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  1. Cherry’s Ratty Lupo

    I'd say Lupos aren't old enough to rat... Then I realise how long it is since they were launched. As you were.
  2. Good Evening

    Welcome! I too am intending on writing a couple of useful bits for here, especially with PBs demise - sort of oays back for the guides I've used already!
  3. Nearside indicator's not working ?

    Possibly a faulty flasher relay (built into the hazard switch IIRC), possibly a connection breaking up in the column stalk (which is a minor pain in the backside to change), but first check is the fuses. Can't remember off the top of my head which one does NS indicators, but the diagram inside the cabin fusebox will show it. Even if it looks OK, swap it for a new one, we had one that hadnt fully blown and had similar symptoms.
  4. Gearbox oil change.

    Another bloody stupid piece of design, ready to be rounded off... Whats wrong with a big allen head like our Lupo has?
  5. Evening all

    Send the kids to work for you. Duh. (I'm assuming you work as a chimney sweep...) No worries - I'm sure a NE mini meet can happen at some point, we have a kettle and know how to use it!
  6. This is the sort of thing I would consider for our road rally car... Then I realise that any weight savings are pretty much made redundant by the fact MrsHW has to carry 17 stone of me as a navigator... Good luck with the sale!
  7. Evening all

    Our meeting point is about half a mile from a Subway... Are you chaps coming down?
  8. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Love this thread, huge amount of effort going in!
  9. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    This. Stick a straight edge across from corner to corner, they may be bent, or warped from the heat.
  10. Evening all

    Kids? You're in my good books already! I wouldn't get a parmo from Darlo anyway... They haven't got the local touch!
  11. Lupo Gti from Germany

    Love it. And the wheels!
  12. Evening all

    Well... We are running a drive'n'dine this Sunday, starting in Darlington... If you would like to join us, drop a PM for details...? About a 130 mile loop.
  13. wishbone/arb advice

    Soon to start a major suspension refresh, including fitting 15s. As I'm fitting Sport or GTI hubs - will this still apply? Will be getting new wishbones that are listed for the Sport.
  14. Images

    Having just been through a few how-tos (as if I don't have enough to do with the fleet), it's bloody annoying seeing PB's placeholders everywhere. I've always used Flickr, hopefully they won't start doing the same in future.
  15. CL Stickers

    MrsHW is addicted to stickers. Any chance of doing one (or more) in a nice orange? We are going for an almost-Gulf colour scheme with the soft blue one...