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  1. sorry,scroll up on this page
  2. GTi T

    Brembo Brake Kit

    Brembo's are fitted to the mk3 Ibiza Cupra R as standard
  3. GTi T

    Brembo Brake Kit

  4. GTi T

    Brembo Brake Kit

    Price drop to £600 for the lot
  5. GTi T

    Brembo Brake Kit

    Hi there,i have for sale my Brembo brake set up that i had previously fitted to my Lupo GTi, however the GTI has now gone and i removed the Brembo's before the sale The calipers have a few tiny marks and touch ups but are otherwise very good condition. They are very good brakes, far more stopping power than the 280 upgrade i had fitted before these, and i thought they were good at the time! Everything is included: Brembo calipers (4 pot) 305mm x 28 Discs (Eliptically grooved Badger 5 jobbies) Pads Braided hoses Bolts Mounting brackets 4x100 fitment, i believe theyre are a few cars that these will fit,some examples the mk1 golf,mk2 golf,Ibiza mk2 and mk3,cordoba, lupos etc Am asking £600 for the lot,was going to put up for more but the pads aren't brand new,this kit costs £1100 if bought brand new. Collection only Based in Manchester area PM me if interested, cheers for looking Tom Picture of brakes when they were fitted to my Lupo GTI Pics of the set up
  6. GTi T

    Renaultsport Megane R26

    Good luck with the sale mate,if anyones interested in one of these then take a serious look at this,immaculate isn't the word!Your Lupo GTi was exactly the same condition when you had that too! Tom
  7. GTi T

    Lupo GTi For Sale

    good luck with the sale abi abi...weren't we all at the trafford driving range many years ago when we had a Lupo meet? poobah was there in his GTi then
  8. Looks fantastic!!!!!!
  9. GTi T

    Car and Bike

    very nice mate,do i spot a z4 in the garage there too?
  10. GTi T

    Lupo GTI By GTi T

    Gone but never forgotten
  11. Your welcome, I've seen alot of videos of car's and various races around Tsukuba, mainly the 'Best Motoring' guys!!!!!!One of my favourite tracks!! Keep us updated with your progress and any videos, 1 min 10 is impressive stuff!!!!! regards Tom
  12. Yeah i see what you mean,they are wide!!! Looks brilliant tada!!!!! What sort of lap time are you getting around tsukuba? I heard anything under 1 minute is seriously fast Keep up the good work!!! Just thinking about those spacers, won't they put alot of stress on your hubs/bearings?? Tom
  13. GTi T

    Tattoo Thread


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