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  1. Key code

    Ok bud. Its an area I have limited knowledge in but have been looking into it and keen to learn. I’m one of those guys that “has all the gear, but no idea”!!!! Lol. Worried in case I f@*k it but guess I’ll have to take the plunge!
  2. Key code

    Sorry, one last question! What version of vag commander did you use? 1.4 or 3.6?? Thanks
  3. Key code

    Thanks skezza. Maybe I’ll buy another vag commander cable and software then as I also got it off fleabay, so high chance it’s faulty. Ill update post when it arrives.
  4. Key code

    Thanks rich. I Maybe went a bit off topic bout the Immo. Do you know how to get skc from lupo then?
  5. Key code

    Thanks for reply guys. Just wasn’t sure if I was allowed to ask lol. Anyway....I’ve tried retrieving skc code using vagtacho but not working. Returns code as “0ded” which is obviously wrong. No joy with vag commander either. Skezza, what do you use? im pretty sure I got a Immo 2, that said I can remove the instrument cluster completely and car still starts so does that make it Immo 1? mk2 - odometer change is simple with digiprog 3. Done a couple now for customers.
  6. Key code

    Hi newbie here. Admin please delete if not allowed. Am I allowed to discuss/ask for advice on retrieving the skc/pin code for a 1999 lupo?