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  1. Paul

    Adjusting tickover on my SDi

    I'm facing the same problem. I bought the lead from Gendan, installed the Ross-Tech software on my laptop, followed Skezza's excellent guide with screenshots (thanks for that ), and found that the tickover was 924rpm. As far as I'm aware, it's never been adjusted because I bought the car at three and she's now 15.5 years old. I lowered it but found that things were smoother at 945rpm. However, I couldn't save it because the 'save' button was greyed out. I turned off the engine, re-started, and it had defaulted back to 924rpm. Is there a clever way around this, so that I can set the value I'd like? Thank-you. Paul
  2. Paul

    Adjusting tickover on my SDi

    Thanks Skezza!
  3. Paul

    Adjusting tickover on my SDi

    Hello, Please could someone point me in the right direction and show me what it is that I need to buy so that I can adjust the tickover speed of my SDi? The vibrations are getting worse, but applying a few revs more makes everything smoother. Thank you.
  4. Paul

    WANTED - SDi gearbox

    Thanks JoeyEunos I tracked down a reconditioned FFV gearbox and I've had that fitted, so she's back on the road again.
  5. Paul

    WANTED - SDi gearbox

    I didn't break it. The pinion bearing broke, destroying the casing, and the gearbox left a trail of oil. I've read that's common on the 085 'box.
  6. Paul

    WANTED - SDi gearbox

    My SDi's gearbox has let go in the usual fashion and so I'm searching for a replacement. Does anyone have one for sale? Thank-you.
  7. Big thanks to Dale for ordering and posting this part to me. He always kept me updated and sent it very quickly. Top man
  8. Thanks lupogtiboy, but it's the passenger side one I need, which doesn't have an LED. It's an S SDi, not a GTi.
  9. Hello I seem to have lost the door lock button surround thingy (for want of a better name) on the passenger side. I have the one on the driver's side with the LED, but it's the passenger side one I'm missing, as my photos hopefully show. My Lupo is a 2002 S SDI, and if you have the small part I'm seeking, I'd be very grateful if you could please contact me Thank-you.
  10. Paul

    200,000 miles

    That sounds like a wager to me Skezza! Only about 800,000 miles to go...
  11. Paul

    200,000 miles

    Looks nice. Low mileage too. Are you going to play cambelt lottery with this one?
  12. Paul

    200,000 miles

    What have you replaced the SDi with Rich?
  13. Paul

    200,000 miles

    I remember reading that Rich's SDi was on 234k. Wasn't he playing cambelt lottery?
  14. Paul

    200,000 miles

    800,000? Wow! What's the highest mileage Lupo or Arosa on Club Lupo?