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  1. Nayy

    Seat Arosa 1.0 gear box selector seal??

    All done and dusted lads, wow you wasnt taking the piss how hard it was to get out ? all perfect and she is changing well ✌? thanks for all the advice boys ??
  2. Nayy

    Seat Arosa 1.0 gear box selector seal??

    Cheers guys you lot give good info ?? im going to do it with 2 picks and just be carfully.. hopefully it just slides out ✌? easy to do on a arosa tho or not??
  3. Nayy

    Seat Arosa 1.0 gear box selector seal??

    Sweet so im guessing its the same process as a 6n??
  4. Just need a little help on the selector seal if sombody can give me advice that would be great.. so basicly you guessed it ? the out side of my gear box looks terrible with all that oil over it ? i am going to replace the selector seal on friday and i have been researching stuff about it and i have only come across 1 video on how to do it and it was on a polo 6n witch do they have the same gear box as an 1l arosa? Because it looks easy to do if it does? What about getting the old seal out? Some people are saying it was a night mare and others it was easy? I am new to this and im not a mechanic i work in a body shop so ya know ? would be a great help if you boys leave us some advice and tips ???? Nayy??
  5. Nayy

    Gearbox removal

    Hi guys im very new to this but i was wondering about this selector shaft seal :) so i watched a video and the lad who changed his made it look so easy, he just got a flat head and pulled it out then slid his new one on?? So is it not as easy or what cause im gonna try it on friday so wanna know for sure if i can do it or not?? Then im going to change the gear box oil so she is fresh ✌?✌?

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