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  1. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Damn, this worth a drive to Italy for you to do mine! Love it!
  2. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Its not a perfect guide but most points have been covered very well. My story in the back is 100% accurate either but its close enough it doesn't matter. Plus I like being called a 'Lupo Expert' in a major magazine! Oh and all the prices for parts and labour are from where I work too, so a bit of recognition for them too is always welcome....
  3. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    I have 2 copies as its my GTI in the 'I bought one' bit!
  4. OY02 JZK Black Lupo GTi Crawley, West Sussex.

    I last saw a black GTI driving into Crawley about 2 or 3 years ago on the road that leads to the Police station. When I caught up with it, she turned off!
  5. Hi all :)

    Hello and welcome to the club!
  6. OY02 JZK Black Lupo GTi Crawley, West Sussex.

    Either way, its ****ed now as its been to Kwik Bodge! Think I've seen that around Crawley a few years back, was a lovely-looking young lady at the wheel if I recall correctly....
  7. HO HEY :)

    If I was a betting man, my money would be on the thermostat and housing
  8. Lupo door locks falling out

    And as the famous Haynes manual says, fitting is the opposite of removing.
  9. lost key

    Any manufacturer will require to see your V5 & photo id, its the law to prove you are the owner of the car. It stops anyone from ordering a key to a car they fancy taking off the street. Its also law to see the registered owner of the car for the same reason. We also take payment for the key before ordering as it initially costs us to order the parts for you, and seeing as your key is no good to anyone else, why should we foot the bill? We don't fax or email the details to VW, we order it through our parts ordering system. If your vehicle has had a lock change, that does make life difficult. We wouldn't know its had it done, but now the newer systems are in place, the new key number is now recorded and updated on VW's records in Germany, so any future orders should result in a key that fits. Doesn't always happen though! But if its had a lock change in the past that does mess stuff up! I don't understand your frustration at how its done. Its a process thats been in place the entire time I have worked for VW (14 years now) and nobody has ever moaned about it to me, its just the way it works. Having never ordered a key for a car I personally own, or for any other manufacturer (i've owned a VW of one kind or another since a 1996 Polo 6N), but I'd imagine the timescale will be the same. I can check for Honda and Mazda if you want me too (as the group I work for own garages for both brands), just in case VW are still in the stone age, but I'm pretty sure it will be the same as VW.
  10. lost key

    I meant the information about every key VW has ever made being kept in a dealership. Surely that's just asking for trouble! Keep it all in Germany at VW's HQ. I'm happy some oik doesn't have my car key number so he can make a copy and steal my car. We don't send key numbers to the factory, we order keys through our ordering system (Parts 500 or Parts Dealer Frontend System) with the part number, chassis number of the car and an order number, and VW send the key, pre-cut, to us in our parts delivery, usually in around 3-5 days. Sometimes it takes longer. Current VW's don't seem to have key numbers anymore, we used to see a key number on the inside of the flap of the jiffy bag when we opened them, but that doesn't happen anymore. We can't even get key numbers anymore, as we used to be able to send for those too, but not anymore! Its all about security!
  11. lost key

    I wondered how long it would be until the 'dieselgate' saga reared its ugly head! Despite OTHER MANUFACTURERS CHEATING AS WELL, VW seem to be the only ones who are the anti-Christ. Jeez, get over it! How about Vauxhall Zafira's that spontaneously combust? Or Toyota's that spontaneously combust? Or Honda's airbags that go off in your face even though you've not hit anything? Its been blown out of all proportion because VW are a successful company. And for the record, it's not affected sales of new VW's either. Sorry about that. You broke your ONE AND ONLY key, and it's VW's fault? It's your fault but you want to blame VW because the time-frame involved is inconvenient to you. Plan ahead, get a spare key. Or make friends with a good mobile locksmith, they're handy guys to know in situations like this. 'I've worn my clutch out by slipping it all day. Come on VW, that's your fault!' Sounds dumb doesn't it. Dealers DO NOT set recommended parts prices for parts, VW Germany do. I find a lot of parts are overpriced, much like a lot of things in life are. But you do get what you pay for. A lot of the aftermarket stuff is pure rubbish, and that is why you pay less for it in the first place, because it is shite. Dealers DO NOT have any control of how long a part takes to arrive. There are a lot of factors involved with this. Do you think a supplier of ball joints for example, only supplies them to VW? And those suppliers have to be supplied with the raw materials to make the part in the first place. VW keys are not made by VW but a few companies that have made them for VW, much like Chubb do for Ford (which are also shite!) Is a dealer expected to keep key information for every VW in their records? They are stored SECURELY so that not every Tom, Dick or Harry has access to a minefield of information. And you can imagine the fun the media would have if it ever happened that VW key records got out in the open! Get a grip man. The key broke. You needed a new one, and your local dealer has ordered one for you. Oh and you do know it will need coding to the car as well, as it won't start until you do? Another security device, but I guess that's an inconvenience too until someone wants to steal your car, then it will be a God-send.
  12. lost key

    Its a security part that is made in Germany. There is no faster way to get a VW key from a main dealer. I would quote the same amount of time had you ordered it from me. Its just how long it takes, it's not the dealer being awkward, once a key is ordered we have no control over the time frame. In most cases they come within 5 working days. Just be thankful you don't need a barrel for a Fox, they take 3-4 weeks to arrive. It does annoy me when people sound off about 'poor dealer service' when its for something they have no control over. And lets not forget who lost the key in the first place.
  13. lost key

    Where the World HQ is? I bet a Mercedes key takes the same amount of time, or a Ford key, or any other manufacturer you can name. Mazda parts all take 2 days from Belgium, regardless of when you order it.
  14. lost key

    They come pre-cut from Germany if you ordered from VW, thats why
  15. LUPO Error

    Mr Muscle oven cleaner