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  1. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Should be, there are thousands of them killed on our roads every year. There are more killed by vehicles than hunters take home by far. It's the biggest driving hazard in our part for sure! A fellow I know shot this one to make a wall mount out of but the rules here state that if you shoot it, you eat it so he was looking for someone to eat it. We had already got one of our own so I loaded this one up and took it to my brother 8 hours round trip away. I hadn't seen him in over a year so it was an excuse to do that but the trip seemed a little more sensible at to do at 42 mpg in the Lupo than at 18 mpg in the truck. Call me cheap but that's why we all own Lupos , not? It worked and not a drop of blood in Franklin! We got to his area and the petrol was $1.07 / liter as compared to $1.35 in our area. Don't you just love the free market economy? Definition: Free to work over the public at will!
  2. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Point of interest, did you know that if you fold the rear seat up, open up some packing boxes and put them in the boot, one of these will fit in a Lupo? Without the head and antlers of course! Well Ok, I could have fit them in too, separate from the rest!
  3. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    That tire (tyre) 😉 will not be going back on anything even as a spare! Yes it does look like it sat flat for a spell. If I had access to a hoist I would do the under seal myself. I maybe shouldn't be so quick to say there are places that do it as it has been a few years so I am just assuming they still do.
  4. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I need to do that yet. The closest place is 3 hours drive away so have not got it done. I have been noticing one front tire goes low suddenly in a few hours some days and sometimes it's good for weeks at a time. I had the Missus stop at the tire shop yesterday and they could not find a leak. I took it off today to put the winter tires on and on close examination the sidewalls are badly weather cracked in one place only, both sides. My theory is that it sat flat for a long time over in Japan as the shape of the cracks would support that. So now it holds air pretty well as long as that part is up when the car is stopped. If it is down the flexing of the side wall opens the cracks enough to cause a leak. By the way - the 13" Rabbit wheels I have fit the back but not the front as the brake calipers are too big to fit inside the rims!
  5. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    We only use rear plates here none on the front. The snow is still melting on the roads so no salt yet. They use salt and calcium chloride in the cities and main highways. The back roads here don't get any, just what carries in off the highway.
  6. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    You might enjoy these.
  7. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    A very common problem then. I am going to try silicone as both the factory glue and the fix did not hold. The plus side is that only one clip is broken as all the other plastic brackets stayed on the door!
  8. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I'm seeing 2 different kinds of glue. Some amber colored stuff that appears to be factory and over top of that is some whitish hot melt glue that did not stick at all.
  9. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    The joys of used car ownership! 🙄
  10. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Finally getting time to address some issues on Franklin. The key not coming out is resolve for now - sort of. I could not find a way into the shift lever area to see if the cable could be adjusted so for now I disconnected the cable at the key end. I am thinking now that the whole center console has to come out of the car to get at it. The only downside is that the key will now come out of the ignition with the shifter in any position. I fail to see that as a big deal though as being a family of standard shift drivers we always use the park brake. On the the door card problem, I now see why the fabric is coming loose around the edges. I am not the first bloke to open up this can of worms. It looks like the glue that holds the plastic bits around the edge of the door card that in turn hold the clips that pop into the little holes in the door has let go. Someone has tried to hot melt glue it all back together!
  11. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    The drivers door card fabric is coming loose n the top edge. I am used to VWs having a little plastic bit under the inside door release lever that pops out to revel a screw. Not so here. Any tips on how these come off before I break stuff and find out after the fact would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Here is a story that will be appreciated on this site! Last Sunday I pulled in to fuel up the company truck just as my boss was leaving … in a bright red Mustang! I had no idea he was leaning toward the sportier side of cars so I asked him about it at work later. To make a long story shorter, he got it at a smoking hot price, 1999 35th Anniversary Addition with 72K on it in mint condition. Stored inside all it's life, the old lady that owned it has passes on. I asked him if he was going to keep it. "No, it's much too small. I don't like small cars. I drove it to Hardisty and back the other day and it scared me! What if I hit a deer?" I looked it up on the "net", mid sized car, 3,235 pounds!
  13. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    All I really need is what was called a valet key on our Jettas. It worked in the door and ignition but did not operate the power locks or have a panic button funcion. They told me it still needs to be coded to the ignition.

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