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  1. yeha

    Arosa drivers seat

    I think I have one you are welcome to. It's in Yorkshire.
  2. yeha

    VW Lupo wiper linkage

    The linkage arms are still available from VW. I got mine through TPS - £18.50 each.
  3. It used to be more common in older cars. My mk1 Golf has deformed the plastic in the indicator stalk. Always worth changing the loom to use relays especially if you're using higher wattage bulbs. Most wiring connectors are tin plated. This degrades over time to tin oxide, which is an insulator. Less area for the connection, higher resistance, the hotter it gets.
  4. Just spent some time on Elsawin and realised that you rotate the pot by loosening 2 screws from the clutch pedal side and then rotate the whole pot. For info, it's an m6 screw with a torx head. Don't know the size yet.
  5. I'm a bit closer to solving this. Managed to get the lower wiring connector block thing disconnected and out of the way. I can see the nut on the pot through the fuse box hole but still can't get my big hands to it. I think I can get a ratchet spanner to the nut but how to lock everything whilst I tighten it?
  6. Just powered up my dodgy copy of Elsawin. The subframe is aligned off the rear mounting holes using VW tool T20163A, called a centre guide. I've still got the old subframe so I can create my own version.
  7. I think mine have spent too much time near the sea. Corrosion central.
  8. Tried fitting my TT wheel yesterday. Physically it fits, the problem is that the clockspring for the airbag and horn wiring mounts on the steering wheel rather than the column. I'm sure it can be made to fit by replicating the 3 holes in the wheel. Not sure if the horn will work either as the newer wiring has 2 connections to the wheel whereas the older stuff uses the column to earth the horn.
  9. Febi 38859 is quoted as 332mm long.
  10. yeha

    New Brakes!! Suggestion please.

    Be careful if you don't have ABS. You may over brake the front end. I killed a car ths way.
  11. It will just bolt in but the wiring loom may be slightly different. You may be able to transfer your existing loom across. I've got an Audi TT wheel to fit in mine and I've fitted a similar S6 wheel to my T5.
  12. yeha

    Lowered Practicalities

    Or a plank of wood with a chamfer and a block to stop you rolling off it.
  13. yeha

    Standard suspension..

    You can do it with Bilstein B8's for that sort of money.
  14. Unfortunately I was in the works car park so this wasn't an option. They were such a b'stard to get off too.
  15. I'd had similar thoughts about the lack of adjustment of the rear beam. I do have another Arosa to compare with. I need to weld the captive nuts so I'd like to think it's right before I go too far.

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