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  1. Jackyl

    VW Lupo From Saint-Pete (RUS)

    nice mods. keep up the good job-
  2. thats the problem, not enought space. the space that i have now, between the oil filter and the radiator, is the space of the adaptor, so, no can do. my gti has a OEM oil cooler. something like this:
  3. Ive looked, and didnt find any spot to connect the sensors. under the oil filter i have an oil cooler, so if i put a mocal sandwich, there is no space to remove the oil filter. any sugestions?
  4. Hello. i would like to install 2 gauges, oil temperature and oil pressure. ive searched the forum, and didnt found any info about this. where do i connect the gauges? in the oil filter, there is no space. car: GTi - AVY engine thank you.
  5. Hello. Thanks for the reply. I did what you said. put a light on the wheel arch to see in the engine bay where the light came out. and found the wire. so weird. The cable on the engine side, perfectly cut. the cable on the wheel side (sensor) had the wires like it was previously connect to something. (dont know the english word for it (ready to put some terminals). resuming: Found the cables, attached some terminals and a little bit of wire. connected to the sensor. VAG-COM, erased the errors. All done. Thanks
  6. Hello. huge problem for me... today after fitting the new front suspension (by me), somehow the wiring harness has been "cutted", right next to the "fire wall". i have the wire on my hand, and the rest is inside the fire wall. i can feel it, but cant pull it out. how do i reach the cable to solder? in the engine bay i cant find the cable (must be inside some wall)... now the esp and abs are always on. damn it... in my case is the passenger side (on yours is the driving side) help... thank you.
  7. Jackyl

    Engine Cover Question - Gti

    thank you!
  8. Hello. i have a question My engine cover doesnt look like others ive seen (because of the oil cap) My engine: others the oil cap sits very low on my engine. is it normal? or a piece is missing? Mine doesnt look normal... Thank you (Sorry for the dirty engine. the photo was taken right after i bought it. now its cleaner)
  9. Jackyl

    gti springs

    Hello. They will fit. Some years ago, i bought a set on ebay and installed them on my 1.0 lupo.
  10. Thanks. Ive just went to my local vw dealer, and here are the prices: Electric motor for the windows. 214€ (each) x2 = 428€. Swap to manual: around 100€ each side (75 the system + handles...) x2 = 200€. So, for the price of one electric motor, i get 2 working windows I dont mind roll the window manually, i think i have a winner. Now, i only need someone to install the manual system.
  11. Hello. Is it possible to convert electric window to manual? I only need to buy the manual system, drill a hole to the lever, and that´s it? Im tired of the electric window. The passenger side is stucked closed, and the drivers side, it works one day, the next doesnt... and this is when in the same day it stops working.... very annoying, and very expensive. A new electric motor is around 200€ here in Portugal (OEM). If i convert to manual, it never gets broken again Is it possible, and is it simple? ive searched and found this picture of the door with the manual window. The only difference i see is the piece of the lever. Is there any more differences? Thank you guys!!!
  12. Jackyl

    My Lupo 1.0 Blue Jazz

    I have one problem to solve. My passenger window has fallen... shitty Vw plastic clips... One week after i bought it...
  13. Jackyl


    Hello. Im Pedro, Im from Portugal, and i have a 1.0 Lupo. Ive posted the photos on readers rides.
  14. Jackyl

    Removing Grill

    hello How do i remove the blue "grill". Thats the one surrounding the headlights. The grill with the simbol, has 2 bolts, one on each end. But i dont know how to remove the big blue grill. Thanks
  15. Jackyl

    My Lupo 1.0 Blue Jazz

    Hello. here´s my lupo Its a 1999/06 Vw lupo 1.0 Engine code AHT (has chain instead of belt), i think it´s a skoda engine. He has 13" TSW Razor Rims. And everything else is full stock.

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