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  1. Lupo GTI xenon bulb replacement

    That bloody bolt on the bumper, who thought that was a good idea? Mine seem a bit dim at the moment, even with new bulbs. Tried good 2nd hand ballasts too, and I have a new headlamp on the ns.
  2. Rear Wiper Blade?

    Vw part number for standard rear blade is 6X0 955 425 D £9.34 inc vat If you want to mod it, you can fit a 9N polo rear arm and blade, part numbers are Arm - 6Q6 955 707 C - £29.72 inc vat Blade - 6Q6 955 425 A - £10.34 inc vat Cap - 6Q6 955 435 D - £4.26 inc vat
  3. Options for GTI tyres

    https://www.camskill.co.uk/m53b0s462p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_15_inch_R15_inch_-_205_45_15_205_45R15 Camskill only have 2 types of Toyos in the GTI original size. This lot are very good and great prices too
  4. Options for GTI tyres

    I've run a few 50 profile tyres on mine and they all rubbed on full lock, be it 205/50 or 195/50 195/45 r 15 is the best compromise for the Bathursts, fit well and no rubbing and don't look stretched at all. The OE Dunlop SP2000's were bloody awful on mine, caused loads of understeer, plus there isn't much choice of manufacturers for replacements. 195/45 r15 there are loads of options, I tend to go for Uniroyal Rainsports.
  5. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Example WVW ZZZ 6EZ 2W 123456 WVW - VW Build ZZZ - Filler in European markets, but emissions info in USA 6EZ - Chassis designation 2W - 2002 chassis year, Wolfsburg Built 123456 - Chassis number sequence
  6. Rough Running TDi

    If it is a misfire, I'd suggest the wiring to the injectors, they do break down over time. Means you have to take the rocker cover off to check though.
  7. Lupo Gti from Germany

    Hello and welcome to the club! Lovely GTI, great number plate too!
  8. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Wow what an awesome job! And a far better use of the door than those pretty pointless door nets!
  9. Lupo Gti - Janspeed or Custom exhaust?

    Yeah I think mine looks like that, but I have the smaller tailpipe version which looks more OEM.
  10. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Damn, this worth a drive to Italy for you to do mine! Love it!
  11. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Its not a perfect guide but most points have been covered very well. My story in the back is 100% accurate either but its close enough it doesn't matter. Plus I like being called a 'Lupo Expert' in a major magazine! Oh and all the prices for parts and labour are from where I work too, so a bit of recognition for them too is always welcome....
  12. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    I have 2 copies as its my GTI in the 'I bought one' bit!
  13. OY02 JZK Black Lupo GTi Crawley, West Sussex.

    I last saw a black GTI driving into Crawley about 2 or 3 years ago on the road that leads to the Police station. When I caught up with it, she turned off!
  14. Hi all :)

    Hello and welcome to the club!
  15. OY02 JZK Black Lupo GTi Crawley, West Sussex.

    Either way, its ****ed now as its been to Kwik Bodge! Think I've seen that around Crawley a few years back, was a lovely-looking young lady at the wheel if I recall correctly....