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  1. Engine management code P1444

    Ok. Is it easy to check or shall I just replace and have done with it?
  2. Engine management code P1444

  3. Engine management code P1444

    I've checked all the connections to the coils and replaced the HT leads and no joy. However, what I have noticed is that the fuel economy is terrible. I'm getting less than 200 miles from a tank. I hadn't noticed it previously as it's not my only vehicle and I never set the trip meter but, I became a bit suspicious last week and decided to fill her up and do the trip meter. Is this likely to be linked? I've done a bit of reading online and I've read all sorts of possible faults from bad connections in the rear light units to blocked pipes but, I can't find a thread where someone has finished the topic by saying it's working, and this is what I did!
  4. Problems with full length sunroof.

    Cheers for the offer. Due to take the little one to Alton Towers in April but, if it’s not sorted by then, I will have set fire to it!
  5. Problems with full length sunroof.

    Cheers. I’ll have another crack next week.
  6. Problems with full length sunroof.

    The motor is held on by two bolts. I can hear the retainers rattling around in the roof somewhere. Ive quickly dropped the roof back in and fixed it in place while I sort out what to do with it. I’m off next week for a few days so I’ll have another crack at disassembly.
  7. Problems with full length sunroof.

    Is this the bit you’re referring to? It looks like I may be able to lift this tab up and release? Also, any idea how I’m going to refit the motor if the retaining nuts/fittings are no longer there?
  8. Problems with full length sunroof.

    I’m aware WD40 isn’t grease. Its had WD40 sprayed into it as a lubricant for about 5 days now. Its seized solid so I can’t get into it to change the mechanism. If someone can tell me how to get into a seized roof so I can replace the knackered drive, that would be useful!
  9. Engine management code P1444

    Not yet. My thought was if the fault registers as a potentiometer fault, it’s possibly going to be electrical?
  10. Engine management code P1444

    To add to the Lupos current woes, I’ve had the engine management light on since I got it. I thought it was the EGR valve but took that off, deep cleaned it, refitted and got a friend to clear. It came back almost straight away. Potentiometer for EGR, implausible signal. Any ideas?
  11. Problems with full length sunroof.

    The problem I have is I can’t get into mine as it’s seized shut so I’m not sure how I can change anything, if I can’t get into it?
  12. Problems with full length sunroof.

    Cheers for the info. The problem seems to be that the drive cables are seized solid. Even after a good dose of WD40, there is no give. I’ve given the roof a good push but, there’s no give due to everything being seized. When fitted, the motor works fine but you can hear it slipping on the worm drive as it is seized. in light of this, I can’t see a way to get into the mechanism to repair or free it up? As I need to be in it on Friday, I may just have to seal it shut to stop it leaking. Im not keen on paying £150 for a roof with a 1-2cm cut in it?
  13. Problems with full length sunroof.

    If I can’t physically open it, I can’t really be violent as apart from breaking it, I won’t achieve anything?
  14. Problems with full length sunroof.

    I’m open to suggestions but, I need it back on the road by Friday! One way or the other, it has to be back on the car and leak free by then!
  15. Problems with full length sunroof.

    There are no drains with this roof, it just fits flush to the bodywork. The roof is seized but, as I can’t get into it to open it to get at the seized bits, I’m kind of scuppered. Also, as the motor no longer has the fixings to screw the motor into, I can’t use the manual wind key to try and open/close the roof although, when I tried with the roof on, it’s was seized solid and it wouldn’t overcome the resistance and free it. It’s not looking good!