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  1. 1.4 engine mods

    Tbh, I don't really care about performance! I just want it to look nice and sound cool Ha! So any other "sensible" suggestion? Thanks!
  2. 1.4 engine mods

    Any decent engine mods I can do... any side exhaust you guys can recommend! and just anything else really you guys can suggest! Thanks!
  3. FFR Gearbox

    super! Thanks for your help mate! much appreciated!
  4. FFR Gearbox

    So theoretically, I could stick any gearbox code in my lupo? All that's different is the ratios?
  5. FFR Gearbox

    do you know here there any 085 boxes for sale?
  6. FFR Gearbox

    Are the polo boxes the same as the lupo? Thanks! what code would you recommend? i do not mind about what ratios etc, i just want a straight swap so i can use 5th gear again lol. also what gearbox codes go under the 085 spec?
  7. FFR Gearbox

    Can I remove my FFR gearbox and then refit it with a different code? As from my understand the FFR gearbox are very hard to get hold off...?
  8. FFR Gearbox

    the reverse seems fine! its hard to get sometimes but i thought nothing of it... im getting a terrible whine at the moment too, so i think the bearings are going also!
  9. FFR Gearbox

    is this a common problem?
  10. FFR Gearbox

    how easy is it to check the alignment? worth a try!
  11. FFR Gearbox

    Hi, I am looking for an FFR gearbox for my 1.4s Lupo. I am finding it very hard to source one. 7 The issue with my box is that it has recon box in when i bought it. when i change into 5th gear, it is the exact same as 4th gear. therefore, it stays at the same RPM and screaming its nuts off. any help would be greatly appreciated. Lewis s