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  1. L11PVW

    Welcome Be sure to keep us posted with the PD swap!
  2. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I just have a Lupo catalogue + OEM accessories catalogue. And a couple of miniature models.
  3. Honest price advice / valuation please...

    100bhp models didn't come with pop outs Agree that those in the know go for SDi's as that's superior to everything else.
  4. Vw UP Gti News

    How does it compare to the Lupo GTi? According to the latest Top Gear test drive it's less "hardcore" than the Lupo. If you could really define the Lupo GTi as hardocre that is...
  5. 2005 Red Gti - Tornado or Flash Red?

    No worries
  6. 2005 Red Gti - Tornado or Flash Red?

    Tornado Red.
  7. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all
  8. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    It's one of those things to break the windscreen if you're involved in an accident, isn't it? Never seen it in a European Lupo GTi before.
  9. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I agree with Rich, it's actually good for resale value. Only "downside" is that you won't find a blue or anthracite one. And as you say, it's really complicated to find a good one in a rare colour these days...
  10. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Best colour for a Lupo GTi Why are you concerned about an imported car? Just take a good look at it (as you would do with any second hand car) and if all is good just buy and enjoy!
  11. Not at all really. People here have two sets of tyres / wheels and they use that. Maybe if you go to the mountains you might need chains, but 99% of the time you'll be fine without (on winter tyres tho )
  12. Give me a light car over a heavy one for snowy / icy roads anytime
  13. I've done longer trips than that in a Lupo and it's perfectly doable. I even find it to be quite comfortable
  14. 14" steel wheels on 185/55/14's is the way forward
  15. Jamie's black GTI

    Take them bothto a garage to do the exhaust swap. I wouldn't let it go like that if I were you