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  1. Wanted lupo gti tailgate

    Ok cheers
  2. Wanted lupo gti tailgate

    hi, i am after a lupo gti tailgate, i am based in Lancashire so the closer the better. Please PM if you have anything cheers
  3. i assume there all working? two of mine have seized up
  4. Lupo Gti Head Light

    cheers pal just ordered them
  5. Lupo Gti Head Light

    Which ones should i go for :- Osram Xenarc D2S Philips D2S Xenon Have you got the link please ?
  6. Lupo Gti Head Light

    I have replaced the bulb before, i made sure that the battery was disconnected and the lights were left to discharge for about an hour
  7. Lupo Gti Head Light

    Are this the correct ones? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OSRAM-D2S-NIGHTBREAKER-UNLIMITED-HID-VW-LUPO-6X1-6E1-1-6-GTI-09-00-07-05-/161176280071?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2586dadc07
  8. Lupo Gti Head Light

    Hi, Happy New Year!!!! Does anybody know where i can buy the xenon headlight bulbs from? My drivers side one just flickers then goes off Cheers
  9. Lupo Gti Leaking Water

    Cheers, i think / hope its the o ring number 7
  10. Lupo Gti Leaking Water

  11. Lupo Gti Leaking Water

    Hi Guys, My lupo GTi is leaking water and i think its leaking from this (photo below). does anybody know what this part is??? its located just below the inlet manifold
  12. Lupo Gti - ABS

    Also just noticed that all the paint is coming off the N/S Brake must be getting to hot
  13. Lupo Gti - ABS

    Hi, When I'm braking and coming to a stop the abs kicks in, then when setting off the front n/s brake sticks on and then releases 😁 I've stripped the brakes down cleaned them. The only thing I can think of is the abs sensor but would this make the n/s front brake stick? Cheers