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  1. And the bonus of the single-din cd player is that you can add a 6 disc VW changer to it as well!
  2. Nope, just your chassis and the radio serial number, they usually start VWZ......
  3. PM me your vehicle chassis number and the radio serial number and I can get a code for you
  4. Erm... Spigot rings?
  5. G28 sensor is shown as fitting a few engine codes, AVY, ALD, ANV, ARR, AUC & AUD, but ETKA says its a camshaft sensor, not a crankshaft sensor. On my chassis number (2003 GTI) the part number is 030 907 601 E - £38.77 inc vat, VW currently have 126 in the main warehouse, so I guess they're expecting a lot to go wrong! Crankshaft sensor is 030 957 147 L, listed as fitting ALD, AUC, AVY, AUD & ARR - £114.17 inc vat from VW, they only have 3 in the main warehouse though....
  6. 4B0 885 995 01C stupidly priced at £50.40 each inc vat and on factory back order
  7. That's probably the nicest Fox I've ever seen!
  8. Lupo SE alloys so will bolt straight on. Same dimensions as the Sport alloys.
  9. What's the wiring mod on the rear bulb holder for? I love this GTI, really wish mine looked like this, clean, slammed and tastefully modded!
  10. Oh perhaps it means Manufactures Model Code? This is shown as the sales code, yours is 6X1094
  11. This was originally a UK vehicle. I'm not sure what you mean by MM code though?
  12. I hope this helps!