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  1. hoddlewaddle

    lupo 1.4 16v black

    What colour is the interior? I'm after a grey passenger side, upper door card.
  2. hoddlewaddle

    Beautiful VW Lupo Leather Interior

    My God that's stunning! Would look great in our blue rally car, but sadly we can't justify the cash! Good luck though!
  3. hoddlewaddle

    Front ARB/ stabiliser mounts (NEW)

    Pair of front stabiliser mounts, bolt to the front wishbones and hold the ARB in place. 18mm internal diameter, Febi Bilstein 23030, these are only the top piece, youd need to fit the rubbers, washers and nuts to the bottom end. £5 for the pair, plus postage.
  4. hoddlewaddle

    Front springs from 1.0

    Rears sold, fronts still available. £10 plus postage (£6.50 via Hermes, I think) Size 12s not included.
  5. hoddlewaddle

    Hello from Sheffield

    I'll have a word with MrsHW, she did a proper job of our mate's Merc which also had been heavily smoked in. Not gonna lie, it took a couple of days...! Welcome BTW.
  6. hoddlewaddle

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    ISTR falling in love with the Up's wheel when we visited Wolfsburg. Once we've finished fannying about with other cars, might try to get hold of one for Lulu...
  7. hoddlewaddle

    Sorting the new Loop

    It's not impossible to rebuild a starter with components, as said. Bearings, brushes etc tend to be "a size" that is also fitted to a hundred other things, rather than bespoke. For reference, I sourced a new voltage regulator for our Mk2 Polo, for about a tenner, compared to the £x00 for a full alternator. Try giving ElectroDiesel a call, they were the only people that could find said regulator - properly old fashioned place but they may post things to you if you ask. https://www.edne.co.uk/ (Failing that, if they can get the bits, I'll happily collect them and post them to you, they're relatively local to me)
  8. hoddlewaddle

    Wheel Bearing Help

    Got this to do tomorrow. If I remember I'll take a load of photos as I go, and maybe even put them into a vague chronological order, with notes.
  9. hoddlewaddle

    Hay, im after a bit of advice please

  10. hoddlewaddle

    Front springs from 1.0

    Welaye porkpie. £10 plus postage?
  11. hoddlewaddle

    Front springs from 1.0

    Title: Front springs Description: Reasonable nick, removed from a 1.0. Surface rust in places but all coils are intact. Location: Teesside Postage: Would prefer collection but will arrange if necessary Price: £20
  12. hoddlewaddle


    Love the wheels and the indicators, but the odd headlights are making me twitch.
  13. hoddlewaddle

    New member with questions

    It's like an Arosa buggy. Also, why do E spec cars sit higher than S? Weight of engine? Everywhere lists the same shocks and springs for both, aftermarket at least?
  14. Remember, a regular German has no sense of humour. Any official or police officer definitely has no sense of humour. And I think their police all carry guns.
  15. hoddlewaddle

    1.4 16v75hp

    Tester-wise, get yourself an OBD-2 Bluetooth dongle from eBay, only a couple of quid (dollars for you?), then download "Torque" onto your smartphone. If I can use it, anyone can...! (I have however lost two dongles, because they're titchy and I am a cretin!)