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  1. Text on rear window

    Please don't go offtopic guys. This is a serious matter.
  2. The jazz blue sport

    Refitting the interior? Seats are really easy to change, 30' job tops. The carpet and all the other plastics will be a bit more, but not difficult at all.
  3. The jazz blue sport

    They're made of perforated leather on SE models if I'm not mistaken. A GTi interior with black plastics would suit the car
  4. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    I bet! Spanish VW press GTi's are very easy to spot. They were all specced the same way (flash red, no options, red interior) and had successive number plates
  5. Jamie's black GTI

    New wheels look great! As does the exhaust (wish I could make it legal over here ).
  6. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    I hadn't noticed that. I doesn't look like it has aluminium doors, no...
  7. Anthracite GTi

    Thanks guys, glad you like it I'm pretty happy with the way the GTi is looking at the moment. I did toy with the idea of fitting a stubby mirror, but I'd rather leave it as original as possible Might give the brake calipers a lick of paint when the winter wheels go on...
  8. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    How do you know where the cars were built, is it because of the red i's on the badges? I always thought those L*UPO number plates looked really cool
  9. vw lupo 1.0 e mpi manfold

    Hello and welcome. I notice you've opened two topics on the same subforum for the same thing. With an hour difference between them. THIS here would be the appropriate subforum in which to open a topic such as this. Good luck.
  10. pete for mod.

    Nothing special, just the standard 1.4 with 70bhp.
  11. pete for mod.

    There was over here
  12. pete for mod.

    Make sure it's the TDi. Always the best long term option
  13. pete for mod.

    To be honest, I don't like the idea of diversifying. I don't really know why the Fox is even included here. Arosas are fine as they are the same model basically (although dirty, eh Rich). Soon these cars will start being considered "classic" or at least valued, and people will come here again. Less stance / cutting them up and more OEM / preservation. Which will be good
  14. Cheers from Italy

    Hello and welcome!
  15. Anthracite GTi

    You love it. Apart from a sunroof (have I ever mentioned that before? ) it's exactly as I would have bought it had I had the money when they were on sale. Safe to say I'm well chuffed of the way the car looks right now. Not much left to do to it now apart from enjoying and taking care of it. Speaking of which, I gave it a clean today and took some pictures so Rich can enjoy how rapey it is. There