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  1. Common problem. It will eventually go down on it's own as it will go down a bit every time you turn the engine off. Don't be tempted to turn it on and off again repeatedly in a short space of time as you might damage something.
  2. HDH


    I would have thought if the rings were on the way out, the oil would get burnt in the chamber and would get nowhere near the intake? Sounds like an oil breather problem? Not an expert though.
  3. I sold a reconditioned motor on eBay a few days ago to someone in Fife. I would presume its you. I've posted it already.
  4. I will post it to you in a day or two.
  5. Some might share the same box but have different ratios. My 1.0 had the same box in it from new, no bearing failure (was 13.5 years old . 110k miles when I got rid)
  6. HDH

    EPC light on

    And are the brake lights definitely coming on ?
  7. If I were you i'd get the exact fault codes first before throwing money around.
  8. HDH

    EPC light on

    Checked your brake light switch ?
  9. Did the engine management light start flashing? That's the car telling you it's misfiring. And when you plug in a code reader it will tell you which cylinder exactly, allowing you to pinpoint more accurately. Could be plugs, leads, coil pack or something else completely different?
  10. It is usually, not sure where it is on your model. Might just need a clean out with carb cleaner?
  11. Idle air control valve?
  12. HDH

    Clutch Replacement

    Cables can stretch over time. I had to replace mine when the car was about 9/10 year old.
  13. http://metro.co.uk/2013/09/21/man-74-drives-volvo-three-million-miles-into-record-books-4061538/ Apparently Volvo and Mercedes give you a badge if you reach 1m KM.
  14. HDH

    What's your battery?

    2000 1.0e AUC 063 Varta Car was 9.5 years old when battery was replaced
  15. HDH


    Airlock ? Head gasket? Egr valve stuck ? Faulty expansion bottle cap?

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