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  1. Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

  2. Lowering problems

    de cating isnt really the answer to this! haha
  3. Colin/ Casper hybrid.... Fizo's version

    I'm watching
  4. Lupo GTI - Bad Low.

    look at you go! looks good man! i wouldnt have had it quite as recessed as this, but looks really tidy!
  5. Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

    no, planning on putting it all back in, but theres lots to do before that stage haha
  6. Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

    the game is on! this thing is coming back! Interior has been stripped down. clear canvas, clear mind. 'Test' wheels have been collected and plans are being put into place! WATCH THIS SPACE!
  7. not very bouncy is it...?
  8. Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

    Rich, it's not worth the effort to weigh it in may aswell keep it and make use of it.
  9. Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

    it is a little sad dude! haha gutted i missed ya! I ****ing love the ferry boat inn hahahaha
  10. (FOR SALE) Project Red Baron (L88 LRT) Track/fast road influenced GTI

  11. Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

    ok so... long time no post! things have been up and down over the last year, bought and sold a few things, including the L30 PUL and an Audi ALLROAD and now my gti has also left us! this however means that all my time can be concentrated on Oscar! I have big plans but with big plans come big money and big reliance on friends, so what gets done will depend on those 2 factors haha! Watch this space
  12. Lupo GTI - Bad Low.

    looks as lovely as ever
  13. Baby Bender - Lupo 1.0

    colour and wheel combo looks spot on
  14. The brown beastie updated 31/03/09

    ... a wild micky appears... see how he pouts his bottom lip to attract a mate
  15. NOMINATIONS: Joker of the Year 2013

    Rich is a terrible liar