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  1. Red Lowered Lupo - Leighton Buzzard Bypass

    I have a flash red GTI. There's another red one on the main road in Bierton.
  2. Red Lowered Lupo - Leighton Buzzard Bypass

    I'm from Aylesbury too! What colour is your Lupo?
  3. URGENT - car stolen...

    If your friend saw it being loaded onto a truck why didn't he stop? If I saw a mate's car being loaded up I'd stop and see what's going on!
  4. URGENT - car stolen...

    If it was a low loader there's a chance it's company owned and local. Maybe worth checking with those local to you...
  5. URGENT - car stolen...

    No! Foe £500 he'll be paying far more than that in the next few year's premium hikes cos of the claim.
  6. google street view

    Direct Link here
  7. Electric Windows

    Giving the motor a whack also helps. My passenger window keeps sticking and giving the winder motor a good whack sorts it.
  8. iPhone 4.0 opinions??

    As much as I would like an iphone, the HTC Desire looks great and no being dictated to by Apple as to what I do with something I own.
  9. iPhone 4.0 opinions??

    Reports of a prototype new iPhone lost in a bar are all over the 'net. I doubt iAd's will be able to be switched off. Everyone would be doing it if you could, so app devs and advertisers would miss out big time. At the very least there'll be a "skip" option like you get in many flash games, but again I doubt it.
  10. Ethan @ 8380 are doing a custom lupo t-shirt for us

    Yeah I'm in.
  11. As below

    It's gotta come down at some point, so why not create a spoof and put it on the internet for more publicity.
  12. Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    New Macbook Pros are now out. Christ they're expensive! And why has the 13" still got C2D, why no i3 at least?
  13. GYM

    My advice is to consistency and keep it simple at first. Lay out a meal plan and stick to it each day. That way it's simple and consistent. Eating to put on muscle is very different to what most people have been brought with so making sweeping changes in one go is pretty tough. You need to make it a habit, where it becomes second nature.
  14. FAO bjblyth

    A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. I know he's been on recently as his avatar pic has changed.
  15. Alternator...

    I managed to replace mine easily enough. Check for broken wires too, mine were in a bad state.