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  1. BLADE

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

  2. BLADE

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Belated pictures, best I could do in the gloomy conditions. MOT passed, so happy with that. Some mods since the pictures on Parkers, when on L6UPO plate. Previous owner lowered on KW. I replaced the original head unit with a Sony XAV-602BT a few years ago. Works well, clear BT call quality and music streaming. Built in SatNav is pretty good too.
  3. BLADE

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    OX04AKJ. I can post some pics next weekend... It’s MOT week coming up, so it’ll be sparkling,
  4. BLADE

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    The pictures of L6UPO, must be of my silver GTI, which was previously registered with this plate prior to my ownership. Now on an Oxford OX reg, I bought it from an independent dealer in Surrey in December 2008. Still only 55K on the clock.
  5. BLADE

    Lupo GTi tool kit holder part number

    It's 6E0915430B. Should be 20 odd quid new. If buying a used one, make sure clips aren't broken.
  6. BLADE

    Lupo GTi tool kit holder part number

    If you're quick ,there's someone selling 2 sets of VW cargo straps for 99p per pair on ebay, item no. 250455018884 (or 250457670080). I got a couple from the same seller for that price and they were a bargain.
  7. BLADE

    Lupo GTi tool kit holder part number

    Yep. Part#= 6E0863466N. Listed as insert for luggage comp. floor, GTI on vagcat. Took about two weeks to arrive as was on backorder. From memory, cost was between 20-25 quid, so an expensive bit of foam really. I sourced all tools, compressor, gel,retaining band etc from ebay quite easily and obviously a LOT cheaper than the dealer.
  8. BLADE

    Lupo GTi tool kit holder part number

    Just receieved part no. 6X0860252 from VW...however, turned out to be a plastic bag, so not quite what I'm looking for! Am actually just looking for the foam insert that holds the tools. Anyone know which part no. this is, hoping it's stamped on the insert itself? Thanks (99hjhm: Clip fits in the 9 shaped slot below the screwdriver, costs about 40p from VW)
  9. BLADE

    Lupo GTi tool kit holder part number

    That's great. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  10. Does anyone have the part number for a Lupo GTI foam tool kit holder that sits by the battery in the boot? My local VW dealer hadn't a clue when I tried to order one recently. I've searched on here to find out what it contains. Is it just the compressor, tyre gel, brace, centre cap removal tool, spanner and screwdriver? Cheers