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  1. WANTED Lupo GTI

  2. WANTED Lupo GTI

    Looking for a GTI not an issue if a non runner but need something with a solid shell cheers!
  3. lupo bonnet bra

    hardly used car bra £30 delivered
  4. low blue lupo with black badge

    you're always driving towards leek when i'm on my way out of the town going to work. i drive a mk4 golf though
  5. what size are the rear speakers in the gti, assuming the gti has rear speakers as the doorcards have speaker mesh on
  6. stubbys

    ok, well i know that but what i mean is do you need the separate mechanism that holds the mirror.... thats connected to the car. i had stubbys on my old lupo but dont know if the mirror mechanism is the same size. theres no clarification on here
  7. stubbys

    if i have the drivers side stubby mirror cover, stubby glass and the plastic bit that goes under the mirror, will that fit onto the drivers side mirror on a loop gti. cant seem to find anything on the search to see if the actual mechanism that holds the glass will fit a stubby thanks
  8. a13 low

    i was driving to cheadle in a mk5 gt tdi... car looks cool
  9. Silver GTI Hitchin

    heya, yeah that was my fella, theres a meet every other thursday at that pub, come along next time sugar
  10. lupo sport black

    think it lives on shirburn road, i live at the other end i was one of the 2 lupo gti owners down there, looks nice!
  11. silver gti,

    yeah thanks. do you know which one, i can never check it on my own. i bought mine standard, and it seems quite a rarity to get hold of nowadays lol!
  12. silver gti,

    car looks gorgeous! my mum started walking towards yours thinking i'd lowered and put new wheels on it while she was on holiday lol! then she saw me drive past her with my standard ride height lol! i'd have peeped but i dont have a horn!
  13. silver gti

    i give you a flash haha
  14. and yet another bloody disaster....

    sickens me when i see this kinda stuff, hope it can be fixed with minimum hassle i cant see why she would take half the blame unfortunately shes pretty much admitting it, but tryin to get out of a full claim, how badly is her car damaged
  15. GTI alternator

    on the reciept from the garage when i had mine done after it broke on the m1 (fail) it has 90a in the product code. he did tell me that there was an upgraded alternator so i've put 2 and 2 together hope that helps