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  1. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    6 speed is quicker and the quicker you go the bigger the gap Sources: 40+ runs at Santa Pod Laps of the Nurburgring and Brands Hatch Flat out runs on the Autobahn
  2. Recaro Seats Custom Trimmed

    I saw a red GTI at Voodoo with these seats a couple of years ago. They lovely.
  3. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    This thread need updates. I missed out on taking a photo of 80085 miles on my latest 5 by 1 mile Balls
  4. Anthracite GTi

    No comment Lovely car in safe hands
  5. Opinions/Info required on value

    It'll come round to us all eventually, but good luck with your better long term option
  6. Opinions/Info required on value

    Is that because of the upcoming diesel scrappage scheme?
  7. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    Love the door cards
  8. Anthracite GTi

    Hell yeah! 15th year now!
  9. Anthracite GTi

    Missed you getting a GTI. Very nice too!
  10. Lupo GTI Turbo conversion

    Alvaro. Cómo estás
  11. Lupo GTI Super 1600 ITB (264bhp)

    I'm loving your work
  12. Lupo GTI Turbo conversion

  13. Lupo GTI article on Pistonheads today

    When I bought mine, the Saxo VTS/106GTi were the main competition at £9995 and £10500 respectively (for a better drivers car) Clio and Mini were a class above the Lupo, in power and price.
  14. official retirement

    bikini girl handstand picture