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  1. I work for a main dealer so I know which techs I can and cant trust. The guy who did mine was a good tech and I've never had any issues since it was done. Was on about 39/40k when it was done, now on 168k and still going so NOT all VW Techs are monkeys
  2. It only really needed resealing, but as VW were paying I thought it rude not to have it all done.... ETKA does say it should be red on a GTI though
  3. Cam cover, rocker cover, same thing!
  4. This was some time ago! Took it in for a 40k service, when the tech removed the plugs, had oil in 2 & 3 up to the top of the plugs. Elsa said to use a new rocker cover, it was under warranty at the time, so I had it all done. Thanks VW! Better still, I managed to get the old rocker cover and sold it on! Win Win!
  5. FFR Gearbox

    085 is a gearbox type for a lot of VW's Lupos, 6N Polos (tho earlier type 80 Polos also used them) The differences between most of them is gear and final drive ratios, so potentially if you were to get one meant for a 1Litre Lupo when yours is a 1.4, it may end-up revving higher or lower in top gear, but it will physically fit your car.
  6. My 03 GTI had a plain silver rocker until I needed a new one and it came through in red, even lists it as red on ETKA. I know the Polo GTI came with an all red version. Mind you, I wouldn't say mine is painted all that well, looks like there was a panic in the warehouse at the last minute, someone nipped down to Halfrauds for some red spray and gave it a quick dusting!
  7. FFR Gearbox

    You sure the adjustment on the selector isn't out? Could be you are actually selecting 4th when it shows as 5th if its out of alignment.....
  8. Wait there is some news about the Up! GT

    Opens for ordering 6th Feb
  9. Vw UP Gti News

    Opens Feb 6th for UK ordering
  10. Done both of these jobs on mine, the pipe in the 1/4 trim, I cut the stupid connector out and replaced it with a section of VW rubber hose pipe (2D0 955 962) and a joiner (1J0 955 875 R). The repair kit for the rear wiper is for motors made by Valeo only, 8L0 998 711 £59.20 inc vat
  11. Stonor Park 3rd June

    Its a meet I usually go to, but my GTI is no concours car.
  12. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I think by law they have to carry a fire extinguisher, though I've also seen 'flare' mounts mentioned on ETKA. The wiring may have been messed with as they run a payment-card system for motorway tolls, I'd imagine most will have been wired in from the radio loom as most seem to be mounted in that area in ones I've seen online.
  13. New Member!

    Depends on your definition of 'nice' I suppose. It's ok, but certain parts you don't stray into unless you wear iron underpants. Nice Lupo, you may see me about occasionally too as I'm not far away near Gatwick...
  14. Lock setting with VAG Com

    Is it set to only unlock the drivers door on one press of the remote, then the rest of the car on a second press within 2 seconds of the first? That's how I have mine set on both my Lupo and Up, don't see the need to have the whole car unlocked when its just me getting in!
  15. Lupo GTI xenon bulb replacement

    That bloody bolt on the bumper, who thought that was a good idea? Mine seem a bit dim at the moment, even with new bulbs. Tried good 2nd hand ballasts too, and I have a new headlamp on the ns.