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  1. You were too slow
  2. Perfectly explained and congrats on the buy! Tell us more about mileage and spec
  3. People are all wanting to buy GTi's these days. SDi's will be rarer in the future hence it's the smart choice.
  4. Only on the early ones!
  5. It's sure come a long way since you've had it! What can I say, I think it looks just perfect, but I am biased with those wheels... Hopefully mine will be looking very similar in a few weeks' time Any further plans for it?
  6. I went for KW V1's last year and can't fault them really. Whatever you do, be sure to buy a good kit (springs and dampers) before wasting money on cheap (and bad quality) coilovers.
  7. Don't be mistaken, basically all the money goes to Germany. The only thing staying in Spain are the workers' wages.
  8. There as in Spain you mean? You can also buy a Polo, they are also made in Spain Belgians are Mexican now?
  9. I should update this more often, it's been nearly 6 months since last time The 15th of May marked the 2nd year of ownership of the car, and I sometimes wonder why I didn't buy one of these earlier... So far and since my last update, the car has had a very small service, new spark plugs and cleaning of the leads alongside a new air filter. I'm waiting to do the oil service, having already bough the filter and the oil. After having to jumpstart the car a couple of times, it turned out the old battery was dead. I tried doing a whole charging cycle on it which didn't work at all, so in the end I had to buy a new battery . As for changes, I bought and installed a Gamma radio as the plan is to fit 8 speakers this summer. And yes, I know these were standard in the UK And now a couple pictures of a little drive I did this morning:
  10. Tell Donald
  11. My car is stock (bar the coilovers) and will also stay that way. Interested in getting a few parts for the future as selling is not on the cards.
  12. We should build a wall around them.
  13. Interesting project, but I agree with Rich here.