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  1. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Yours should have the 1.6 16v logo as well on the engine cover. Mine's a 2002 car too, October built.
  2. Options for GTI tyres

    Factory was 205/45 Rich Can't believe you need correcting in this
  3. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Nice one! I have an older GTi so mine says 1.6 16v on the engine cover
  4. Lupo Gti from Germany

    Because they are
  5. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    We need to see the whole car!
  6. New gti owner norwich

    Welcome! Check on a couple Facebook groups, lot's of parts come up for sale quite often.
  7. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Those always look good. AFAIK apart from the centre rings, there's not another thing you'd need! Get them on and put up some pictures
  8. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    ^ What he said. Some people have been hoarding them for years
  9. When I did it I took the whole upper door panel off. Just make sure you buy a few new clips as some will invitably break.
  10. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    Hi and welcome! Good thing to get the Bathursts on again
  11. Good to know! Just electrics to sort out now?
  12. GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    Good to know! And glad companies are making parts for the GTi's
  13. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    From what I've seen it's quite thorough. Good job guys
  14. The jazz blue sport

    Good progress there Give us some pictures of the Mini!
  15. Text on rear window

    Please don't go offtopic guys. This is a serious matter.