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  1. Blue Loop

    Now that's a colour . . .

    Some Lupo Cup cars were painted Fantasia Green
  2. As long as they sand and prepare it properly I don't see why it couldn't be repainted. If you have condensation / some LED's not working on the third brake light, make sure you get a new one fitted while you're at it
  3. Blue Loop

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Could be worse. At least it hasn't been cut up and then put up for sale.
  4. Blue Loop

    Factory Workshop Manual

    I'll happily contribute as well
  5. Blue Loop

    Lupo Gti engine -spares or repair

    Are you hoarding engines now, Rich?
  6. Blue Loop

    Tornado/ Flash. Red ?

    03 should be Tornado if I'm not mistaken. But to be sure do as Rich says, check the sticker in the boot
  7. Blue Loop

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Welcome! That looks nice and standard. Don't worry too much about aircon, been there done that (in Spain) and I'm still alive
  8. Blue Loop

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Keep the original GTi one as is. Retrim a cheaper plastic one.
  9. Blue Loop

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    Nice looking car. Xenons are not "top-spec" as those were standard on all markets
  10. Blue Loop

    Hi from Plymouth

    Nice car! Welcome along
  11. Blue Loop

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Nice car! I do like the original steering wheel.
  12. Blue Loop

    Hello from Sheffield

    Typical juddering from ignition, it happens to all sooner or later. Welcome
  13. Blue Loop

    Tasteful in Walmer

    Lowered too!
  14. Blue Loop

    Japanese Service History

    Don't forget to do the waterpump while the cambelt is being done.
  15. Blue Loop

    Sorting the new Loop

    I'm not sure I'd pay nearly 3x the price for a Bosch one. I'd go for a new one from a cheaper brand

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