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  1. It's not a Lupo but I have a Polo TDI that I'm selling. It worked out cheaper annually to buy, insure, tax and fuel than just putting fuel in my M3. Plus kept miles of the M3, it's not much fun in traffic. Its a TDI so cheap to insure. £45 get you 600 miles or 700 if you try hard. It's only £30 a year to tax. It just been MOT'd a few weeks ago. So plenty of MOT left on it. Also has some GTi bits including grilles, fogs, splitter, bumper with washers, xenons, brakes, seats, clocks with correct mileage, just recently had new tyres and cam belt is fairly new too. It's never let me down. I did need a car to drive to work and back but now I work within walking distance from work there is not point in owning it. Drop me a message if you're interested. I'm only after £675 for it. 0738 727 3999.
  2. heartagram


    I have one. Best bet is going to be to text me cause I don't come on much anymore.. 0738 727 3999
  3. heartagram

    Nominations: Car to look out for in 2015

    Someone should look out for mine.
  4. heartagram

    Lupo Sport Blog - Last Update - 26/11/2012

    IT MOVED! .... onto a trailer and into the garage in my new house. Maybe next year...
  5. heartagram

    Just bought!

    50s are always a bad move.
  6. heartagram

    Time of year again

    S2000 is a good choice. Always fancied one but I don't think its legal or socially acceptable to put a child in the boot of a car.
  7. heartagram

    How many ups, mii's and citigos have been sold?

    My local dealership is top for selling Up!
  8. heartagram

    LED Sightlights

    Always a pain in the arse finding bulbs.
  9. heartagram

    3L Front

    Making the standard wings fit is less laborious than making new sill sections! And yes you need bumper guides.
  10. heartagram

    Where to band my steels?

    So you want to take wheels that fit. Make them into wheels that don't fit. Then try and make them fit?
  11. heartagram

    Orange Indicators??-Opinions

  12. heartagram

    Time of year again

    Hartage H50 E46? Essentially a E46 with a E39 M5 motor. E60 M5 is nice if you can accept 10MPG.
  13. heartagram

    Orange Indicators??-Opinions

    Good effort but wrong blue.
  14. heartagram

    Wheel rubbing on arch

    Well thats because I mixed two sentences together. It started off as "Also you can't hire a car" but you can hire a car. It just wouldn't mean what he wanted it to mean. So Then it was supposed to be 'highering' isn't a word. But it ended up being both.
  15. heartagram

    Lupo Sport Blog - Last Update - 26/11/2012

    Cats do like sleeping on it. Today is sunny, today maybe the day.... (probably won't).

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