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  1. twisty b-road

    2016 VW High Up! - Black - £7,300 - East Kent

    ^^^^ that will help the sale along
  2. twisty b-road

    2001 Black GTI 87k

    6 speed is quicker and the quicker you go the bigger the gap Sources: 40+ runs at Santa Pod Laps of the Nurburgring and Brands Hatch Flat out runs on the Autobahn
  3. twisty b-road

    Recaro Seats Custom Trimmed

    I saw a red GTI at Voodoo with these seats a couple of years ago. They lovely.
  4. twisty b-road

    Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    This thread need updates. I missed out on taking a photo of 80085 miles on my latest 5 by 1 mile Balls
  5. twisty b-road

    Anthracite GTi

    No comment Lovely car in safe hands
  6. twisty b-road

    Opinions/Info required on value

    It'll come round to us all eventually, but good luck with your better long term option
  7. twisty b-road

    Opinions/Info required on value

    Is that because of the upcoming diesel scrappage scheme?
  8. twisty b-road

    Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    Love the door cards
  9. twisty b-road

    Anthracite GTi

    Hell yeah! 15th year now!
  10. twisty b-road

    Anthracite GTi

    Missed you getting a GTI. Very nice too!
  11. twisty b-road

    Lupo GTI Turbo conversion

    Alvaro. Cómo estás
  12. twisty b-road

    Lupo GTI Super 1600 ITB (264bhp)

    I'm loving your work
  13. twisty b-road

    Lupo GTI Turbo conversion

  14. twisty b-road

    Lupo GTI article on Pistonheads today

    When I bought mine, the Saxo VTS/106GTi were the main competition at £9995 and £10500 respectively (for a better drivers car) Clio and Mini were a class above the Lupo, in power and price.

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