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  1. bobbo

    Momo Team 280 with boss

    As titled, for sale is my Momo Team 280 with big spline boss so it'll fit straight onto a Lupo Very good condition overall, horn push has a crack in it and the bolts are a bit grubby but other than that its near mint. £110 picked up from Huddersfield. Can arrange postage at additional cost.
  2. bobbo

    rear wheels rubbing on wells (GTI)

    Do you know whether this has been modified in the past? Kind of looks like a mk4 Golf/Bora that's had some centering plates installed and then put back to stock height....
  3. bobbo

    Lupo engine rebuild - any ideas?

    Just drop a Polo Gti lump into it and save yourself a LOT of money!
  4. bobbo

    Lupo first car??

    You wont 'chip' a 1.4 75 up to 100 without plenty of other additional work I've had a 1.4 (75) and a GTI and if I were to have another I'd just get a 1.0 and concentrate on suspension and wheels
  5. bobbo

    Momo Team 280

    Aye, full leather mate
  6. bobbo

    Momo Team 280

    Price drop, as ad says, also open to offers
  7. bobbo

    Momo Team 280

    Momo Team 280 for sale, came with my Corrado which its just way too small for. No boss or horn push Brilliant condition, almost like new £80 posted, open to offers - Collection can also be organised from Huddersfield
  8. bobbo

    Lowering on 13's

    Actually, they will fit as they come in 4x101 which with wobble bolts will fit a breeze! Having had a few Lupo's with varying wheels, 13's, 14's and 15's, I wouldn't look at fitting anything other than a 15. Actually, if i were to have another i'd just drop it on a set of decent coils with some G60's/Bullet steels.
  9. bobbo

    How 8" width wheels fit on 1.4tdi lupo?

    Not my car but these are 15x8 et25 all round running 195/45's. With these tyres you'll need to roll your arches and possibly run a bit of camber on the rear if running really low. Alternatively, you could drop to a 185/45!
  10. bobbo


    Mk4 Recaro's transformed the driving position in my old Lupo's, as 1.0se said you need to get a bit lairy with the grinder but do it right and they fit fine. Thinking about it, it was one of my favourite mods and if I were to have another Loop it'd be the first thing I do!
  11. bobbo

    1.4s to sport conversion

    Two possibly helpful threads http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/73469-6n2-gti-conversion-help/ http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/63615-6n2-polo-gti-engine-in-a-sport/page-2
  12. bobbo

    1.4s to sport conversion

    Quite a few people have put the 6n2 Polo Gti engine into Lupo's, the engine is essentially the same as the Lupo GTI but with a 5 speed box. The most difficult thing would be the wiring but even that isn't too difficult as far as I'm aware. Its not something I've looked into in depth myself but I'm sure if you dig about you'll find all the info you need. AP's are pretty good, had a set on my old Gti, bit soft for my liking but different people like different set ups. My mate runs them on his Corrado and loves them! For £200 you cant go wrong either!
  13. bobbo

    1.4s to sport conversion

    Looked into this waaaay back when I had a 1.4 and it'd just be a huge waste of money for only 25bhp. Either drop a Polo Gti lump in it or spend your money on a really good set of coilovers, set them up well with some good tyres and you'll have more fun in the corners than 25bhp could ever give you!
  14. bobbo

    13X7 Wheels

    Well, what is currently indicated at 70mph will be indicated at 11% above that with the 13's, so what used to show as 70mph will show as 77.7mph. Not insignificant IMO.

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