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  1. BucksVAG (Milton Keynes) Meet

    Where is the Cleaned-UK meet dude?
  2. Hello all, BucksVAG end of the month meet at Morrisons Milton Keynes: Morrisons Supermarket Carpark Barnsdale Drive Westcroft Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK4 4DD Meet starts at 1pm and usually has a good turn out. Hope to see some of you there Luke
  3. anyone got a spair £19.5k??

    Ive had a drive in one when I worked at VWR, Its a very nice and very rare car! I would have one like a shot! (tho I wouldn't pay that asking price, maybe around 15k) But what ever you do don't crash it, You will never be able to replace the body kit as VW Germany sold the remaining panels the VWR UK and I know they only have a couple left, most of the kits have gone on the race cars! I also had to try and order a replacement window winder handle for one! Not a chance as they were specially made and no spares were made! I assume its the same for all the other one off parts on it! By the way there is one RHD RSi in the world! Its was epically converted at owners expense!
  4. Best Arosa of 2010

    Has to be a certian Mk1 for me!
  5. Tattoo Thread

    My first and by no means my last!
  6. Yeah the last one was a major disappointment but this one has to be better!
  7. Hello, all depends on the weather and turn out really, I know most of the members on here go and have lunch in the pub so I'm sure you will be welcome to join us
  8. Last meet of 2010 so lets make it a good one!!! Details below: The meet starts at 2pm, The meet location is: East Lake Park Tongwell Street Fox Milne Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK15 0SB Hope to see some of you there! Luke
  9. VWR Lupo: Mk3 Polo 1.3 CL Coupe

    New Rear lights fitted: More to come soon I hope including some new rims and new suspension
  10. Typ6H - Mk1 Arosa Sport

    Hay Jowey! Just read the first post on this thread! Glad my Arosa was good inspiration for you! Its looking awesome so far mate, really miss mine tho
  11. Milton Keynes meet - At the Harvester!!

    Im there! See you all on Sunday!
  12. 12yan's Smarties Lupo

    Dude, this has to be one of my favorite Lupo's ever as well as your red one! Very jealous!!!
  13. VWR Lupo: Mk3 Polo 1.3 CL Coupe

    These turned up today: Polo GT/G40 smoked lenses,looking forward to fitting them at the weekend
  14. VWR Lupo: Mk3 Polo 1.3 CL Coupe

    Not really!
  15. The Mk2F Polo

    Exactly why I got rid of the Fabia! so may electrical problems!!!!!!! These polos are bacic, not alot to go wrong and I love it!