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  1. Hi...need help

    Next job is get codes read. Thanks for advice..i hate modern cars. Too many electrics to go wrong . Give me an old landrover or a mk2 escort anyday...😁
  2. Hi...need help

    Got to get codes read this week. Checked earths and all good. Doesnt struggle to start. Fires up straight away then stops. Checked with a good plug out and spark just stops. Temperature will warm up a degree and it.ll strart no problem and drive fine. Stop start whatever. Temp drops a degree and fires and stops.
  3. Hi...need help

    Hi to everyone. Just joined as need help with lupo. My daughter has 1.4s lupo on coillies and bbs reps. Trouble is...starting . !! When weather is good starts no problem. When outside temp drops slightly it just wont start. Fires up and runs for 2 seconds then cuts out as if immob cuts in.. cuts spark. What am i looking for..? Problem with key and ignition barrel..?. As had column out last year to do pedal box. Immobiliser problem..? Coil breaking down as only does it when cold out..? Temp sensor has been changed. No different. Any positive help would be much appreciated. Thanks.