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  1. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    That my friend was exactly my reaction when I read it! Mscherryviolet did not disappoint us I see! 😄
  2. Sorry I answered this on your other thread and I can't seem to move it here!
  3. oprn

    Lupo Body Modification

    Rarely ever is a used car sold without a reason. The best you can do is look it over, drive it around and get a mechanic that you trust to have a look at it. The reason it is on the market will often be evident, sometimes the seller will level with you and save you the bother of finding out yourself. Most times (I have only bought 1 new car in my 40+ years of driving and it took 3 years to sort the bugs out of it!!) it is something you won't know about or suspect until it rears it's ugly head down the road later. I have learned that is just part and parcel of car ownership. Some makes and models are known to be bad buys but other than that I just buy one that suits me, looks fairly clean and sort it out as I find things. Oops! This was supposed to go on your other thread! Sorry! To answer your question on this thread, I do like the smaller bumper look but now you need to do the same to the front to balance out the appearance. And yes it would be difficult to maintain the crash integrity of the stock bumper in the downsized version but it would look so much cleaner!
  4. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Thanks, no rush. I don't really need the compressor as this one feels fine and only has 75K on it. I doubt that any used one would be in better shape.
  5. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Is that complete compressors Rich or just the clutch pulley?
  6. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Thanks for that link LR5V! That will be worth checking out for sure. There are complete compressors for sale all over E Bay in the $400 range which is OK but all I really need is the clutch pulley assembly. They are typically listed for around $80. The pictures look right, part number matches but the compressor they say it fits is wrong so I have not pulled the trigger yet.
  7. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yup ten seconds on the trip reset button fixed the oil service notification. Thanks Rich! The EPC thing makes sense. That is in line with my favorite foreign car mechanic's suggestion (who's shop is 16 hours round trip away) to take the throttle body off and clean it out with brake clean. I will look into redirecting the crankcase vent system. Thanks all!
  8. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    That service oil light I assume is something that comes up as a reminder and needs to be reset when the oil has been changed. The oil and filter are fresh but I don't know how that is accomplished.
  9. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Franklin had a surprise for the Missus this morning. He only wanted to idle. Do you suppose he was sending her the message that it's time to hibernate? It was only -20. He was back to normal tonight when I got home...
  10. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    The bearing is not the whole story here. The clutch surface is worn unevenly and down to the rivets. The coil is fried too. You can see in the picture the burnt part and the broken wires sticking out.
  11. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Got it apart. The balls ended up all over the floor. Not much salvageable here! And as usual the part number you gave me I am told is not valid. I contacted my nearest VW dealer, when the parts guy found out it was for a Lupo/Polo he told me they have no access to offshore parts. I reminded him that someone in his dealership was consulted before I bought the car and I was assured by them that there would be no problem getting parts. He said he would get back to me. He phoned me back later saying that VW of Germany will supply parts if I provide proof of ownership, all related import documents including a signed import approval document from my government, proof of registration and insurance. What the *%&#@ do they think this car is? An anti aircraft missile launcher? An artillery battery? A nuclear warhead? Ok I have all that but what business is it of their's? Good grief! Well at this point I am not desperate enough to drive 5 hours round trip to lay out my life's secrets to total strangers. Not such a big deal I suppose but there are a few options left yet before I go that route!
  12. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I did not want to degas the system but it was looking like a long grind to find the bits so we had to take it off to put a short belt on to get the car back on the road. I was looking on line and yes it seems there are lots of sites that list it in lots of different languages, nothing in North America at this point. Hopefully I will get a chance to pull it apart today and see if the clutch is salvageable with a new bearing. You are correct about our weather, it will be 8 months before we will have a need for AC and then only about 2 weeks use at best. The car could stay like this permanently and not really be a problem. Funny thing is all of these Japanese cars have AC which we really don't need here but none of them so far have cruise control which we desperately miss! I suspect that over there if you did find a straight piece of road long enough to use it the traffic would be too dense. Here we have roads that go on from horizon to horizon dead straight with little to no traffic.
  13. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Shorter belt on now and it's on the road. Nothing but dead ends so far on finding replacement bits. I just noticed is says Made in Japan on the name tag. Is it possible that it is unique to that country?
  14. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Interesting! I have seen the odd Audi 100 but never an 80. The Audi 100 engine is what was in the Porsche 924. I had an Audi Fox and other than a few brackets and a different flywheel/clutch it was identical to the Rabbit engine. In fact I have the Fox oil pan and cam with a Dodge Omni crankshaft in a '78 FI Rabbit block in my '76 Rabbit as we speak! If only there was a parts warehouse within reasonable driving distance... or even an old time parts guy that knew what fit what. The modern parts guy is not required to think, just has to punch in numbers and the computer does the thinking.
  15. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yes the Plymouth Horizon and Dodge Omni back in the '70s and early '80s had a 1700cc version of the 1600cc Rabbit engine. All the accessories were Chrysler parts to my knowledge. Is there any interchangeability between this Lupo 1400cc engine and the early Rabbit 1600? I will check into the possibility of a shorter belt to run the charging system until I can find the AC compressor parts. Thanks.

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