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  1. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I am a biplane fanatic, a mate of mine built this plane and asked me the first time I saw it "What do you think?" I replied "It needs another wing just about - here!". After He spanked it on final a couple years later I saved him from binning it and showed him what I meant. Yes I have an MDS .25 here somewhere. Some chaps didn't like them but mine ran well. Good power and nice workmanship for an economy priced engine. Every time I get my hands on a British model magazine I drool over your Laser engines. Especially the V twins! There are a few bits that we could use for the Lupo, maybe you could just slip one of those beauties in the carton for me...
  2. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Powered. Saito .82 4 cycle if that means anything to you. It was originally a low wing bird and when I added the second wing it became readily apparent that a larger tail group was needed. Being a bit lazy I just added the needed size to the control surfaces and reduced the travel.
  3. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    No comment really, just having fun with colors! I have an idea for a fall color picture as soon the sun comes out.
  4. Nice car! She is going to love it!
  5. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Political tensions wax and wane here for sure with there always being an active separation movement on the French side. They very nearly pulled it off a couple decades ago. I do not buy new vehicles. I let someone else take the depreciation hit, sort through the warranty issues and prove them reliable. I tend to be the final owner having run them out. This is a list of the vehicles we have had over the last 20 or so years. 83 Dodge minivan 320K - broken camshaft 89 Dodge minivan 170K - multiple electrical problems rendering it undrivable and unrepairable even by the dealership. 92 Chev pickup truck 416K - low oil pressure and various electrical and rust issues 04 Jetta TDI 470K - deer hit - total loss 04 Jetta TDI wagon 340K - roll over - total loss 00 Daihatsu 180K - 2 engine failures, not taking the highway speeds 92 Jetta petrol 360K - presently needing a head gasket 02 Jetta TDI 320K - going strong, daughter in post secondary school 00 Forester 270K - running good, son using it now 03 Dodge truck diesel - 480K - runs very well, rusty body In addition to those miles, the company I work for supplies a pickup truck that they rotate out for me every 3 years with between 180 and 230K on them. This is truly a vast, largely unpopulated country that I have only seen about 1/4 of in my lifetime. I hope some day to at least get to the eastern seaboard to have experienced it from coast to coast. The western seaboard is 17 hours driving from us but the eastern side they tell me is about 37 hours away. Our Jetta TDIs all had that flimsy plastic engine shield that did not stand up very well. I replaced them with an aluminum skid pan and will try and do something similar with the Lupo.
  6. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    The vast majority of our population is not bilingual! Most of us speak one or the other myself included. As for one culture, guess again. The extreme eastern seaboard is English but they have their own culture and dialect that is in some cases nearly unrecognizable to us Westerners. They are separated from the rest of Canada by the French province of Quebec who have maintained a unique culture of their own unlike any other part of Canada. Central and Western Canada is for the most part pretty well homogeneous in both language and culture with little regional differences. Then of course there are numerous native languages and cultures that were at one time nearly extinct but in recent years due to much more liberal thinking are starting to make a bit of a come back. And the waves of immigration from various parts of the world these days... Back to Lupos, yes you are correct in thinking the block heaters do not take the engine temperature very high. They range from 800 to 1500 watts generally. At -40 and a high wind they do very little good at all! Blocking the wind by using an shelter of some sort makes a big difference. Even a sheet of plywood on the windward side can help. Our Jettas of late have used a stick on heating pad on the bottom of the oil pan and they work reasonably well. The Jettas though have a plastic shield from the factory that covers the whole bottom of the engine bay. This Lupo does not. Is it missing or did they not come with one? I would say that about 95% of the cars on the road these days are automatics so no the cold does not effect them. The part number you supplied me for the oil filter did not come up for my local parts supplier. Same with the model and year of the car so a dead end on that so far. I will try to get a number off the present filter next. Yes we live in a remote area. Sandra put 200,000 km on the Forester in 3 years mostly just with work. I generally log 180,000 every 2 years with my work, then there is our pleasure driving at the weekends! We will be testing the longevity of this Lupo! Two weekends ago we put about 1800 km on this car through the mountains in 3 days going to see our Grandchildren.
  7. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Thanks! I am in the habit of changing oil every 5000 km and we have 3000 km on it since we got it. The filter on it now may or may not be the correct one as it was put on by the fraudster who did the pre-inspection work. Although if it doesn't leak and the engine is still running it must be close. As this car did come with an owner's manual all in Japanese, my next question is about suitable oil. My gut feeling is 10W-30 for summer, 5W-30 for the cool weather and possibly 5W-20 for the dead of winter when it gets down to -35*C. Also what do you chaps use for an engine block heater? This car will not have one. I always thought "litre" was the French spelling! 😕 These regional disparities can be a bit confusing... litre/liter tyre/tire wing/mud guard/fender bonnet/hood boot/trunk petrol/gasoline panel beater/body man/autobody technician paraffin/diesel? fender/bumper? wing nut/idiot Ok just kidding on that last one! 😁
  8. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Thanks Reedo! Yes it's a fun car to drive and we get lots of lookers and comments wherever we take it. Now a question about oil filters for this 1.4 liter. Is it a common one to other models of VW? Anyone have a part number for it please? Thanks Merv.
  9. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Give me a few months to get over this one...
  10. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Don't tempt me!
  11. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    At the moment we are content to just use the car as is for the mail run. If the auto box fails I would consider doing something like that. As for the RHD to LHD conversion, we bought it purposely for the RHD so the Missus would be on the curb side of the car to stuff the mail boxes. This saves her from getting out in the traffic at each site and walking around the car to do her job. Her contract with Canada Post states that her vehicle must have an automatic transmission and a bench seat so that she can slide over to the right at each stop and avoid getting out in the traffic. The only vehicles that fit that requirement in this country are pickup trucks that get from 11 to 14 mpg. With the price of fuel now Canada Post does not pay enough to make the job viable with that kind of fuel consumption. We started with a little 660cc Daihatsu truck that averaged 34 mpg on the run but it soon ran into engine problems trying to go even 90 km/h on the road. The next one was a Suburu Forester that had the speed capability but only averaged 25 mpg on the stop and go job. Both of these vehicles were 4 wheel drive and worked well in the mud and snow. These were both brought in from Japan without experiencing the inspection problems that we had this time. So far the Lupo is getting 35 mpg on the run but we will see how it fairs when the bad weather hits. Maybe next time we will import a diesel Lupo from your country!
  12. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yes the auto box is definitely going to give us a few mpg less. Unfortunately there seems to be a shortage of real transaxles in Japan! No we use Imperial gallons here in Canada the same as you do. I met a chap Tuesday in Calgary that has just imported a silver GTI. Our first choice would have been a diesel with a 5 speed but our importer was having problems finding one. Yes I think we will be hesitant to import another car until we find a more honest shop for the inspections.
  13. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I see! If you look closely at the one headlight it has hundreds of tiny cracks that do not appear to go all the way through the plastic. Loving this little car! 42 mpg running on the highway at 100 - 105 km/h. Was hoping for a bit better and would likely get some better at lower speeds but this is quite acceptable. I can't believe how roomy it is inside! There is more leg room than our Jettas! I have named this car Franklin after the children's book about Franklin the turtle. It's roundish, green, not the fastest car in the fleet and the name seems to be sticking! 😄
  14. oprn

    Readers interesting rides (non-Lupo)

    Ok, how about this one. Function over beauty here!
  15. oprn

    Readers interesting rides (non-Lupo)

    Here is another of our cars. Taken the day our son graduated from school.

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