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  1. LupoJay101

    Banded Steels 13x7 and 13x8 tyre

    Looking for a tyre size that would fit both front and rear.. didn't know if 175/50 would fit both not looking for silly stretch either.
  2. LupoJay101

    Suspension question

    Hi all I have a lupo 1.4s that I bought a few weeks ago, it has Coilovers on but the rear adjusters have been taken out. I don't see to much point in buying a whole new set of Coilovers just for rear adjusters so was thinking of just lowering springs on rear with Coilovers up front. My question is as I would like it to sit right I was wondering if anyone has there lowered by 40mm on rear and could possibly measure from the arch to bottom of alloy just to give me an idea if it would sit how I want. Thanks.
  3. LupoJay101

    Rear JOM coilover height adjusters

    After a set of rear coilover adjusters for JOM Coilovers if anybody has any kicking about.
  4. LupoJay101

    Spacer help?!

    Yeah man mine is on Coilovers, with no camber adjustments done as it stands only bought the car a few weeks ago. Yours is looking lovely, I will measure out and have a look, my arches have been rolled so just need to get it to a point where it doesn't catch.
  5. LupoJay101

    Spacer help?!

    They are ET35. I already have them on the car was on them when I bought it not long ago. Yeah I will measure them I just wanted to see if someone had a set of spacers on mainly for pictures haha. Just so I could see what they would look like
  6. LupoJay101

    Spacer help?!

    Hi, I currently have a set of 15x7 alloys with 165/50 15 tyres. Was just looking to fill out the arches about more with the use of spacers. Just wondered if anyone has this set up with spacers and if so what mm would make it sit flush. Thanks.
  7. LupoJay101

    Lupo Suspension.

    Hi, I'm looking for either a set of standard Suspension with lowering springs or either a half decent condition set of Coilovers as mine are totally knackered. I know they are cheap enough to buy but I have more important stuff to buy beforehand so these will be just a stop gap. Hopefully be able to send or be localish for collection. Thanks
  8. Well had everything strip down including all the motor and cleaned and greased every moving part I could see. And so far so good it's now working just need to bolt it all back into the car and try again.
  9. It does just make a single click noise and doesn't try and move the window at all. Worth a strip down then I guess and see what I can find. If not then will that one I have found with a different end letter work in mine?
  10. Hi all new to this forum after just buying my lupo the other week and after a bit of advice on my passenger window motor that's stopped working. I have found a replacement mechanism with motor on eBay and was just wondering if it will fit. My part number is 6X0 837 401A. And the one from eBay is 6X0 837 401E. Mine is a T plate and the eBay one is from a 2004. Was told by the seller that it will work as the E is just a later production number due to years of cars?? thanks

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