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  1. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Here is a story that will be appreciated on this site! Last Sunday I pulled in to fuel up the company truck just as my boss was leaving … in a bright red Mustang! I had no idea he was leaning toward the sportier side of cars so I asked him about it at work later. To make a long story shorter, he got it at a smoking hot price, 1999 35th Anniversary Addition with 72K on it in mint condition. Stored inside all it's life, the old lady that owned it has passes on. I asked him if he was going to keep it. "No, it's much too small. I don't like small cars. I drove it to Hardisty and back the other day and it scared me! What if I hit a deer?" I looked it up on the "net", mid sized car, 3,235 pounds!
  2. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    All I really need is what was called a valet key on our Jettas. It worked in the door and ignition but did not operate the power locks or have a panic button funcion. They told me it still needs to be coded to the ignition.
  3. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Maybe I should just do like Rich and just use the passenger side door lock from the Jetta.
  4. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I have an '04 Jetta TDI wagon here in the yard for parts. Won't work?
  5. oprn

    College Edition?

    That is what I believed too for many many years. Then we started buying cute cars and every female head is turning our way from young to old. Do you suppose that the establishment has hoodwinked us into believing in something that is not real to sell products? Just like us fellows, deep down if we care to admit it or not, prefer the ladies to have a little substance to them not these scrawny anaemic bone racks that the establishment wants us to like! But... there are whole economies based on what we are supposed to like... And have you noticed that the big rugged, square jawed, bearded, hairy, jean jacket with the sleeves ripped off, biker types are almost always alone? 😉 So - the ladies at any age still like cute and us guys at any age still like big ________s! You fill in the blank! It's etched in our DNA.
  6. oprn

    College Edition?

    There must be some sort of story behind these characters. I tried Mr Google but nothing shows up. Some Japanese inside joke? Should it not be in Japanese characters then instead of English? Oh and for your information MS Cherry, I have found out far too late in life that "cute" gets a guy more attention from the fairer sex than macho any day of the week! My son who drove his Porsche 944 to school and couldn't seem to get a Graduation escort/date to save his life took the Buggy to school one day. Within 10 minutes of school being let out there were videos all over social media of a Buggy load of squealing girls, hair blowing in the wind, cruising with him around town! Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that caper. The last one is his sister and some of her friends. Now he wants to trade the 944 for the Lupo! His Mom says no!
  7. oprn

    College Edition?

    Here is the Tim/Tom theme. It appears that Tim is a cat and Tom is a mouse.
  8. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I checked with the closest VW dealer today and they told me they could not get us another key. The reason they gave was the their software for programing the keys only covers North American VWs. They said I would have to go to Japan for my key. Make sense?
  9. oprn

    Something rare in the UK

    Actually that color puts me in mind of the '78 Rabbit Champagne Edition they sold here in Canada. Mostly silver with just a hint of green. Going back and looking again just now the Rabbit was definitely more green than that though.
  10. oprn

    Something rare in the UK

    That is green? Must be the lighting... or I am loosing my sight?
  11. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    This is the third Japanese import for us and they all came with just one key. I have no idea what those people do with the spares, sell them on Flee Bay?
  12. oprn

    College Edition?

    The inside door grab handles are doing that on our Lupo. Nice theme on this one. Our green one has "Tim" and "Tom" with what looks like mice on the cloth upholstery. We wonder what the significance of that is. The college theme is simple enough.
  13. oprn

    Daughter’s first..ish car

    Nice pair of Lupos! Keep them both and sell the other car in the background!
  14. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Thanks! That explains why sometimes fooling with the shifter helps. Silly thing to have on the car don't think? This Lupo came with only one key so time the fix that too.
  15. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    The Lupo seems to have developed a problem. I did a search here and found nothing about it but perhaps I used the wrong words. The ignition key does not always want to come out. Sometimes it's fine but often now it takes a lot of fiddling to get the lock to release the key. Is there some sort of interlock with the auto gearbox?

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