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  1. RAB

    Lupo 3L TDI

    All 3L's are fully automatic, or semi-automatic! RAB
  2. RAB

    Lupo 3L rear springs

    3L springs are not the same as stock Lupos. RAB
  3. RAB

    Lupo 3L TDI

    Why would they consider it a manual when it has no clutch pedal? It is fully automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the position of the gear stick. A manual it is NOT! RAB
  4. RAB

    Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    But the 3L had an electric steering option (without Stop/Start). If you didn't want Stop/start, wasn't that an option? Or the A2 1.2Tdi, which did have hydraulic steering and Stop/start? RAB
  5. RAB

    Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    By Servo, do you mean power steering or brake servo? There certainly is a brake servo and also an electric power steering option on later models. With P/S there was no stop/start. Nothing to do with ECO. RAB
  6. RAB

    Japanese LUPO GTI's

    If anyone's wondering, there is a requirement in Japan to replace (with new) the engine and gearbox of a car every ten years, regardless of condition. It's purpose, I suspect, is to assist the Japanese car industry! So the Japanese rarely own a car for more than 10 years. RAB
  7. RAB

    Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    You have probably worked this out by now, but you need a new accumulator. Un-plug the hydraulic station electrically and with a 24mm spanner, unscrew the accumulator 1/2 a turn. Check the fluid level in the reservoir, the level should be inside the rectangle. Top up with VW steering hydraulic oil. Then change the accumulator. Re-connect the hydraulic station and that's it. RAB
  8. RAB

    T Charge

    The emission values are on the vehicle's CoC and there's nothing you can do to change them. Lupo 3L's and FSi's do meet the requirement. The T-charge Checker does not work too well at the moment; I have complained to my MP and he is taking the matter up with Mr Khan. RAB
  9. RAB

    Congestion Charge changes in London

    Lupo 3L's meet the standard. Only tested to Euro 3 but meet the Euro 4 standard. My wife's 1999 3L is probably the oldest qualifier! RAB
  10. RAB

    Lupo GTI Engine Details...

    German Wikipedia clarifies the production issue. Production of the GTi was switched to Brussels in 2003 but the 3L was always built in Wolfsburg, up until the end of production in 2005. This probably had something to do with the 3L sharing only about 20% of parts with a 'standard' Lupo although it shared the body shell with the GTi and the FSi. The FSi was also never built in Brussels; production ceased in 2003. RAB
  11. RAB

    Lupo 3L Steering

    The Audi equivalent of the 3L, the A2 1.2Td does have hydraulic power steering and Stop/Start. There probably wasn't room for this on the Lupo. The absence of Stop/Start on the Lupo 3L with PAS is probably due to the unacceptable simultaneous drain on the battery of starting and operating the power steering motor. RAB
  12. RAB

    Lupo 3L question :)

    Hydraulic engine mount? I don't think so! RAB
  13. RAB

    Lupo 3L question :)

    To test the accumulator, with ignition on and engine off, see how many gear changes in tiptronic mode you can make before the pump restarts. It should be at least two and can be up to seven. If less than two, change the accumulator, otherwise you risk not making a full change and damaging the gearbox. The point at which gear changes are made is influenced by the accelerator position. The less accelerator the sooner (in terms of revs) the change up. It's best not to give "advice" if you don't know much about the subject. RAB