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  1. Taking your advice there rich never touched a starter motor before in regards to a rebuild, an have to say looks pretty simple to work on. Just got myself a new gas soldering iron recently so at least I got a reason to put it to good use. Bought a oe starter motor to work on from Facebook for 25 and a friend says jcr supplies for parts. Do you know the measurements for brushes or code that the loop gti uses??
  2. Just down where I live haha, been keeping my eyes peeled. Then mine come up on Facebook for a quick sale price. An was down the pub lastnight an a friend said his mate had one he wanted to shift on the cheap. Just sheer coincidence, I'm sure coming across two cheap gti's in 4 days is pretty rare
  3. Well just from euro car parts these are the pricing, i haven't checked the pricing on reconditioned ones yet, But from what I've been told there is not a huge difference. RTX £103.99 Bosch £171.99+£107.99 surcharge Remy £122.99 I can get cheaper though trade, but my friend is not back at the yard until Monday.
  4. Well just been offered another with mot for £500, haven't seen the condition yet an if it's not worth sorting I may break that. Would be a pity but a spare engine an gearbox is always nice
  5. This is what I'm wondering I'm not 100% sure the housing is cracked (brother in law thinks so), possibly a seal has gone due there is coolant blotches on the block but no other signs. I'm not willing to order a whole housing for £113 just in case. I know that the polo housings get pretty fragile with age an worth replacing the whole unit, an I assume the same with loops. With the starter motors I'm stumped what to go with a Bosch or a cheap shitter for half the price, money isn't a problem. But £100 is good money I can spend elsewhere
  6. Right working on the new loop, getting pretty deep and writing up a list of jobs. So the standard roof rust and round the arches getting sorted for £250 all in, so happy there. Then there's the engine... We've got a cracked thermostat housing, so going to the dealer to get a vw one. Then the rocker cover gasket simple enough. But where I'm abit stuck is a new starter motor as the bearings are going on the one I've got. Can anyone recommend a good one new or go for a reconditioned one?? An before people say it's not the best of condition this loop, but I like putting in the work an for £1400 I'm happy
  7. Prole


    How's it going everyone, introducing as now joined the gti masses. Down in the southwest and took the jump on the loop. After years of polo 6n and Audi a4 ownership, decided to go for something that I won't be too tempted to heavily modify, so a clean loop gti it is ?. Fyi the pic is from the previous owner and haven't had the chance to sort the paintwork out yet haha

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