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  1. VW major new parts prices

    VAG shells are generally made obsolete from when the last car rolls of the production line. The VIN doesn't designate the registration year, there are a few cars that get registered late, so end up with a plate newer than the actual age. If you build a new car you can get it registered after an IVA test, which used to be the SVA.
  2. Torsional Rigidity.

    Yes. I know that. But the original figures are still of interest. Around 20,000Nm/deg is a fairly good figure to start with, but stiffer is better.
  3. Torsional Rigidity.

    Elsewhere I entered a discussion about chassis torsional rigity and the importance and difference it makes to a car. I have figures of 19,800Nm/deg for the Up! which is well touted by VW. I read that the Fox measured 17,941Nm/deg, which sounds pretty good for a car thrown together by VW moonlighters in Brasil. I wonder if anyone has figures for the Lupo? The 6E is supposed to have uncompromised rigity against the 6X, but I can't find actual numbers for either.
  4. Wanted - Any Old Door mirrors.

    Absolutely. I'm all about the manual.
  5. Wanted - Any Old Door mirrors.

    Yeah. Bigger door mirrors are exactly what I want - not. 😁 I can't work out the complex algorithm used between the interior adjustment stick and the mirror itself. I just resort to poking the actual mirror, like the old days.
  6. Wanted - Any Old Door mirrors.

    Hybrid, yes. Golf4? I haven't looked into that option.
  7. Wanted - Any Old Door mirrors.

    I'm looking for a pair of Lupo door mirrors. Condition is not important, as long as the black base part that fixes to the door is in okay condition. The rest can smashed, cracked or broken, it doesn't matter. Hopefully someone has something that would normally be chucked away. Thanks.
  8. The speedo drive is definitely nylon. Check the easier/cheaper stuff first. You can spin the sensor and check for a signal. I've had trouble with a broken connector before, which turned out to be a very cheap fix.
  9. Selector Seal Replacement...

    I've not seen any guides, but I normally just screw a couple of woodscrews into the seal, then pull on the screws, and wiggle the seal out.
  10. Lupo 3L Front Struts

    I'm also thinking if they're 250€, then maybe I should have picked a pair up from Germany, as I was quoted 350€ over here in the UK.
  11. Lupo 3L Front Struts

    There must be something different about the fitment, because I think the 3L front struts are still available from VW, otherwise they would be obsolete like the rears. I've never had them side by side, so I can't think what's different. But the top mounts are the same as an A3.
  12. Exhaust bore for SDI

    I'm currently running just a cat, and it sounds like a tractor. But I'm okay with that.
  13. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    I'm with you. 1000bhp+ has been done on the small port heads anyway. The AGU/AEB isn't all that. Plus DBW has its tuning benefits. I've got a spare AJQ(180/240) dyno'd at 231PS/332Nm and minimal lag on a K03 and ME7. I'm tempted to put it in a Lupo and be done.
  14. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    The AEB is the longitudinal equivalent to the AGU that some like for the big ports, so it the engine mount makes sense in this case.
  15. I ended up getting an old pair of really scabby Caddy seats, which are the same as the Golf mk3. They fit straight in.