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  1. Lupo Tom Lupo

    1.4 (75) battery light and PAS gone then back on.

    Hi all, I have ordered both a new ignition relay and ignition switch. I phoned around some breakers and they seemed bemused when I mentioned the ignition relay as if it didn't exist. A couple of other places wanted silly money sadly for such a small cheap little part so I ended up ordering the one I found on eBay. I have also found a way to make the car cut out... If you put the clutch in whilst driving and rev the car to 5k rpm it will then cut out within 30 seconds.. ignition off and on and you're away again no problem, this is the only way I have found to make the car cut out, otherwise it can go for days / weeks without cutting out. Does this point to one component over the other? I am going to replace the ignition relay first as it's the easier part and then try rev'ing the car high (when engine is warmed up) and see if it still cuts out within 30 seconds. If it doesn't it seems we may have our culprit. Let me hear your suggestions on the logic behind why reving the engine would make it cut out not immediately after doing so but within 30 seconds? All I can think is more revs means more voltage sent through the relay resulting in it conking out after being overloaded but I'm purely spitballing outloud. Let me know! Cheers
  2. Lupo Tom Lupo

    1.4 (75) battery light and PAS gone then back on.

    Which top corner? Accelerator for top left corner or clutch for top right corner? Should the ignition switch look like the picture I attached further up or this one?
  3. Lupo Tom Lupo

    1.4 (75) battery light and PAS gone then back on.

    I will check the battery terminals to make sure the connections are tight, haven't done that in a couple of months but there is no corrosion or anything like that. No EML and no fault codes as I had it on a friends fault code reader only last week to be pleasantly surprised that since we bought the car there has been not a single code stored. After checking the battery if all is well I will take your excellent advice on the ignition relay, do you recommend a branded part (like for example important sensors we always buy Bosch or some kind of OEM part) or will anything that's the correct fitment be suitable? I found the following, does this seem correct:? Auto Car Van Boat Immobiliser Alarm Ignition Cut Off Relay 12V 30A Amp 5 Pins £4.35 Delivered seem about right? Is there a guide on accessing the location of the ignition relay or any more tips you can offer other than the ones you've kindly already detailed? "near the fuse box below the steering wheel" Thank you
  4. Lupo Tom Lupo

    1.4 (75) battery light and PAS gone then back on.

    Okay so I've spoked to her and along with these symptoms she said that whilst driving randomly the accelerator pedal would definitely do nothing. I.E. She would be doing 30mph in 3rd gear and then she could put her foot to the floor and it would do nothing and then all of a sudden come back to life... Does this suggest what has been mentioned? I.E. Dodgy ignition switch causing engine to cut out which temporarily disables all functions such as power assisted steering etc?
  5. Lupo Tom Lupo

    1.4 (75) battery light and PAS gone then back on.

    Thank you for the advice fellas, I'll make sure to ask her what the weather conditions were like and try and get a more accurate answer of whether the engine actually cut out and she had to restart it etc. I'll report back what she says late afternoon!
  6. Lupo Tom Lupo

    1.4 (75) battery light and PAS gone then back on.

    That's the thing, she did say she panicked so my suspicion is she probably put her foot on the clutch and pressed the accelerator rather than the brake, I've seen her do that before when panicked... Whilst she wasn't concentrating she likely construe this as the accelerator pedal doing nothing. I mentioned it because it's what she said but I'm not entirely convinced the engine did anything out of the ordinary. Equally, ifI assume it was only the PAS and battery light that occurred you have to assume it's the serp belt which makes no sense when the belt is fine and very tight. Is my hypothesis of the belt or pulley getting a soaking causing it to temporarily slip a possibility or is that a fairly far-fetched scenario?
  7. Hi all, This is my first post and it's long overdue, the wife's Lupo has had a few problems in the past but this one has stumped me. She told me she was driving along when suddenly the power assisting went and the battery light came on, she also said she thought the throttle pedal wasn't responding to her input too and the revs dropped but she said she might have imagined the last symptom as she was panicking but the battery life definitely came on and PAS definitely went. My first thought was evidently the serpentine belt had snapped but when she told me that she turned the engine off and on again and everything back went to normal I knew it couldn't be that, I checked it and the belt is present and VERY tight, it won't budge at all but spins freely when the engine is running. I am yet to ask her if at the time it was raining heavily as all I can guess is it was smashing down and perhaps she drove through a puddle and water splashed up and got all over one of the pulley's or the belt or something as the car has no undertray underneath it (unsure if Lupo's actually come with undertrays). Does anyone have any suggestions because God forbid the next time this happens she's approaching a sharp bend. Thank you all in advance, I'm glad to be here as I love these little cars and I figure that to be quite the compliment as my daily driver is a TT Mk1 with over 400bhp. Can't wait to get on the wife's insurance next year and take it for a drive! Cheers :)!

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