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    Lupo GTI 2001
  1. Wanted lupo gti tailgate

    Ok cheers
  2. Wanted lupo gti tailgate

    hi, i am after a lupo gti tailgate, i am based in Lancashire so the closer the better. Please PM if you have anything cheers
  3. i assume there all working? two of mine have seized up
  4. Have you still got the calipers for sale?
  5. Lupo Gti Head Light

    cheers pal just ordered them
  6. Lupo Gti Head Light

    Which ones should i go for :- Osram Xenarc D2S Philips D2S Xenon Have you got the link please ?
  7. Lupo Gti Head Light

    I have replaced the bulb before, i made sure that the battery was disconnected and the lights were left to discharge for about an hour
  8. Lupo Gti Head Light

    Are this the correct ones? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OSRAM-D2S-NIGHTBREAKER-UNLIMITED-HID-VW-LUPO-6X1-6E1-1-6-GTI-09-00-07-05-/161176280071?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2586dadc07
  9. Lupo Gti Head Light

    Hi, Happy New Year!!!! Does anybody know where i can buy the xenon headlight bulbs from? My drivers side one just flickers then goes off Cheers
  10. Lupo Gti Leaking Water

    Cheers, i think / hope its the o ring number 7
  11. Lupo Gti Leaking Water

  12. Lupo Gti Leaking Water

    Hi Guys, My lupo GTi is leaking water and i think its leaking from this (photo below). does anybody know what this part is??? its located just below the inlet manifold
  13. Lupo Gti - ABS

    Also just noticed that all the paint is coming off the N/S Brake must be getting to hot
  14. Lupo Gti - ABS

    Hi, When I'm braking and coming to a stop the abs kicks in, then when setting off the front n/s brake sticks on and then releases 😁 I've stripped the brakes down cleaned them. The only thing I can think of is the abs sensor but would this make the n/s front brake stick? Cheers