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  1. M Bizzle

    VW Polo 6n 16v

    hi guys and gals, for sale is my much loved polo! need to sell because I'm buying a house which is rather expensive nowadays! Tax runs out end of this month and the bodywork isnt the best but she's got a a long MOT and has never let me down since I've had her! She's prbably due a service, though I think she's only done 3 or 4k since last one, so MAKE ME AN OFFER! nothing silly please Willing to p/x for a breadvan, preferably 1 litre but must be in good nick! Make: VW Model:Polo Year/Reg:1997 P Mileage:78000+ (daily drive) MOT: Feb 2012 Tax: 30 June 2011 Good points: remote central locking with factory alarm, electric windows, manual sunroof, sony speakers 2 lady owners, then me since July 2010 Service history (6 stamps I think) hpi CLEAR 14 inch BBS RA alloy wheels in good condition (I'd say 8 out of 10) with good tread on tyres all round Lowered on Jamex coilovers polo seats retrimmed in black vinyl (everyone compliments me on how shiny my leather is!...it's not leather and you can clean it with furniture polish!) Debadge front grill Black rear badge Dewipered rear Pipercross panel filter New centre silencer fitted to exhaust as baffles had gone had brand new master cylinder and brake fluid august 2010 Bad points: Driver side rear wheel has been curbed slightly but is not bent and not really noticeable rust on the passenger side sill which appears to have been sanded and rattled (not noticeable from a distance, I was going to get it sorted with the warmer weather approaching and have been quoted £80 to get it fixed, but I can't really afford it right now. little bit of lacquer coming off the roof A few scratches/scuffs that have been touched up with a paint pen, a couple that haven't, trying to be honest here! NO HEAD UNIT has a cherry bomb backbox attached! (some may consider this good, some bad... it is not too loud as the car has just had a brand new centre silencer fitted. Location: Nottingham BIGGER PICS HERE http://www.flickr.com/photos/63831307@N03/?saved=1 Price: £950 ono Contact details: Matt 07429059533, please text or PM me first and I will call you back ASAP as I'm not supposed to use my phone at work! edit: just remembered the glovebox wont open properly
  2. M Bizzle

    Dubdayz Summerfest 2011...

    Coming soon...
  3. M Bizzle


    whatsort of 'nominal charges' could I expect to add mods to my elephant policy? i have some non standard 14 inch alloys i want to add, a k&n and maybe 60mm lowering? cheers
  4. So, I finally stumped up enough loose change for a new car and I'm seriously considering a 1.4 75bhp Loop. I'm not finding any diesels in my price bracket, least not with less than 80k, but if you see one let me know! I have a couple of grand to spend, andI've seen a nice one on autotrader with 60k on the clock for under 2 grand from a dealer. I've searched about the forum for info, but can't quite find what I'm looking for.... So, 1.4 75bhp owners!, What is your fuel consumption like? How much to fill the tank? How many miles on average from a tank or your average MPG? My foot is a little heavy so those of you with a similar disposition let me know how you do on the fuel economy front! Also, This may seem a little silly to ask but; how nippy is the car? does it feel nicely nippy? I used to have a 1.4 ibiza which was ok, I'm guessing a loop weighs a bit less so might be a bit better.... This question seems stupider the more i type... And what sort of figures do you guys get from tuning the 75bhp lump? Yours soon to have a loop, Matt
  5. M Bizzle

    Pennine Pullman Folding Camper 93

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Teardrop-Cargo-car-t...%3A1%7C294%3A50 get one of these! check the wood effect laminate flooring, thatd look dapper with some ikea furniture and a plasma!
  6. M Bizzle

    Xbox 360 League....

    my tag is MERKULONOTRON
  7. M Bizzle

    whats better??

    mx5 as a daily, reliable, cheapest to insure etc, brilliant handling, nice in Eunos roadster form.
  8. M Bizzle

    transformers !!!

    Nicki, I'm the same. There were so many bits in revenge of the fallen that gave me that adolescent tingle.
  9. M Bizzle

    My 1.0E lupo needs more power

    none of those will really be worth it, you might get 5bhp, maybe 10 if your lucky, better to sell up and get a 1.4 or something, tuning a 1.0 not worth the cost. try searching the forum. you'll probably get the same answer though.
  10. M Bizzle

    new member debating on a vts saxo or a lupo gti

    save 1700 quid and put it towards a car next year when you've got more no claims and your at least 18! no disrespect but I've never understood young peeps getting the fastest car they can, paying however many thousands for the car, then half the cars value again for insurance! then theres all the fuel, tax and servicing/maintenance costs on top, that with a GTI aren't low from what I've heard, ok its maybe not that bad on petrol if your sensible, but at 17, i'm guessing you might kane it a little? i know i did lol. boy do I sound like my own Dad lol.
  11. M Bizzle

    summerfest 2009

    I'm staff at this event, its 24th-26th july, go to dubdayz.com for more info! Best be plenty of loops down there! I want to look round a few to decide whether to get one! Cheers Matt
  12. M Bizzle

    new member debating on a vts saxo or a lupo gti

    my granny can outrun a zetec s on her stairlift,
  13. M Bizzle

    transformers !!!

    this film rocks, the 'let's roll!' bit with prime, was soooooooooooooo cool, i nearly cried.
  14. M Bizzle


    bump! get yerself down to the fest at MFN this July!
  15. M Bizzle

    whats your favourite ice cream or lolly

    its all about maxibon's, mm mmm