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  1. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    VW part number is WHT 005 353, 28p each inc vat Says they are 4.8x14
  2. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have four rivets in each speaker to hold them on, mine certainly did
  3. Sifty's red GTI

    Very nice! I'm guessing a Japanese import? Only missing the towing eye covers as well. I'd love one of those mini-disc headunits as well! Oh and nice selection of other cars too!
  4. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I have a yellow Lupo coat, not one to wear in public
  5. Vw lupo roof bars

  6. Tombstones in lupo

    And if they are electric, they need to move and function correctly for an MOT
  7. AKU 1.7 block marked 1.9?

    Completely contradicts what ETKA says then!
  8. AKU 1.7 block marked 1.9?

    AHU isn't fitted to a Lupo as its a 1.9 TDI engine AKU is a 1.7 SDi engine The 1.9 SDi engine codes are ALH and AYQ as found in Polo-style caddy vans
  9. Vw UP Gti News

    I took our demo one out yesterday and loved it! Made all the right (mostly fake pumped-in) noises, but its a nippy little sod! If only I didn't have a year left on mine....
  10. Hello & Help

    The Cambridge badge has been obsolete since 2013 but does say its available from VW classic parts, so Esplanade may be able to get one for you. If they say no, tell them they need to put through an 'ETKA ticket' and give them this part number 6X0 853 750 B 8W8 Bear in mind that you will be charged loads for it tho! Retail was £19.76 inc vat, but they will add-on money at their discretion!
  11. Help with ETKA

    You need to put the whole VIN into ETKA, all 17 digits or it won't work. All should be something like WVWZZZ6EZ1W123456
  12. I work for a main dealer so I know which techs I can and cant trust. The guy who did mine was a good tech and I've never had any issues since it was done. Was on about 39/40k when it was done, now on 168k and still going so NOT all VW Techs are monkeys
  13. It only really needed resealing, but as VW were paying I thought it rude not to have it all done.... ETKA does say it should be red on a GTI though
  14. Cam cover, rocker cover, same thing!
  15. This was some time ago! Took it in for a 40k service, when the tech removed the plugs, had oil in 2 & 3 up to the top of the plugs. Elsa said to use a new rocker cover, it was under warranty at the time, so I had it all done. Thanks VW! Better still, I managed to get the old rocker cover and sold it on! Win Win!