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  1. Interesting project, but I agree with Rich here.
  2. ^ Too cool
  3. TDi is the best all rounder, really.
  4. SDi + GTi is the way forward
  5. Welcome to the club
  6. Needs a purge.
  7. Go on!
  8. Didn't you get automatic Lupo's in the UK? That's the same engine as in the 1.4 16v 75bhp. 1.4 8v 60bhp were never offered as automatics AFAIK
  9. Looks very nice on the new wheels!
  10. Good work taking care of it
  11. Nice! Didn't know you found some red doorcards in the end!
  12. It's starting to look like a car again!
  13. In Spain: Blue and charcoal is for the "Conceptline" models (I think it was called E in the UK). Blue and grey is for the "Trendline" models (S in the UK?) So those blue doorcards are standard when the interior is light grey and blue. My SDi has the other seats with charcoal doorcards
  14. They are! Yours are the wrong way around, to drive on the wrong side of the road and have no glovebox and all