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  1. For Sale: Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher Brand new unused boxed. £195 including UK delivery. Retail price for this kit is £265. MT320 The Meguiars dual action polisher comes with a full set of pads, replacement bush set, multi adjustable D handle, wrench and the new 5" backing disc. DBP5 5" Backing Plate Precisely tuned outer edges for ideal disc contouring over flat and curved surfaces featuring a rotation indicator marking that allows the user to recognize backing plate rotation for ideal results. DFC5 - 5" Foam cutting pad Improved foam technology cuts through surface defects with no swirls. The perfect pad for application of compounds and paint cleaners. DFP5 - 5" Foam polishing pad Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface scratches with no swirls. The perfect pad for application of polishes. DFF5 - 5" Foam finishing pad Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface scratches whilst restoring a high gloss finish. The perfect pad for wax application. The MT320 has been completely re designed to bring together the perfect combination of ergonomic design and function. The tool has a wide speed range of 3,000 – 7,500 OPM which allows for faster compounding, superior final polishing and waxing. The all new thumb adjustable speed dial and outer casing have been designed to allow for a more ergonomic feel and smoother buffing experience. The MT320 can be used with ease on all paint types from new to neglected without training and can be used with an extensive range of the Meguiar’s Ultimate range of products.
  2. Now sold - thanks for the interest. Complete new unused owners manual and unstamped service book. All in Wallet folder. Printed 1999. £15 including delivery. Contains the following sections: 1. Service 1.1 Service schedule 1.2 Assistance in Europe 2. Safety first. 2.1 Safety first. 3. How does it work? 3.1 Controls & Equipment 3.2 Tips & Maintenance 3.3 Technical data 3.4 Radio CD operating instructions.
  3. Reg

    Retro fit Pollen Filter

    Many thanks for your help ....
  4. I can't find the very helpful thread giving info on retro fitting a pollen filter, with pics and the part numbers etc. Tried various searches. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?
  5. Hi - Yes the holes are there. I noticed when I took the panel off for another job and that's what made me think about fitting some speakers. Cheers ....
  6. I'm looking at installing rear speakers and understand that I'd need to replace the interior trim panels with GTI ones which have the speaker grilles in them. I peeked into a GTI I saw parked up to but could not see any speaker grilles in the rear panels. Was it just the GTI I saw - or are the speaker grilles not that obvious? If it just a cutout behind the panel, is it possible to modify the standard panels in some way? Thanks Reg
  7. Yes please ! Can you PM me Pete?
  8. Sam, I should take it straight back to where you had it fitted. Surely they can't tell you that it should be like that! Good luck!
  9. Reg

    Central Locking

    Have you now retro fitted your central locking as well Sciroccotune? Cheers
  10. PM'd you Pete.....
  11. Not the German style with the dealer info bit full length but UK style with a just an extra bit at the middle bottom. Does anyone know if these are available from a UK supplier or a VW dealer? (I haven't tried the local dealer yet but wondered if anyone else had before I do). My car was bought from a non VW garage who put new plates with their own info on. I like the "original" look tho'.
  12. Thanks - it sounds the same to me as CD quality - but then I only have the standard HU & speakers.
  13. I wondered if members might be interested in seeing my install of an iPod dock into the coin tray below the CD / Radio units. With the standard Beta or Gamma unit and VW single CD player, the setup will work with or without the CD player. This uses the genuine VW / Apple iPod adapter and the VW CD illumination lead, and leaves all the existing wiring loom uncut and intact should the install need to be removed. With the iPod connected, the head unit does not display track/artist/title information. It is however displayed on the iPod, usually in the glove box where it can’t be seen. Mounting it in the dock means that the track info can be seen, although the iPod still needs to be controlled from the head unit. The iPod dock is wider than the coin tray and needs to be slimmed down by about 4mm each side. I did this with a surform plane and finished with glass paper. It cuts quite easily. Doesn't matter if the sides are a bit rough as they are hidden by the coin tray and help to grip the sides to stop movement. The issue with using the dock to hold the iPod in place is that if the input connector for the iPod is connected via the dock, rather than directly to the iPod, there is no sound output, so the line out dock connector needs to be utilised. I used a 3.5 mm headphone cord and connected the wires into the CD audio output wires from the iPod adapter. Fairly straightforward as the audio wires are shown on the sticker on the head unit. Common to green wire (twist the two outer wires from the headphone cord together). Right channel to yellow wire. Left channel to grey wire. I soldered the joints and covered them with heat shrink tubing. Folded the existing wires from the iPod adapter back and taped them to prevent short circuiting. With the slimmed down dock is placed in the coin tray, I made two holes in the tray and one in the back of the outer shell for the wires to pass through. I did this by heating a screwdriver and melting the holes by touching the hot screwdriver onto the plastic. I taped up the wires to give them some rigidity when the tray is pushed in otherwise they can just kink and fold up. I followed the instructions for connecting the iPod adapter to the cars wiring but used the CD illumination connector so that I didn't need to remove the power pin from the connector in the car. This means that the iPod adapter and the CD illumination is powered without touching any of the car wiring. I fitted the tray back into the holder and ran the wires down into the passenger footwell where I wedged the adapter unit above the foam cover. All the other wiring then fitted behind the Radio and CD. Ensure that the wiring behind the tray runs freely and doesn’t get caught when the tray moves in and out. If using a single CD plug the iPod adapter lead into the CD unit, if no CD plug the iPod adapter into the CD socket in the radio. Hope you may find this useful. (For info. I have now replaced this kit with a VDO Beta/Gamma MP3 CD player which does not support an iPod link and so will be selling the full kit including the dock and coin tray if anyone is interested. All the work done for you!)