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  1. deeplupo

    Pop Out Windows

    I have a set for sale if interested
  2. Good Afternoon Lads and Lasses, I have for sale a pair of pop out windows for a lupo or arosa. A cost effective and very smart mod if you dont have these. 2x Windows 2x rubbers 2x pillar covers All bolts Looking for £45 Collected from Bedford. 07590 Nine 91310 All Clips in place. 07Five 90991three10
  3. deeplupo

    Lupo indicator grill

  4. deeplupo

    Lupo indicator grill

    Title: Genuine OEM Lupo indicator grill in Blue Description: I have for sale my indicator grill. This is in relatively good condition however it does have one of the lower tabs snapped (no difference to its fitment) and the torch screw for indicator has snapped it. Relatively easy job and I will try and drill it out of I get the time. Location: Bedford Postage: collection preferred Price: £30
  5. deeplupo

    Rear windows

    I was under the impression they all had holes for them. They are just under the Trim. So you can buy and fit a set regardless of whether you have them originally.
  6. I have a couple of replacement cupholders and 1 cointray left if anyone wants one. I also have a load of parts if people need their repaired. Regards
  7. deeplupo

    Lupo 1.0 breaking this weekend

    Breaking one of these at the weekend, completely standard Let me know if you need any parts. c Usually better to text me on 07590 99131Zero as I struggle to get on here all over the time. Regards
  8. deeplupo

    Hi all from Spain

    Welcome mate, Get some pictures up.
  9. deeplupo

    It's been ten years...

    Wow 10 years....Ive had over 35 cars in the last 10 years I just get so bored.. Congrats mate.
  10. I have one cupholder left so you can replace your cointray. I also have springs and gears to repair broken units. Just give me a shout
  11. deeplupo

    TDi engine / turbo parts / Ally Sump

    Also interested in the mirror. Tried PMing yesterday but you cant receive any
  12. Im getting rid of alot of my old Cupholder bits. Bits can be used to repair broken cupholders, fit new ones if you dont have them or just replace a cassette if yours is broken. I have: DIN Cupholders to fit under your stereo. Lupo Cupholders that fit under the Dash 6 individual cassettes Let me know what you need. 0759 Zero991310
  13. deeplupo

    Lupo cupholders

    £19 delivered

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