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  1. Vw fox misfiring

    Although I have a 1.4 4 cylinder Model, Mine was and still can be very lumpy at idle. I changed the spark plugs as the ones that had been put in weren't gapped properly and then I changed the coilpack. The leads seem to be okay. I also changed the lambda sensor as my engine light was on and this is what the code reader said. These together reduced the amount of lumpiness a lot but it still appears from time to time which I would eventually like to sort. I've never had the problem of losing power just having to give it a few revs to settle it back to normal idle if it's jumping. Hope that helps. it's best to get a code reader to check exactly if there is anything.
  2. Declaring coilovers

    Thanks. this is very helpful. I'm not doing anything else so hopefully won't draw too much attention to myself as I don't drive like a wannabe racing driver (like some round my town with their weedwacker cut off exhausts.) I just would like to add my own subtle touches.
  3. Declaring coilovers

    Thanks. I will declare everything I do to it but do insurance companies class lowering it as anyway of doing it. (coils, air, springs). Are they not bothered about which way you do it. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough the first time
  4. Declaring coilovers

    Hi. I'm new to here. I own a 2006 1.4 Fox which is my first car and it's great. I'm getting some coilovers for it so I rang up my insurance the other day and asked how much it would be to lower it 50mm on coilovers. When they say "lower" do they know this means coilovers? Or does it just mean any types of lowering cause I got the sense the guy wasn't too bothered about coilovers. I don't know if this would be adding value to the car or anything and would change the quote. I also have got a set of 15" ASA alloys that I told the insurance about but they literally only cared about "alloys" not the different size, dimensions or anything. I found it weird cause my fox came with the standard alloys from Vw not the typical steelies so I thought they would want to know a change in size or anything at all (so confusing). After all they said these mods will cost no more on my insurance which I found odd. When I install the coilovers and wheels im worried if I get stopped by the police for which reason I wouldn't know and I haven't declared my mods properly cause it isn't detailed enough on the insurance companies behalf it would cause a problem. Any help please??
  5. VW Fox Daily Project

    Oddly my fox looks relatively similar to this. My fox is a 2006 1.4, so just before they went to 3 cylinder. I saw this fox at ultimate stance 2017 and loved it. I'm yet to lower mine and put a set of wheels on that I got earlier this year but the black stickers, dewiper, no border reg plates wind deflectors are things I've done to mine too. Would love to see you and your fox again.