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  1. marphil


    Sorry no good at down loading pics. Our hi up replaces the tdi sport.Obviously the engines have very different characteristics,you really need to keep the revs up & anticpate the road ahead it won't slog like the TDI but when you get used to it it will move along a & b roads well.The steering & handling are a great .The engine sound is not as good as you would like but not bad for a city car & it is quiet when cruising. The one downside for us is the seating,there is no memory for positioning backrest or squab so every time you need to go into the back you have to reset also they only slide they dont tip as on the lupo.Access to the back is restricted but when your in its fine(3door).Interior & boot space is very good. The window switches only operate on each door no dual action on the drivers door or illumination at night.& they are hold to run.No one touch. On the good side the seats are heated ,you have cruise control,parking sensors,a very nice satnav/computer & no spare wheel unless you pay £50 for it. Seriously it is a very good car for the money it cost the same as the Lupo new in 2001.,we are ave.55mpg not run in & i have not driven my Scirocco since the up arrived (4wks) it is a fun car & i believe a true replacement for Lupo.
  2. marphil


    Our up has height adjustable drivers seat but not passenger seat.

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