove the old ones and then attach the new ones.....? I'm not DIY illiterate but haven't really messed with cars before! Thanks very much! Tim
  16. Jacky Boy

    My Lupo 1.0 Se

    This is my first car, a 1.0L Lupo Se. It's got 15,000 miles on it and looks and sounds brand new. I'm taking lessons at the minute, can't wait to get passed soon so I can get out in it. Got some plans for it in the future once I'm on the roads. I want it lowered with some nice alloys and simple mods. Looking forward to it. Just wanted to get a few pictures up! I'll get some more pictures soon.
  17. After much thought about exactly how much power I want from my loop I decided.. I want lots more!! So the small power increses have got to be flogged to fund the next idea! Here I have a Polo 16v afh inlet manifold and throttle body, both in excellent condition with no running/ idle issues (common with these throttle bodies!) I include the fuel rail, injectors & fuel pressure regultor all working 100% and quite important to run along side with. Direct bolt on replacement for 16v lupo as a performance enhancement, easy to fit, I done it and I'm female and self taught! Noticable power gain, will be a more effecient gain if once fitted, having the vehicle then remapped
  18. Jacky Boy


    Hey I know this has been raised many times about coilovers. I have a 1.0 lupo SE and I want to lower it on some coilovers in the future. I will be on a budget but might be willing to spend for quality. So I was wondering which are the best coilovers I can get for a good price. Also will fitting them myself be a huge problem?
  19. Jacky Boy

    Hey, Lupo Owner.

    Hey, I'm Jack, 17 and just bought a 1.0L Lupo SE for my first car! It's in perfect condition and only has 15,000 miles. I want to get it lowered with a nice set of BBS or BBS look-a-like rims on it. Any advice on costs would be much appreciated. Really excited to get driving it.
  20. metalben

    1.4 lupo wants speakers in the back

    im looking for an easy way to put speakers in my boot there 16.5 kenwood but i really dont want to rip my carpet up. any other ways to do this please let me know
  21. Norpan

    Where can i find a roofspoiler?

    Im searching for a nice looking roofspoiler for my Lupo. I dont want the 2 piece type so im looking for a model like rieger or another nice model in one piece. I´ve looked at ebay.de and there are sellers that have rieger for a nice price but they dont ship to sweden or ant other country than germany. So i´m looking for a dealer that is able to ship to sweden and have a nice looking roofspolier thats not to overpriced. A dealer in sweden sell the rieger one for amazing ~300£ Anyone that can give me any suggestions..?
  22. Tubz

    Arosa Wheels

    Hi all, has anyone got any wheels they are willing to sell delivered that will fit a 2002 arosa cheers mark
  23. Kahn nage

    Red door cards wanted.

    Hello, I am looking for some red interior door cards for my lupo. Any fabric. Please let me know if you can help and how much you want for them. If it is of any interest, if I find some red ones I'll have the grey door cards out of my lupo gti going spare. Cheers, Nage.
  24. IainsTheName

    Lupo or Arosa Diesel?

    Hello all, just regsistered here, seems to be a small, tight knit community :-) I've currently got a 2009 Honda Civic Type R GT, I do roughly 350 miles a week in it and it avergaes 38-40mpg (Motorway driving exclusively). Me and my missus are planning on moving out and as such I have to save money where I can, which means getting rid of the Civic. Been looking and bang for buck the Lupo and Arosa TDi's seem to be brilliant value for money whilst still having some character However, I'm not sure which one to go for - the Arosa's seem to be about £1,000 cheaper than the Lupo equivalent - i'm assuming the extra is for the VW badge? Can anyone tell me what is different about these two models? Or are they exactly them same and the only difference being the outward appearance? Just wanting to know which one everyone prefers and if there's anything different about them? IE Apprently the Arosa comes with more spec except fogs? Thanks for all the help, posted this on the Arosa bit as well to hopefully get some balanced reviews

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