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  1. What Rich said.......
  2. GTI engine guards and sound dampening

    And this is the info for the bonnet damper, shows the GTI and TDI version is different to any other model:
  3. GTI engine guards and sound dampening

    This is what ETKA shows for the GTI undertray, and this is pretty much what mine looks like:
  4. GTI engine guards and sound dampening

    The bonnet damper fitted to a GTI and a 1.4 TDI is the same part but has been obsolete from VW since 2015, it was £92.98 inc vat. I did try one I found on a 1.4 16V Lupo but it was different to the GTI one. The engine undertray is GTI specific and £171.67 inc vat from VW, jokers!
  5. VW CD player

    Have you got a VW changer connected to it? I had a boot-changer in mine with the single cd player and you press the button on the front to switch between the 2.Only works with a VW 6 disc changer though.
  6. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    My 6N polo failed closed, crap design really, GTI design a lot stronger
  7. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    New thermostat and housing, all sorted! Thanks people!
  8. Both are identical to look at so either should work really
  9. Doesn't list as LHD or RHD, can't see there being any difference to be honest!
  10. Brake light switch is still part number 7L6 945 511
  11. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Lovely Lupo! Only thing that bugs me is those number plate caps! White caps on the front in the black letters and yellow in the middle of the rear letters! And I like the red trim on the grille too, have that on mine, just hoping it doesn't fade like the first one I fitted.....
  12. Ha, the place or the phone kit?
  13. Its similar to a Parrot phone kit.... Hopefully this pdf will have loaded up! BURY9068.pdf
  14. LupoGTi Buying Guide on EVO

    The magazine was published last November if I remember correctly, I had a bit of input to it and the section 'I bought one' are what I said! Was also happy to be labelled as a 'Lupo Guru' in the mag too! Oh and guess where all the parts prices came from as well?
  15. Bought a New Lupo

    Very nice! They were 5 speed til around 2001, I've checked and its definitely a 6 speed