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  1. 6X3 800 701 B is now obsolete but was £5449.48 inc vat!
  2. July broadcast
  3. Completely new model coming out, only in 5 door variants too, no more 3 door Polos....
  4. In a word, expensive! I work as a parts advisor for a main dealer so I see this everyday. Its not just the expense either, its availability. A lot of parts for Lupos are becoming obsolete now so are tricky to find. But prices for your examples above are as follows: AVY Engine - Short Block - Obsolete from VW now but was £1541.03 inc vat exchange (so would carry a surcharge on top of that!) Then you have to buy the cylinder head, £899.63 inc vat + surcharge. GTI doors - £892.80 inc vat each. These have shot-up from around £650 about 12 months ago! Why VW? Why!? GTI wing - £433.68 inc vat GTI Tailgate - £662.60 inc vat (without the spoiler!) The spoiler is £323.58 inc vat!
  5. I got some from a Mk4 Golf down a breakers yard to fit on mine, not gotten round to it yet though. As others have said, they didn't come with carpet on there, just black metal.
  6. We had a VW announcement on our internal VW Hub website from the VW UK Director and VW UK Head Of Marketing, stating timelines for all the models being released this year. All dates shown are when they open for ordering:
  7. Just heard through the VW grapevine that the Up! GTI opens for UK ordering 2nd November and the first ones will be in showrooms by 27th December! Its finally happening! No idea on prices at the moment though.
  8. I tend to look for the simple/obvious first before presuming its a worst case scenario. Unlike my dad, its ALWAYS something expensive when his car goes wrong, and 99% of the time he's wrong! LOL!
  9. Airbag slip ring
  10. I'm pretty sure when my Janspeed was fitted it used all of the oe mounts.
  11. Have you checked the fuses? That would be my next place to check.... GTI's have the Bi-xenon main headlamp, but it doesn't flash when you have the headlights switched off, so they used the inner lamp to house the high beam and the side light. This is the light that flashes when the headlamps are off and you want to let someone go or say thank you by flashing your lights. Its probably to save on wear and load on the xenon ballasts and bulbs. It also helps to keep the Lupo's cheeky/surprised front end!
  12. 02T 301 230 B for FHE 5 Speed box - £159.52 inc vat and on factory back order. 02U 301 230 A for FUT 6 Speed box - £183.90 inc vat and on factory back order. 02U 301 230 C for GPF, GSN & GVX 6 Speed box - £160.09 inc vat a only x1 in the UK.
  13. I know all of the glazing combined saves 3.1kg in weight over a normal Lupo, not sure what the windscreen on its own saves though, but I can say that when you lift a GTI windscreen, it is considerably lighter than a standard windscreen.
  14. The cover on the back of the lamp is held on with a metal clip, unclip that and it will pull away, but not completely as the wiring loom goes through the cover. The bulb is an H3, has a negative wire that comes off the back of the bulb that connects to the negative terminal inside the lamp. The bulb is held in with a spring clip and shouldn't be too hard to remove. As the car owner's bible, the mighty Lord of Haynes says, refitting is the opposite of removal.
  15. Now this is nuts