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  1. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    What model has she orderd dude an need a way to get the back end down some more
  2. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    Well finally got the UP! Lowerd on H&R springs 35mm looks loads better here are some pics will get better ones when its clean an the weather is abit better but will be at ud on northwest dubs stand so see you there
  3. VwLupo 1.0 se

    Lowering the UP!

    Ok thanks for the help I no the damper rating would be diffrent just fort it would be good to be 40mm instead of 35mm spring cheers tho
  4. VwLupo 1.0 se

    Lowering the UP!

    There well expensive lol Hence y I want Lupo ones as u can get 40mm springs for 60 squid lol but need to no if they would fit the up
  5. VwLupo 1.0 se

    Lowering the UP!

    Hi just wondering would 40mm Lupo lowering springs fit the up! as they only do 35mm ones for the up at the min any help would be great
  6. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    That looks awesome just need save some money for wheels an springs now then
  7. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    Ya I agree it is the best colour to have them in an I love the wheels to
  8. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    Haha ya reg is quite funny lol
  9. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    No mate am not from Milton Keynes am from Chester but the car had to come from Milton Keynes an ya I wasent sure on the 5door at first but its grown on me to lol Ya mini wheels do look good on it but already been done trying to find some that will look just as good at the min
  10. VwLupo 1.0 se

    UP! Project

    Well picked up my UP! yesterday an it had 23 miles on the clock as a think it was used to test drive in Milton Keynes but I have done 81 miles in it an the petrol gauge has only just moved well happy really nice to drive but only plans I have for it are maybe some 35mm springs an 20mm spacers on the rear but apart from that gonna leave it as it is cause am not suppose to do anything to it but a mite do lol well here are some pics of it before I drove it out of vw An then went my mates to get some pics with his polo lol
  11. VwLupo 1.0 se

    my lupo project

    Mite be selling the Lupo just after offers at the min so if anyone is intrested sent us a pm cheers
  12. VwLupo 1.0 se

    Notched chassis and new MOT laws

    Mine past it's MOT I don't have a c notch but it's pretty much was eating the floor an it still passed the test with flying colours but a suppose that is bad news for people with c notch tho
  13. VwLupo 1.0 se

    my lupo project

    bit of an update i saw this done somewhere else and liked the idea an since i cant find centre caps for my new wheels i made some lol out of monster and relentless can tops and have had a reply from image they need me to split the wheels an get some measurements and then hopefully be able to get a price off them just need some time to split um now here are some pics of the caps and one of the car after a good clean nice and clean and did my mates civic whiles i did mine and the new centre caps an another one of the caps
  14. VwLupo 1.0 se

    North West.. Chesire & North Wales

    Yeah was a good meet an was nice to meet some new people an deffo need a day meet next time an look forward to seeing the pics
  15. VwLupo 1.0 se

    my lupo project

    Ya I did have cause I stupidly put the 165/60 on the front an 175/50 on the back but swapped um round now so it's all good lol an I have made my own caps for now out of can lids lol just so there is no hole in the middle an ya a was thinking bbs e30 centers to

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