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  1. As long as they sand and prepare it properly I don't see why it couldn't be repainted. If you have condensation / some LED's not working on the third brake light, make sure you get a new one fitted while you're at it
  2. Blue Loop

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Could be worse. At least it hasn't been cut up and then put up for sale.
  3. Blue Loop

    Factory Workshop Manual

    I'll happily contribute as well
  4. Blue Loop

    Lupo Gti engine -spares or repair

    Are you hoarding engines now, Rich?
  5. Blue Loop

    Tornado/ Flash. Red ?

    03 should be Tornado if I'm not mistaken. But to be sure do as Rich says, check the sticker in the boot
  6. Blue Loop

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Welcome! That looks nice and standard. Don't worry too much about aircon, been there done that (in Spain) and I'm still alive
  7. Blue Loop

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Keep the original GTi one as is. Retrim a cheaper plastic one.
  8. Blue Loop

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    Nice looking car. Xenons are not "top-spec" as those were standard on all markets
  9. Blue Loop

    Hi from Plymouth

    Nice car! Welcome along
  10. Blue Loop

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Nice car! I do like the original steering wheel.
  11. Blue Loop

    Hello from Sheffield

    Typical juddering from ignition, it happens to all sooner or later. Welcome
  12. Blue Loop

    Tasteful in Walmer

    Lowered too!
  13. Blue Loop

    Japanese Service History

    Don't forget to do the waterpump while the cambelt is being done.
  14. Blue Loop

    Sorting the new Loop

    I'm not sure I'd pay nearly 3x the price for a Bosch one. I'd go for a new one from a cheaper brand
  15. Blue Loop

    Sorting the new Loop

    Good job on keeping it alive Is there a huge difference in price between a cheap new starter motor and a reconditioned one?
  16. Blue Loop


    Welcome! They are usually reliable so yours has probably been fiddled with in the past... I'm sure it will be running like a dream in no time!
  17. Blue Loop

    Lupo Gti MSW Alloy Wheels

    That looks very nice. Congrats on the buy and good idea leaving the Bathursts on
  18. Blue Loop

    CL Stickers

    Those were the old days
  19. Do contract. Go to the ADAC office to buy insurance. Go to the traffic office to get the car registered to your name and your temporary car numberplates. Pay the (now) previous owner. You're on your way. Get the seller to help you. PS. No need to forget about modifying cars in Switzerland. As long as all the parts installed are approved and legal, it's actually a piece of cake. Spain is a bit of a pain in the ass actually.
  20. Blue Loop

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Car's looking very nice, I bet it rides perfectly on the Bilstein's Also the silver one looks very well kept too, good job! There's not much more to do to your car anymore, is there?
  21. Blue Loop

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Car's looking good! Plus sensible lows are always a good thing Standard exhaust or going aftermarket?
  22. Blue Loop

    Anthracite GTi

    So I guess it's time I become a member of the "More than one Lupo owners' club" I had been looking at GTi's for a while. After seeing a few dogs and meeting some dodgy owners, this little fella came up. I had to travel 700kms to get it, but it was worth it. At first, some people could be scared of buying this car, after all it has 100k and I'm the 5th owner. On the other hand, it ticks lots of boxes for me: - Anthracite Grey - Red interior - Climate control - Heated seats - Completely standard (even with the Beta Radio and in-dash CD changer) - Full service history It includes lots of new parts changed recently, such as a refurbished gearbox from VW, new xenons, new OEM suspension, new OEM exhaust system... All in all, a very well kept car. It even included Cambridge rear lights and a Polo rear wiper, a couple of things I won't have to buy! I will let the pictures do the talking... This was they day I went to see and test drive the car, a deal was struck and I would be coming back in two weeks' time to get it The day I went to get it, with the German provisional number plates (nice sunny day in Northern Germany!) Nearly home, after the trip back through the Autobahn And finally... Home! Thanks for looking!
  23. Blue Loop

    Anthracite GTi

    Update time. Winter months are usually quiet with not much happening to the Lupo. The most interesting thing that happened this winter is that the car passed it's MoT with flying colours. Gave it a good clean (mandatory over here) before and a couple of the officials commented on how good it looked. For a few months the car has been showing an intermittent EPC light on the dash. Turns out the brake pedal switch was toast even if the brake lights still worked. It was changed. Apart from that, if the car was standing for a few days it would judder around 2000rpm when accelerating which really spoilt the driving. Spark plugs were changed last year, so it couldn't be that, still ignition related. A couple of HT leads and two connectors in the coilpack had corrosion. All 4 HT leads were changed along the coilpack for new OEM items. ^ Thanks to Rich for whatsapp help and to Jon for providing the tools for the jobs So now it's all nice and pretty to be driven during the summer
  24. Blue Loop

    Greetings from the Canada!

    There are, but it's not the same car. The car sold as "Lupo" in Mexico is what in Europe was called "Fox", a completely different model. Lupos were only sold in Europe and some Asian markets like Japan or Taiwan.
  25. Blue Loop

    1.7sdi 2004 Lupo breaking 84k miles

    Pictures would help