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  1. pembo

    I want to join in!

    Good work, I'll remember to stay clear of bridges
  2. pembo

    I want to join in!

    Let's not get off on the wrong foot here Rich! There's no mention of budget in this post and we all know that budgets are to be broken anyway
  3. pembo

    I want to join in!

    Thanks, yep there are a few about but like those two they have their issues which make logistics a little troublesome. Hopefully I'll find something nearby or that doesn't need a bodge job on the side of the road before I can drive it home.
  4. pembo

    I want to join in!

    Hello, I've joined and posted in the wanted section because I'm hoping to join you lovely people by getting a Lupo/Arosa. I'm planning to do a tour of Europe in the summer with my son and afterwards we are thinking about joining #club1000 with one of the few cars that aren't a Yaris or Micra if funds and parking space allow. My wife has a beetle convertible and my mum has a T5 and they have been dragging us to VW shows the last couple of years and we want to get involved with our own creation. It wont be the most fancy and definitely wont be to most people's tastes but I'm looking forward to a bit of fun with my little mate.
  5. pembo

    Lupo/Arosa project

    Hi all, I'm on the look out for a bit of a project to work on with my son and then take with him on a trip around Europe in the summer. I would prefer a 1.0 or a 1.4tdi (well you know I want a gti but I cant get the cost of one of those past the wife) with a gearbox/engine which is fine but needs bodywork/suspension/brake work doing to it. There seem to be a few about but all seem to be a bit of a trek from all the way over here in Suffolk. Any about a bit nearer? Budget is as low as possible, I nearly bought one for £200 the other week but I got there and all the electrics were buggered. I can go a bit higher than that especially for a tdi. Thanks
  6. pembo

    Will an Arosa bonnet fit on a Lupo?

    I know I 'can' drive it with no bonnet but would rather not attract plod attention. The last time I was pulled over they said 'If you hit a child with those on it's head could be split open on the sharp metal causing further trauma, therefore it is unroadworthy', I had to remove and re-mot because of that numpty. As I have one I'll bring it along and pop it on then. Cheers!
  7. Hi, looking to join in by buying a lupo as a bit of a project very shortly. I've found one relatively local to me but it doesn't have a bonnet. As it happens I have an Arosa bonnet in my garage. Just to drive it home (I'm pretty sure you can't drive a car with no bonnet on the road, I once got a telling off for spikey bonnet pins) so could I just bolt on the Arosa one to get it 10miles ish home? Cheers

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